How to Move Your Car to Another State

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Having your car moved to another state with an auto transport company is by far the best alternative when planning to move your vehicle. There are numerous reasons why car movers prefer this option, since it's the easiest, most reliable and cost effective way to have your car shipped in a matter of days. From classic car shows, festivals, relocations, among others, car movers will wisely opt for transportations services from state to state. 

Moving Out of Town

The plan of moving out to another home can be substantially exhausting and stressful for most people, especially when it comes to relocating to a new state. Whether it's looking for new job opportunities, job relocation, new lifestyle, among other factors, moving from state to state can take you quite a while. 

Some of the most important things you must have ready for moving are undoubtedly your belongings. Packing your home goods is a crucial step in the process, especially the way you will require it to be done. 

Try always to label your belongings and packing boxes, and organize them well before shipping them. Also, keep your personal and valuable items with you, this will prevent you from any inconvenience with them during the shipping process with a moving company.

Now, let’s talk about your vehicle. You may be wondering how to take it to your new home in a completely different state. These are some of the options you have for moving your car with you:

  1. Selling your own vehicle and buying a new one in a new state.
  2. Driving your car to your new home.
  3. Transporting your vehicle with an auto transport company specialized on vehicle shipping from state to state.

However, are all of them convenient for you? Well, the fact that moving from state to state results in a long and exhausting process, the first two options are not the best ones in this situation. Let’s see why.

Selling your own vehicle and buying a new one in a new state 

This is definitely not a preferred option for relocators and car movers, since it takes a lot more time. Looking for buyers before you move and dealers in a new state can result in much more stress and higher costs than simply moving it with you.

Driving your car to your new home

This can be a good alternative for short-distance moves, however, it can add you more time than expected when moving your entire home and car to another state. Plus, if it's a long distance drive, then things will turn even more complicated in terms of time, money, scheduling and peace of mind.

Transporting your vehicle with an auto transport company specialized on vehicle shipping

Transportation services across the country have always been successful and preferred for thousands of relocators each year. Since the majority of past experiences from industry customers have been positive, shipping your car with professional car carriers will save you time, money and pressure during the moving.

How do I move my car to another state?

Moving your car to another state is pretty simple. First, you’ll have to look for a reliable and professional auto transport company so you can ensure your vehicle gets shipped in a successful way. 

At AmeriFreight, we have thousands of customers that frequently ship their vehicles from state to state. They prefer us for our friendly, easy and quick customer service and service methods. Here’s how it works with us:

  1. Request your free quote: This will allow you to have a closer look of what your total car shipping cost will be at the end of the trip.
  2. Request the service and select your shipping method: You can choose between open or enclosed shipping, door-to-door or residence-to-business pickup, depending on your location and vehicle’s conditions. 
  3. Prepare for shipping: Complete the assigned documents, clean your car, remove any items inside of your vehicle, and take photos of the inside and outside parts of the car from different angles.
  4. Delivery: Check your vehicle’s conditions after delivery, and sign the assigned documents if everything is okay.

How do I prepare my vehicle for transport?

Preparing your vehicle for transport is much easier than you can imagine. Simply by having it in good operating conditions and removing unnecessary items will make your whole shipping experience easier until your car arrives at your new home.

  • The first stage is to clean your vehicle inside and out. A clean car will show dings or marks better during the inspection. Take note of these issues with pictures so you’ll know if anything new happened in travel.
  • For your protection, write down the odometer reading. It’s also important to disable alarms before transport. If your car has toll tags, remove them as well. And, check with your insurance company to learn your coverage for car shipping.
  • Remove any valuables as well as outside accessories. After-market luggage racks and bike clips are not allowed by car shipping companies. This is because the attached parts are liabilities that can detach in transport. 
  • Check for possible leaks. 
  • Fill your tank of gas up to ¼. This is the necessary amount for loading and unloading your vehicle from the moving truck. 

Other alternatives to transport a car

When doing an interstate move, there are other similar options available for vehicle shipping. Although they may not be as easy and comfortable as a vehicle shipping service with an auto transport company, there are other transportation services you can do on your own.

Rent a tow dolly - In case you have a moving truck or similar, you can move your vehicle with a tow dolly. This is recommended for short distance routes.

Consider asking a family member or friend to drive your car - This will help you get everything done for your move without adding time to your process while your person makes the move for you.

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