Shipping Across State Lines

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You may need to relocate your vehicle to another state for a variety of reasons. Students transport their automobiles to and from college. Classic automobile collectors may be able to discover a fantastic price all around the country. People selling cars, for example, frequently wish to reach a larger audience of potential purchasers. However, one of the most popular reasons for transporting an automobile to another state is to relocate.

It's a smart idea to transport your automobile as part of a relocation since it's safer and often less expensive than driving it across the nation. Plus, instead of dealing with the stress of a road trip on top of a relocation, you can concentrate on settling into your new neighborhood while your automobile is safely transported from state to state. However, getting your automobile from point A to point B is just the beginning. 

We've gathered a list of ideas to assist you in transporting your automobile to another state during a relocation. Whether you've already considered shipping your car or have just decided to move, keep reading to learn more about how to choose a trustworthy auto transport business, what to expect when you arrive in your new state, how to register and insure your vehicle, and what paperwork you'll need along the route.

Reasons Why You Should Ship Instead of Drive

There are several advantages to shipping your automobile to another state rather than driving it during your relocation. Don't start planning your route just yet, as tempting as it may be to load it up with your belongings and drive it to your new home. Here are some reasons why you should consider using a trustworthy auto transport company to transfer your vehicle:

You Can Transport All Your Vehicles at Once

You'll almost certainly be shipping at least one vehicle if you're a two-car family and one of the grownups will be driving the moving truck. What's the alternative? Multiple trips. If you ship both of your automobiles, you and your partner can travel together, or if you have very young children in the family, one parent can fly with them.

Less Expensive

Many people believe that driving a car cross-country is less expensive than shipping it, but when you consider gas, motels, food, and other costs connected with cross-country trips, the truth is quite different. Don't forget to leave out the wear and tear to your vehicle making such a long trip.

Less Stress

Moving to a new state is stressful enough even before planning a roadtrip there. When children are involved, driving to your new house can become a nightmare. Companies like AmeriFreight can help reduce that stress by providing you with transportation solutions so you can focus on the other aspects of your move.


The interstate highways that cover the United States are among the country's most dangerous routes. Truckers who drive vehicle carriers from coast to coast have extensive training and experience in cautious driving to avoid collisions.

How Much Will It Cost?

When transporting a car to another state, the quickest approach to acquire a ballpark pricing is to use a vehicle shipping calculator. These free online tools automatically produce shipping costs based on the information you provide about your vehicle and where it needs to travel, so you can get an estimate of how much it will cost to ship your automobile.

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