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NO SHIPMENT should go without the AF Total Assurance plan.

Statistics have shown that approximately 1 in 20 vehicles may incur some type of damage during the shipping process. If this damage is for some reason not covered by the carriers insurance or you notice it after delivery and signing of the bill of lading, you have no recourse but to use your own funds or personal insurance to repair your vehicle and costing you $100s or $1000s in personal costs or deductibles.

Under normal circumstances all carriers are covered by damage and loss for your vehicle and you will never have to pay anything toward damages. This is included in all our shipping transaction’s terms and conditions. But there are exceptions. When your vehicle(s) for purposes of parking, storage or loading/ unloading a truck incidental to the performance of the obligations under our contract terms and conditions is damaged or when carrier companies go out of business or fraudulent business practices prevents a claim from being settled, if for any of these reasons you have to use your personal vehicle insurance to settle a claim and repair damages, we have you covered by the Total Assurance Plan.

It is required that all customers have personal vehicle insurance. This plan will cover the deductible to a maximum amount of $2000 upon receipt of payment from the customer’s insurance company, even if you get your deductible refunded by your insurance company. There is no other plan in the USA currently offering this assurance coverage. 

How to Purchase the AFTA Plan

In order to purchase the AFTA plan you have to do it through your broker or carrier company. Please contact them for details.


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