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Car shipping quotes to and from Texas and Georgia

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Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi and home to the oldest state park in the nation, Indian Springs. The Peach State is the biggest producer of pecans, peanuts, and, of course, peaches in the US. Newcomers moving from Texas to Georgia will delight in the intense southern hospitality and stunning natural scenery. For its part, Texas is a unique state, and its inhabitants know it. It's the land of Texas BBQ, live country music, rodeos, and cowboy boots. The Lone Star State is the second-largest state in the country, where you can enjoy both off-the-grid country living and city culture complete with fine dining, museums, and artists. So when you're busy moving and wondering how to ship a car across the country, you need an auto transport company you can trust. Welcome to AmeriFreight.

What can you expect when you ship your car from Georgia to Texas and vice versa?

  • Approximate distance: 3,000 miles
  • Estimated transit time: 6 - 8 days
  • Expedited shipping available

Choose your shipping service


Door-to-door car shipping is the best way to ship a car from Georgia to Texas or from Texas to Georgia. We pick your car up and drop it off directly at your doorstep, with low rates and fast service. We recommend door-to-door car transport services as the easiest way to get your vehicle from point A to point B.


If you need your car delivered within a specific timeframe, you can pay extra for expedited auto shipping services. We'll deliver your vehicle in record time without compromising our commitment to quality.

Next, choose how your car will travel

Open auto transport

Our open auto transport service is the industry standard for shipping cars around the country. When you opt for open transport, you have access to the best rates available. We recommend open transport for most vehicles, including cars valued at less than $50,000. Open transport vehicles must also have a ground clearance of more than four inches.

Enclosed auto transport

We also offer a closed transport option for customers who have classic or luxury cars or want more privacy for their car during the trip. With this auto transport service, your vehicle is secured in a completely covered trailer, protecting it from dirt, debris, and any weather on the open road.

How we work

It's easy to ship a car from Georgia to Texas with AmeriFreight. That's because we offer fast door-to-door auto shipping services, as well as a vast network of carriers from around the country, so you have access to the best rates and transport options.

Get started now with a free quote! We'll instantly scan all of your carrier options so you can compare rates side-by-side. Then all you have to do is choose your carrier, book your trip and track your car's journey, all from the same place.

  • Transparent pricing - We let you know upfront your auto transport rates, so you never have to worry about any surprise fees.
  • Vehicle pickup - We drive to your pickup location, carefully load your vehicle, and start our journey to your destination.
  • Vehicle delivery - When we arrive at your destination, we inspect your vehicle and carefully unload it.

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Car shipping rates: Texas to Georgia

It's easy, fast, and affordable to ship a car from Texas to Georgia or vice versa. That's because we keep our prices down while never compromising the safety of your vehicle.

The cost to ship a car between Georgia and Texas will depend on the following:

  • Distance - With AmeriFreight, the further you go, the more you save! In-state deliveries start at $3/mile, and coast-to-coast starts at just 50¢/mile.
  • Vehicle size - Larger vehicles typically cost more than smaller vehicles.
  • Vehicle weight - Carriers have weight limits for their trailers, which is why cars that weigh more cost more than cars that weigh less in most cases.
  • Vehicle condition - Your rates will be higher if your vehicle is inoperable or requires a winch or a forklift during loading or unloading.
  • Vehicle type - If your car needs special care during loading or unloading (like with a convertible for instance), you may have higher fees.
  • Timeframe - Expedited shipping rates are higher than standard shipping rates.
  • Open or enclosed - Enclosed transport costs more than open transport.
  • Penalty fees - You may be subject to a fine if you leave more than 100 lbs of personal items in the trunk.
  • Gap protection - Our gap coverage plan covers your car for damages reported within 48 hours of delivery.
  • Weather - Shipping rates are lower in winter, but higher in inclement weather conditions.
  • Gas prices - Rates fluctuate with gas prices.

Use our online rate calculator to get started with your instant car shipping quote. It's free and easy to use; just follow these steps:

  • Select your route - Choose the vehicle type, origin, and destination.
  • Calculate - Our cost calculator gives you an estimate of your car transport costs.
  • Call us - Give us a call at (770) 486-1010 to confirm your quote.

How to get your car ready for shipping from Georgia to Texas

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A note about insurance

If you transport your vehicle from Texas to Georgia or Georgia to Texas with AmeriFreight, your carrier will automatically provide basic cargo insurance for your car. However, this insurance only covers damages or loss that happens during auto transport. The carrier insurance will not cover any harm that comes to your car during parking, storage, loading, or unloading. That's why we offer the AFta gap coverage plan. This plan covers up to $2,000 of your private insurance deductible, even if they refund you.

Getting your vehicle ready

Please take the following steps to prepare your vehicle for shipping from Georgia to Texas.

  • Leave the gas tank ¼ full.
  • Wash your car inside and out.
  • Check car fluids.
  • Let your transporter know about leaking fluids.
  • Check your battery charge and tire pressure.
  • Take high-resolution photographs before and after transport.
  • Remove all accessories such as roof racks, spoilers, and antennas.
  • Remove EZ passes, toll tags, etc. from windshields.
  • Remove all personal items.
  • Leave a spare tire and jack in the car.

The AmeriFreight advantage

When you ship a car from Georgia to Texas with AmeriFreight, you're choosing one of the industry's most trusted car shipping companies.

Keep reading to find out more about the advantages of shipping with AmeriFreight.

Nationwide door-to-door

Our door-to-door vehicle shipping service means we pick up and drop off your car at your doorstep no matter where you are in the country.

AFta Gap Coverage

Your carrier will cover any damage or loss that happens to your car during transport. However, your private auto insurance will have to cover any damage during parking, storage, loading, and unloading. Our AFta gap coverage covers up to $2,000 of your private insurance deductible.

Gap Coverage

We are one of the only car transport companies that offer 48-hour gap coverage. Our drivers will carefully inspect your car at drop-off to make sure that there is no damage. However, if they miss something during the inspection, we will cover any damages to your vehicle that you report within 48 hours of drop-off.

Highly rated

We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and our customers constantly rate us as one of the best car shipping companies in the country.

Enterprise and transporter customers

While we mostly work with private customers, we also offer services to transport cars state to state for transporter and enterprise clients.


We provide our top-quality car transport services from Georgia to Texas for enterprise customers as well. Our enterprise customers include dealerships, auctioneers, car clubs, or anyone who wants to outsource their vehicle transport services to us. We offer our enterprise customers fast, safe, and affordable vehicle delivery. We also assign a dedicated agent to your case to handle every aspect of your account, from shipping requirements to customer service.


We also work with transporters to help them complete their routes quickly and efficiently. We offer both part and full-time services, including administrative services, financial management, and truck dispatch.


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