How Toll Roads Affect Car Shipping Services

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Are Tolls Charged During Car Shipping?

This is probably not the first question that comes to your mind when shipping a vehicle, but that will definitely be on your list: Are tolls charged during auto transport? Toll roads have been operating for years as a way to fund and maintain roads and highways. There's a fee for every single driver that travels on them. When it comes to car shipping, there are several things to understand and consider about toll collections and the transport industry. 

Toll Roads Operation

Cars lining up at booths and paying with cash or coins are the most common descriptions we get when we talk about toll road operation back in the 1970´s. Back then, everything was much more traditional and seemed to be innovative. Nowadays, most toll roads also receive electronic payments, billing drivers monthly while allowing them to cross the tolls in a quicker way. 

Everyone knows that besides calculating their vehicle maintenance total costs before a road trip, toll road pricing should be budgeted in as well. Sometimes, it may be more cost-effective in terms of distance, but for those who just have to get home from a nearby activity, additional fees can be frustrating. 

If you add monthly what you’ve been paying for toll roads, you’ll see that they become relatively high depending on the way they charge. You can either be paying for a toll road that charges per mile, per use, per month, or a mix of all of those. 

How are Toll Roads Managed by Car Transporters?

Since truck drivers travel very long distances most of the time, they technically have to pass through more than 5 toll roads in a day. This might not seem like a lot, but for a driver that has to travel long distances every single day, that is a total pain. 

Car carriers always try to find the best routes available in terms of distance and costs. Most of the time, these routes have less tolls, or toll roads that are much more economical than others on main highways. However, if there are no alternative routes, the carrier has to pay the required tolls, affecting your total shipping quote. 

Let’s see a clearer example of the routes car carriers prefer to avoid when it comes to toll roads. Taking them into consideration can add up a huge amount of cost to your final quote:

How does Toll Roads Affect Car Shipping Services?

There are several factors that affect the total shipping cost of an auto transport service, including toll roads, which are undoubtedly an additional fee passed on to you. This cost will be added up in the final price, besides adding other services such as distance per mile, gas, time, type of vehicle, method of transportation and service, among others. 

On the other hand, in high traffic areas, toll roads can result in a large delay for drivers. As such, the shipping service will be affected in time or date scheduled. Although most of the time this doesn’t tend to happen or to affect the car carrier and customer that much, it's something that has to be considered as well. 

As mentioned above, sometimes car carriers prefer to reconsider their routes in order to avoid highways with high amounts of toll roads. These routes can be much longer, which will eventually add more time to the auto shipping service, and therefore, higher costs. 

What If I Have Toll Road Devices Activated?

If you opt for electronic toll payments and you are hiring a car shipping service, most transportation companies will require you to remove them. That will prevent you from paying additional fees to the shipping, since toll road prices are always added into your final quote. 

If you forget to remove your toll road device, you can ask the toll company for a refund. Most of them will reverse the money back to you in a few days.

A Few Recommendations

Since toll roads are added to your cost, try always to speak to your customer service agent about the possible routes and toll roads your truck driver will take during the shipment. This will allow you to be informed about the estimated money you’ll be paying for tolls on your final price. 

Remember to always request a free quote before hiring a service. Most auto transport companies like AmeriFreight, allow you to get an estimate of your final shipping cost. This is helpful for car movers since they can compare different quotes, organize their budget and schedule better their vehicle transport services.