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How To Use The Quote Rate Calculator For Standard Car Shipping Rates & Quotes

What Information Do I Need to Use the Car Shipping Calculator?

Welcome to AmeriFreight's Car Shipping Quote Calculator - your one-stop shop for a stress-free auto transport experience! For over 20 years, we've been a trusted leader in the car shipping industry, providing reliable and transparent quotes tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're shipping a prized classic car in an enclosed trailer or a daily driver on an open carrier, our user-friendly calculator delivers instant, personalized quotes to get you started. Let's find your perfect car shipping solution today!

Follow these simple steps.

To give you the most accurate estimate for the cost of shipping a car, make sure you have some key information on hand. We will need the following:

  • Origin and destination cities, states, and zip codes
  • The car's make, model, year, and vehicle type
  • Running condition
  • Open or enclosed car carrier transport
  • Date your vehicle is first available for pickup

After you enter and submit this information, you'll have a personalized car shipping quote within seconds. You will be contacted by one of our agents to assist you with any further information you may need to ship your vehicle.

Factors that may increase the cost of shipping your car or other vehicles are:

Size of Vehicle :

The car delivery cost will increase the bigger the vehicle, as it weighs more and occupies more space. Here are some examples of what the extra cost would be for a:

  • SUV - $75
  • Large SUV - $125
  • Full-Size Truck - $150
  • Dually - $250

Our services aren't limited by size; from the smallest and most compact vehicle transportation all the way to heavy and large vehicles, we can transport it for you. It's not just SUVs or trucks, but RVs and military vehicles that can be transported as well!

Enclosed Vehicle Shipping :

Enclosed shipment costs will be, on average, 80% more than open auto carrier transport. This type of auto shipping should only be chosen if your car is extremely expensive, custom, or you're transporting a motorsport car. The idea is to protect the car from external elements - something that normal cars are already built for.

  • Steers and brakes - $100
  • Needs to be forklifted or winched onto a truck - $200 to $500 depending on the size

A running vehicle is always more affordable than one that is inoperable when it comes to auto transport costs. It's not that it needs to be driven when transporting it; it just makes the job easier for loading, unloading and reduces maintenance work. Be sure to account for this premium when using the instant quote car shipping rate calculator.

Shipping Options

Enclosed Vehicle Shipping

Enclosed shipment costs will be, on average, 80% more than open auto carrier transport. This type of auto shipping should only be chosen if your car is extremely expensive, custom, or you're transporting a motorsport car. The idea is to protect the car from external elements - something that normal cars are already built for.

Expedited Auto Transport

If you need your car or other vehicle picked up in a short period of time and/or expedited delivery, the cost will increase.

These costs will increase for an expedited delivery because a carrier may have to make changes to their schedule or make last-minute adjustments to their plans. This means increased risk, as a driver who usually takes a route during the day might have to drive through the night with minimum stops.

Special Requests

Top loading a vehicle during transport may cost up to $100 more.

Auto Transport Gap Protection Coverage

The AFTA PLAN will protect you up to $2000 for out-of-pocket expenses in case a car carrier's insurance fails to pay. Adding GAP protection, depending on the coverage, will tack on an additional $48-$98. You might think that investing in this plan is not worth the effort, but it is important to note that this coverage will protect you not just at the time of delivery, but also if the damage is detected up to 48 hours afterward.

Time of Year

Holiday seasons or bad weather may increase the shipping rate. The instant quote car shipping rate calculator will provide a baseline rate that isn't accounting for time of year. High season (Summer) may require higher auto shipping rates due to carrier demand. You should be aware during this time that you may pay anything from $100 to $800 extra during high and holiday seasons. You can also try to plan your moves in accordance with the time of year. Spring and fall are some of the most affordable moving times, since there isn't as much demand, nor is the weather as intense. You can save up on costs by waiting, but we also understand that waiting isn't always possible.

Economic Conditions

Gas/Diesel rates, factors into carrier rate adjustments. Expect to pay around $100 to $300 extra during economic downturns. The recent COVID-19 situation also led to an increase in prices because of the precautions drivers had to take, in addition to mandatory lockdowns. However, this is starting to turn back and prices have become more stabilized now.

Pickup and Delivery Locations

Remote locations will require car carriers to go outside their well-traveled routes and will likely increase the rate. Depending on how far away your location is from large cities or main interstates, you can expect to pay close to twice your initial quoted rate.

However, there is always the option of station-to-station delivery, where truck drivers won't have to deviate from their route. There are also options to drop your car off at some landmarks that are in the way of driver's routes which will significantly reduce costs - but it will require you to pick up the car yourself or someone authorized by you.

Do I Have to Pay After Using the Online Car Shipping Calculator?

Absolutely not. You'll be glad to know that our online car shipping calculator is completely FREE. We provide it as a free tool to calculate car shipping rates for you. If you decide not to use our service, you have no obligation to pay simply because you used our calculator. We're here to help you receive the very best care even if you decide not to use our services.

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Read These Tips to Find the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car

Need some tips on shipping a car inexpensively? Although the shipping cost varies based on the factors previously mentioned, there are several ways to lessen the cost. Check out the tips below and take advantage of as many as you can!

  • Use Open Transport: This is the car shipping industry's standard method of shipping cars. Cars are transported via an open-air tractor-trailer. Open carrier transport is the most affordable option.
  • Have Your Vehicle in Operable Condition: Double-check to see if your vehicle runs and drives before calling a car shipping company. It is more expensive for carriers to handle inoperable cars.
  • Schedule Early: If you reserve a pickup/drop-off time in advance, you can avoid expediting costs or last-minute requests that can tack on extra fees.
  • Ship During Low Season: It usually costs less to ship a car during the "low" fall and winter seasons than during the "high" spring and summer seasons.
  • Ship From a Major City: It is typically cheaper to ship a car to a more populated area. We recommend bringing your vehicle near a larger city if you live in a rural area.
  • Ship Multiple Cars if You Have Them: We offer a discount to customers who ship more than one vehicle on the same truck (see below for more discount offers).
  • Take Advantage of Our Discounts: We are proud to offer discounts to military members, first responders, students, senior citizens, Early Birds who book with us no later than 48 hours after receiving a quote, return customers, and those with multiple vehicles.
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Consumer Guide to Standard Car Shipping Rates.

It is important to remember that car shipping is not based on fixed rates.

The rates from the instant quote car transport calculator are purely estimates based on best-case historical auto transport shipment costs for the routes and conditions requested. It all depends on the distance from pickup and delivery. There is NO fixed rate for any vehicle shipment because of too many variables in the auto transport industry.

AmeriFreight and Car Shipping Costs

AmeriFreight goes the extra mile in order to help you reduce car delivery cost, without cutting corners. Our contracted auto transport carrier fleets of trucks and expert drivers mean that we have resources to spare. Our car shipping costs may not always be the lowest out there, but when you compare the quality of service and reliability with the costs associated with them, you simply can't find a better deal.

When you use our instant quote car shipping rate calculator, it automatically uses the different factors that need to be taken into account, such as route, weight, and the size of the vehicle.

We understand that when you ask for a quote, you're simply weighing options. Our resolve to give you the best auto transport rates and experience dictates that we respect your privacy and give you hassle-free car shipping quotes. Even then, if you have a budget or have some extra instruction that you believe will impact the car shipping cost, you can give us a call and we'll be glad to give you an accurate quote, without asking you to commit.

You can rest assured that with AmeriFreight, you are signing up for a transparent and excellent car shipping experience - not a bunch of spam emails right after you use our instant quote car shipping rate calculator. You will save money on auto transport services with us.

Best Way to Ship a Car - Saving Costs on Car Shipping

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences one can go through; even more so if your precious car is involved. You may wonder how much does car transport cost?With AmeriFreight, it's as simple as getting in touch with us, letting us know where from and where to! Our goal is for you to save money, and to provide excellent auto transport services.

Making sure you are working with only the best of the best can be rather difficult, too - which is why we recommend you only work with the vehicle moving companies with deep insight into what they're doing. One surefire way is to check whether the mover has an A or above rating and offers AFTA GAP protection.

It might seem that because of the protection and high rating, companies charge more, but it's quite the contrary. The extra bit you pay for GAP protection ensures that should your car be damaged during transit, all damages will be covered by the shipping company or AFTA - even if it exceeds your insurance amount in some cases! Before you commit, you should research and read reviews, check services, prices, check our instant quote car shipping rate calculator, and most importantly, how they treat their customers. We believe the customer is king, and therefore, nothing short of royalty-like treatment gets the job done. But that doesn't mean we charge you like royalty. You get what you pay for and more with AmeriFreight!

If you're looking for cheap vehicle transport options, open transport is the way to go. The majority of our customers go for this option and are satisfied with the service.

Plus, the free quote we offer on transporting any vehicle, any make and model, anywhere in the US also helps you save costs. Remember, we won't just give you an 'estimate' for free, but treat you like our customers even before you commit! We want to be your auto transport company.