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We are well respected in the auto transport industry

Here are some awards we have won over the years to make us a top rated car shipping company; click on an award of your choice for more information. See what our customers have to say! Click on any image below for more information

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Customers are glad they chose AmeriFreight

AmeriFreight is one of the most highly rated companies in the auto transport industry. We have received thousands of reviews from customers across many review websites.

AmeriFreight Review Policy

Highly recommend using AmeriFreight

Awesome Service! If you're looking for an "auto transporter" I highly recommend using AmeriFreight, specifically Melissa. This was my first transporting experience and I couldn't have asked for better service. Ms. was helpful, informative and made sure that I understood the entire process involved with auto transporting. More importantly, she made me feel at ease and stayed in communication with me from start to finish. Also the driver was timely and courteous. He performed a photo inventory before loading the vehicle and then emailed me a copy. Will definitely use AmeriFreight again!

Definitely recommend AmeriFreight

Very happy with the service and communication from Mille at AmeriFreight. It was my first experience setting up a car transport for my parents and I was not aware of how it worked. Millie explained in detail how the process works and did a great job estimating the time of pick up to make sure the vehicle was there the day after my parents arrived in Naples. Everything went smoothly and the price ended up being very close to the initial estimated cost. The driver was very friendly and was able to pick up and drop off the car very close to the home. The car was in great shape when it arrived too. I would definitely recommend AmeriFreight to anyone looking for a cross country car transport. Thank you!

Highly recommend this company

Had a great experience with AmeriFreight from beginning to end. Danielle, our sales rep, was easy to communicate with. She answered all of my numerous questions, and she stayed in touch with me every step of the process, from beginning to end. I researched many companies and was very glad that I chose AmeriFreight. While the price we paid ended up being higher than the initial quote, it was because we chose to accept the first bid for our own time restraints and because we paid for the shipping on our credit card so no cash would be exchanged on either end. Highly recommend this company without reservation, and am receiving no incentive for giving them a great review. Just hope it helps others as they navigate finding a company to work with them for transportation needs.

AmeriFreight was outstanding

I was referred to AmeriFreight by a friend, after a few weeks of search and reading bad reviews about experiences people have with their shipping companies. The service, coordination and followup by this company (through their customer service agent Maleah Sanders) was outstanding. After submitting my request to ship my car coast to coast, I received continues updates and followups until I was offered a date for the actual pickup and later received my car at destination as planned. Based on my experience, I have no reservation to recommend this shipping company.

Top notch in customer service

AmeriFreight is top notch in customer service. If you are looking for a company that will follow your auto-transport from start to finish this is the company. They've been doing this for a long time and it shows that they know how to treat the customer. I was especially impressed by their followup. I also really liked our truck driver that accepted our bid (Amerifreights) and delivered our car from Georgia to California in rain and snowy weather. All went well and he was very courteous at the pick up and at the delivery. If you want a seamless process to transport your car, use Amerifreight. (Millie was our agent and she did a great job.)

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It is all about one of your most expensive and prized possessions

YOUR CAR. As a top rated car shipping company, we make it our business to care about you and your vehicle.

We are a top rated car shipping company. Visit our Reviews page to see our satisfied customers. We are one of the best brokers in the industry over the past decade. Most reputable auto transport carrier (trucking) companies do their business through brokers. At AmeriFreight, we only use carefully screened and licensed carriers. We also confirm that carriers carry insurance for carrier error. Should the driver cause damage to a vehicle, the damage will be covered. Without working through a broker, you run the risk of incurring a substantial financial loss. You should only use a top rated car shipping company. There are many, many fly-by-night operations. Do your research!

Why AmeriFreight?

With AmeriFreight, moving is as simple as making a phone call. Whether you are looking for a door-to-door service, moving to the other side of the country, or just crossing state lines, we put our customers first. We understand that your car is one of your most prized possessions, and with the help of the latest auto shipping technology and personalized customer service, you can expect your car to be delivered at its destination just like royalty! It’s what makes us a top rated car shipping company!


By choosing AmeriFreight, you are choosing a serene moving experience with a top rated car shipping company. Your car is at the center of all our efforts. You just point the way and we’ll get moving! Our goal is to offer bespoke car shipping services at the lowest rates possible, providing updates along the way. Here’s a quick peek and what you get with us:

  • Your satisfaction is our success, and therefore our interests are aligned with yours.
  • Word of mouth – that’s what we strive for – and the best way to get that is to put our best foot forward every time. We aim to make sure auto transport services are hassle-free for all, quick, and affordable.
  • Whether you prefer open or closed auto shipping services, we’re at your beck and call. Plus, our door-to-door services mean that you won’t have to put in any effort at all!
  • Our years of success is backed up by our thorough damage coverage plans and high BBB ranking. Peace of mind, here we come!
  • Although you’ll find our prices to be more than reasonable, you’ll find that AmeriFreight does not sacrifice the quality of the carriers we partner with.



Which auto transport reviews are important to consider?
Reviews and accreditation's for car shipping companies are the most important considerations for consumers. Do some research with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Google and check reviews from previous customers. A reliable and dependable auto transport company should at least be accredited with the BBB and have a high rating (A or higher). The BBB is a great independent business reliability evaluation board for auto transporters. Most auto transport review sites receive some compensation for their services from companies. As a result, sometimes reviewed companies pay for their rankings. Shipping your vehicle should be with a car shipping company you can trust.
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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?
The right quote is not always completely predictable. The cost ranges from around $495 to $1,300 on average to ship a sedan in running condition on an open carrier. Factors that may affect the cost includes, but are not limited to the distance, vehicle’s condition (operable/non-operable), size and how soon you want it shipped.
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Do car shipping costs vary from state to state?
Vehicle shipments to California (CA), Florida (FL), New York (NY) and Texas (TX) are the most busy routes. Other states like Georgia (GA), Virginia (VA), Washington (WA), Massachusetts (MA), Ohio (OH), South Carolina (SC), North Carolina (NC), and Arizona (AZ) are also popular. The remaining states are less in demand and therefore have less carriers supporting those routes. Use our Rate Calculator to get an estimate on how much it will cost to ship your car.
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Auto transport Carrier or Broker?
To ship a car without a broker is a calculated risk. The Auto Transport industry is regulated by using brokers to ensure that customers are not exploited by questionable Car Shipping Carriers. Auto Transport Brokers have been given the task to help and educate consumers to ensure that their carriers are licensed with the DOT and insured. Without a broker, consumers may run the risk of using an unreliable, uninsured and illegal carrier, which more often than not may leave one with a damaged vehicle and no form of recourse.
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Car Shipping Insurance – Do I need Gap coverage?
It is true for all car shipping companies, including AmeriFreight, that your car will be 100% covered by a carrier’s insurance while it is loaded onto a truck. Unfortunately, what most brokers will not tell you is that often times there are exclusions with insurance. In some instances, a carrier’s insurance may fail to pay for damages to your vehicle, leaving you in a situation where you must revert to your own personal vehicle insurance. Consider auto transport companies that offer gap protection through the AFta PLAN. No car shipment should be without it and every car shipper should reconsider any company that do not offer gap protection for shipping vehicles.
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Discount Auto Shipping – How can we save you money?
AmeriFreight will fight for the best rate for our customer. We will negotiate on your behalf, starting with the lowest possible acceptance rate and try our best to get your rate lower than the average current market rate. Our carriers know we still want superior service as we not only provide them shipments they need, but we treat them with the same professional dignity and respect we do for our customers.
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How do I choose the most reliable auto transporter to ship my car?
Check the reputation of the auto transporters that you have received estimates form. Google reviews and the BB are the best resources.
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Why should I ship my car with AmeriFreight?
The process of shipping your vehicle can be scary, to say the least. But, in reality, it is not as complicated as you might think. Your vehicle may be your second largest investment. Make sure you can trust your auto transport partner. Make sure your vehicle is clean. Consider gap Protection to ensure you are covered if damage is discovered. Take photographs before and after delivery. Make sure you receive an inspection sheet (Bill of Lading) at the pickup and delivery locations. Don't pay anything upfront until you have approved the carrier for pickup, Leave a review of your car shipping experience.
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What else should I know about auto shipping?
Auto shipping companies have pricing structures that include the distance, time frame, time of year and weight of car. Auto brokers consider the following, when estimating the cost to transport your auto: 1. Current location of the vehicle and the intended destination 2. Time frame – do you need to ship your vehicle urgently or do you have a little time to get your auto broker to find the best price 3. Fuel costs – most shippers use diesel, when the price of diesel increases, so do shipping costs. Ship your vehicle quickly if there is a drop in diesel price; 4. Whether you require door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal pick up and delivery 5. If you wish to ship your car enclosed or in an open carriage.
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What You Need to Know about Shipping Your Vehicle Before You Decide

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BBB ratings
Be aware of auto transporters that have less than an A rating with the BBB. Try using only A+ rated auto transport companies
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AFta Gap protection
Carriers are not liable for any claims for damage detected after delivery. Very few brokers offer compensation if the damage is detected after delivery. We do.
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Don’t believe all reviews
Avoid car shipping companies that compensate for reviews. Many review sites are paid-for sites. Read the small print on how companies are listed and rated.
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Informative website
Websites with only a quote page and very little industry information should not be trusted. Most are lead harvesters and will spam you with multiple emails.
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Don’t pay anything upfront
Auto transport companies requesting upfront payment when placing an order should be avoided at all cost. You may have no possibility to cancel your order without losing your deposit.
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Promises and Guarantees
Guaranteed rates and guaranteed pickup dates are ways to lure consumers to place orders with very little promise to deliver.
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Explain it all
Be aware of vehicle movers making promises that sound to good to be true are. Let them explain their process and commitments in detail before you commit.
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Use a broker
Shipping direct with a carrier can lead to serious financial loss and inconvenience – You will have no recourse if you have issues and damages caused by a carrier.

Best Way To Ship A Car - Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

Sports car on a hauler
Direct Logistics
AmeriFreight offers vehicle transportation services for any type of vehicle including motor vehicles, motor cycles, trailers, boats and RV's. In fact, virtually anything that has wheels can be shipped through AmeriFreight. Most shipments are done in the continental United States of America.
Transporter Logistics
Enterprise Logistics
Any business or organization dealing with customers or members looking to ship their vehicles is welcome to partner with us to outsource all customer shipping needs. Contact us to get more information on how to become an Enterprise customer.
Trucks parked
Transporter Logistics
Auto Transport Carriers acting’s as owner operators can contact us to outsource their complete or partial load fulfillment. AmeriFreight will work hard to ensure that your truck is optimized at full capacity, at the best possible rates, throughout the year.

Anywhere, Anytime – No Job Too Big or Too Small

Have an SUV that needs to be relocated across the country? Or a sports car that you want to transport across state lines? From the heaviest hummers and military vehicles out there all the way to compact and small cars, we can help you move it without any hassle. Here are some options we offer, but this list isn’t all inclusive! If you need a custom auto transport service, just give us a call! Our knowledgeable Customer Service Agents will be happy to assist you. 

Short Distance Auto Transport

Even if you need to transport your new or old car from one corner of the city to another, we’re just a call away! Get a quote, choose a date, and let us do the rest. 

Long Distance Auto Transport

Want to move your car across states or across the country? We’re just a call away. 

Corporate Vehicle Transport

You’re spending a lot on your new assets; let us bring them safely to your doorstep at cost-effective rates. Whether you’re relocating or buying a new car over the Internet, AmeriFreight is the broker to call!

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