The iconic Golden Gate Bridge spanning the San Francisco Bay, with its towers and suspension cables.

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A map of the state of California in the United States. The map is colored white.

Car Shipping To and From California

Planning a move or trip can be stressful. Don't add to the stress by driving your vehicle for countless hours. We can take care of that part for you! Auto shipping companies have the equipment and know-how to make vehicle transport in California stress-free.

Keep in mind that not all auto transport companies are made equal. AmeriFreight has two decades of experience and boasts high reviews on all platforms. We are bonded, licensed, and insured and carefully vet the carriers that ship your vehicle.

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The State of California

California is the third largest state in the country and is a popular tourist destination. Redwood forests, valleys, Sierra Nevada Mountains, cliff-lined beaches, and deserts build a beautiful, natural landscape across the state. The city of Sacramento is the state's capital. The amazing city of Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. San Francisco is known for its hilly streets and the iconic red Golden Gate Bridge you've probably seen in a movie or two. California has so much to offer that it's impossible to list it all here. We'll try our best regardless! 

Culture and Art

Besides thrill and excitement, California is full of historic theaters and museums, and you can find music, dance, and street art across the state. Although most of the entertainment is concentrated in its major cities, you can find something to do anywhere you go. 

At San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, you'll be able to explore a huge greenspace area of institutions and museums such as the Young Museum, the California Academy of Sciences, or the Japanese Tea Garden. If you head to Southern California, you'll be able to learn about the history of moviemaking in Los Angeles or explore more than 17 museums related to the culture and history around San Diego. You can also learn about California's Gold Rush in the state's capital, Sacramento, and visit the State Capitol Museum or the Sacramento History Museum. Palm Springs is another fantastic location for learning about culture, where you'll be able to see the desert's clean lines and open blue skies around modern architecture.

a statue of a man holding a vase
A brightly lit Ferris wheel spinning against a dark night sky.

Theme Parks

Major causes of massive tourism in California are meeting Mickey Mouse, riding thrilling coasters, and exploring the world of Legoland. Generally speaking, theme parks abound. Although it seems like a child's dream come true, adults are equally as enticed to visit the fantastic attractions found within the parks. Take a Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios Hollywood or a swashbuckling cruise on Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. Don't miss the dolphin show at SeaWorld San Diego or ride on a beachfront carousel in Santa Cruz. There is so much to do, so schedule your stay wisely!

Food and Drink

When it comes to culinary arts, California is known for its incredible array of ethnic and local cuisine. There are more than 90 restaurants across the Golden State that can boast one or more Michelin stars. The San Francisco Bay Area is characterized by its delicious coastal cuisine, based on fresh seafood and crab as a main dish. Additionally, California is home to more than 1,000 breweries across the state.

a  plate of food with a salad and a glass of wine on a table
A tourist woman smiling while taking a picture with her camera

Top Tourist Attractions

  • San Francisco Bay Area 

Beyond the iconic Golden State Bridge and Cable Cars, San Francisco's region is surrounded by Victorian architecture, East Bay, Napa Valley, and the cities of Oakland and Berkeley. You'll be able to taste one of the best wines in the world while taking a look at the innovation centers of San Jose and Silicon Valley. 

  • Los Angeles County

California's liveliest city is the perfect place for entertainment lovers and night owls. Visit downtown LA for exploring amazing museums, with Hollywood to the northwest, Pasadena and San Fernando Valley to the East, and the beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica to the west. 

  • San Diego County

Outdoor fun characterizes this region of California. San Diego's weather is perfect and stable most times of the year. That's why enjoying top theme parks and attractions like SeaWorld San Diego, San Diego Zoo, and Legoland, are things to keep in mind no matter what time of year you visit the state. 

  • Shasta Cascade

Located in California's northwest corner, Shasta Cascade is a wonderful terrain surrounded by volcanoes, hushed forests, rivers, and cool lakes. Don't forget to visit Lassen Volcanic National Park and Mount Shasta, you'll be amazed by its beauty and diversity. 

  • Deserts 

The desert region in California is just as amazing as going to any other huge desert around the world. However, you'll have to get ready for the high temperatures! The Death Valley National Park holds the record for the hottest temperature ever recorded, with a high of 129F° back in 1913. Other desert parks such as Joshua Tree or Anza-Borrego, feature alien-like plants, beautiful night skies, canyons, and spring wildflowers.


If you are looking for public transportation, California offers you great ways to travel fast and at low costs. The largest public transport is the Metro Rail, which is available in Los Angeles County. You'll be able to travel to different spots in LA in a matter of minutes. The second largest transportation option is the Bay Area Rapid Transit, followed by the Sacramento Transit District. Every county in California has a local bus line, in which you can easily traverse the city or town safely and quickly. 

For private traveling, renting a car is the best option. There are so many fun roads and highways with authentic panoramic views across California, that you'll have plenty to look at if you're driving and road-tripping through the state.

A picture of a sign with the word taxi
The image shows a lake with trees lining the shore in the foreground. In the background, there are buildings, including skyscrapers.

Major Cities in California

  • Los Angeles

  • San Diego

  • San Jose 

  • San Francisco

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