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Car shipping quotes to and from California and Virginia

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They say Virginia is for Lovers, while the Golden State of California has its own glamorous attractions. When you make the move between east and west coast you change a lot of things, but one thing that doesn't change is the fact that both have beautiful scenery and a rich culture to explore. Moving from California to Virginia is exchanging the Pacific coast for the birthplace of America, steeped in history and tradition. While your move from Virginia's wild Atlantic coast and the Blue Ridge Mountains whisks you to Big Sur and California's National Parks. Whether your new home in Richmond or LA, Charlottesville, or Sacramento, one thing you will need help with is Shipping a car from Virginia to California, or vice versa. That's where the AmeriFreight team comes in, securing you the best auto transport rates so you can travel knowing your vehicle will be safe and secure.

What to expect when shipping a car from California to Virginia or Virginia to California:

  • Approximate distance: 2,650 miles
  • Estimated transit time: 5 - 7 days
  • Expedited shipping available

Our car shipping services

Convenient door to door service

At AmeriFreight, we are committed to helping you move between California and Virginia as smoothly as possible. We offer a door to door vehicle transport service if your location permits. Either way, we'll work with you to find the best pick-up and delivery locations for your car transport service. Your auto shipment is streamlined and convenient from start to finish, so you can focus on the most important aspects of your cross-country move.

Expedited shipping

For an added fee, we can expedite your car shipment. This may be a great option for you if you need your car in your new location as quickly as possible. With our expedited car shipping service, we make delivery speed our top priority. We'll maintain strict safety procedures as we transport your vehicle quickly to your new destination.

Options for shipping a vehicle from Virginia to California or California to Virginia

Open transport truck

Going with an open transport car shipping service is the most cost-effective way to get your vehicle from California to Virginia, or Virginia to California. This method involves securing your vehicle to an open transport truck for delivery to your destination. Choosing an open auto transport service is an excellent option for most vehicles, particularly if they have a value under $50,000 and over four inches of ground clearance.

Enclosed transport truck

An enclosed trailer offers added protection for an additional payment. This means your vehicle will travel in a completely enclosed trailer, offering privacy and extra security. We recommend this vehicle transport service for luxury and classic vehicles. However, any vehicle owner who prefers additional protection can choose enclosed trailer transport.

How we work

At AmeriFreight, getting a quote and booking a car shipping service has never been easier. Our network of expert carriers means you get the excellent service you deserve at an unbeatable price. Scan through a range of options, compare prices, and use our free quote feature to discover the best car shipping rates. Then, book your service and track your shipment right here on our site.

  • Amazing rates - AmeriFreight is committed to giving you the best car shipping rates available today. Our transparent approach means you know exactly what you're paying up-front.
  • Thorough procedures - Our delivery process involves strict safety measures. After unloading your car, we will do a final inspection to ensure it is in perfect condition.
  • Door-to-door - Our expert carriers make sure pick-up and delivery are as convenient as possible. We pick up from residential and commercial locations as close to your door as possible.

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Car shipping quotes and rates California - Virginia

With AmeriFreight, you get the best auto transport rates possible for the highest quality shipping services. Our prices stay transparent, and we're sure to let you know exactly how we calculate your rate.

The following criteria will factor into your final car shipping rate:

  • Size - If your vehicle is larger, it will require more space in a trailer. This means it will likely cost more than a smaller car to ship.
  • Weight - Carriers have strict maximum weight limits for each shipment. The heavier your car, the more you'll have to pay to ship it.
  • Condition -Inoperable cars require additional equipment to move. We may have to use a forklift or winch to secure it on a trailer. This service will add a fee to your shipping cost.
  • Type - Certain cars have specific requirements for shipping. Convertibles require top-loading to avoid leaks, and larger vehicles need more space on a trailer. Your shipment price may reflect these specific requirements.
  • Distance - Distance plays into the overall price of your shipment. The further we travel, the lower the shipping cost per mile. In-state car transport will be $3 per mile, while coast-to-coast rates start as low as 50¢ per mile.
  • Time - If you're flexible on the delivery date, you'll receive a lower rate for your shipment, while expedited vehicles require an additional fee.
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Preparing to ship a vehicle from California to Virginia or Virginia to California

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Insurance notice

With our carriers, you'll always get basic insurance coverage. This will cover any damage or loss when your vehicle is traveling with us. This basic plan will not cover damage to a car that is parked or in storage. It also will not cover damage that occurs during the loading and unloading processes. In these cases, you can work with your usual car insurance provider.

We offer a signature AFta gap coverage plan for customers who would like additional coverage. This option covers your personal vehicle insurance deductible up to $2,000.

Preparing to ship a car

Preparing ahead can make your car shipping service even more efficient. We recommend that you take the following steps before we pick up your car.

  • Check your tires and a car battery.
  • Remove personal belongings from your car.
  • Keep a spare tire and jack in your vehicle.
  • Leave the tank at least ¼ full.
  • Check the fluids in your vehicle.
  • Inform your carrier of any fluid leaks.
  • Take ornaments like spoilers, roof racks, and antennas off of the vehicle.
  • Take toll tags, passes, and other items out of your windshield.
  • Wash and clean the vehicle inside and out.
  • Take high-quality pictures of your car before pick up and after delivery.

Our advantage

At AmeriFreight, you and your car get the attention and care you deserve. We always make sure you get a top-quality auto transport service for the most affordable price. When you move from California to Virginia or Virginia to California, you can rest assured that your car is in great hands. Here are some of the many advantages of shipping your vehicle with us.

AFta Gap Coverage

Our signature AFta gap coverage plan earns top ratings from our customers time after time. With this plan, we'll cover up to $2,000 of your car insurance deductible, so you can feel assured throughout the shipping process.

Our gap coverage also sets us apart. We offer coverage on the damage you find within 48 hours after we deliver your vehicle. While our carriers conduct thorough inspections, you may notice something they miss. If you spot any damage within two days, your gap coverage will take care of it.

Top quality care

AmeriFreight is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We receive excellent ratings on both performance and customer service for our vehicle shipping services. We work with the most trusted names in the car shipping industry, so you can relax knowing your car is receiving the best care possible at every phase of the shipping process.

Unbeatable convenience

We offer a door-to-door auto transport service to make your shipping process as convenient as possible. We can meet you at residential or commercial properties to deliver your vehicle, so you won't have to alter your schedule one bit. We'll show up at your door to hand off the car and do a last inspection, and you can get back to settling into your new space.

Enterprise and transporter logistics

The majority of our customers moving from California and Virginia are individual car owners. However, we also offer transporter and enterprise logistics vehicle shipping services. We can partner with you to meet your specific needs and make your operations as efficient as possible.

Enterprise logistics

We work with car dealers, rental companies, partner brokers, and a whole range of other enterprise logistics customers. If you're looking for assistance with car shipment between California and Virginia, we'll offer a personal agent to take care of everything for you. We'll tailor our auto transport services to meet your needs, so please reach out and see how we can work together.

Transporter logistics

If you are a car transport company that acts as an owner-operator, you can outsource full or partial load fulfillment to our carriers. We can help with everything from administrative service to truck dispatch and financial management. Please contact us to learn more about how we can boost your operations for the industry's lowest car shipping rates.