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Whether you're moving from New York to Virginia or Virginia to New York, you're in for an exciting change of scenery. The Empire State features buzzing city life and lively cultural events, while Virginia offers some of the country's most beautiful nature, from its Atlantic coastline to the Blue Ridge mountains. Then, of course, there are the other exciting things to discover, whether it is the natural beauty of Upstate New York or the increasingly trendy city of Richmond - these east coast states have plenty to keep you entertained as you start your new life. So whether you're headed to the Big Apple or Buffalo, Richmond, or Virginia Beach, at AmeriFreight, we have the expertise to help you ship a car as efficiently as possible.

What to expect when shipping a car from New York to Virginia or Virginia to New York:

  • Approximate distance: 400 miles
  • Estimated transit time: 1 - 2 days
  • Expedited shipping available

Time to explore our car shipping services

Our door to door service

With our car transport company, your move between New York and Virginia will be as convenient as possible. We provide door to door vehicle transport services if your location allows. Otherwise, we'll work with you to find the most convenient pick-up and drop-off points for shipping, so you never have to stray too far from home. We designed our door-to-door service to give our customers peace of mind, so you can prepare for your exciting move without worrying about your car.

Expedited shipping options

For the speediest delivery, we offer an expedited auto transport service for an additional cost. You may want to consider this option if you need your car immediately upon arrival at your destination. Paying the extra fee ensures we prioritize shipment speed while maintaining the highest service standards in the industry.

Now, select a shipping method

Open transport truck

Our open transport car shipping service is the most affordable way to ship a car from New York to Virginia, or Virginia to New York. When you select this option, our experts will secure your car to an open transport truck and transport it while maintaining the highest standard of safety and efficiency. Our open auto transport service is ideal for most vehicles, especially if they are valued under $50,000 and have more than four inches of ground clearance.

Enclosed transport truck

If you prefer an enclosed trailer's added protection, you can pay an extra fee for this service. Enclosed transport is a fantastic choice if you prefer privacy or desire additional protection. This vehicle transport service is ideal for luxury and classic vehicles or anyone who wants to ensure optimal vehicle protection.

How we work

At AmeriFreight, our car shipping company makes it easier than ever to get a quote and ship your car to another state. We work with a network of expert carriers across the country, ensuring you receive your ideal service between New York and Virginia for an unbeatable price. You can scan and compare options with our free quote feature and book your service effortlessly on our site. Once you book your vehicle transport service, you can track the shipment with ease in the same convenient location.

  • Unrivaled rates - At AmeriFreight, transparent pricing is our top priority. Once you've booked a service, you can relax knowing you won't receive unexpected fees.
  • Convenient collection - We'll pick up your car as close to your house as we can. We'll load the vehicle on your preferred trailer and take off toward your new destination.
  • Strict delivery procedures - We follow strict safety procedures when unloading your vehicle. We conduct a final inspection to ensure it is in excellent condition upon arrival.
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Car shipping quotes and rates New York - Virginia

You may be wondering, how much does it cost to ship a car? AmeriFreight ensures your car shipment from New York to Virginia, or Virginia to New York will be as fast, easy, and cost-effective as possible. We ensure the lowest, most transparent prices in the industry while adhering to the highest standards throughout the process.

The cost to ship a car will vary based on the following factors:

  • Distance - Car shipping rates change depending on distance, and the further we travel, the lower the rate per mile. In-state car transport will be $3 per mile, while coast-to-coast rates start as low as 50¢ per mile.
  • Size - Larger vehicles take up more space in a trailer, so they will incur a higher fee.
  • Weight - Your carrier will have a maximum weight for their trailer. This means the more your car weighs, the more you'll have to pay to ship it.
  • Condition -If your vehicle is inoperable, we'll likely need a forklift or winch to secure it on our trailer. If this service is required, you'll have to pay an additional fee.
  • Type - Some types of vehicles require specific arrangements on a trailer. For example, convertibles need top-loading to avoid leaks. Your shipment price may reflect these requirements.
  • Time - If you're flexible on your vehicle's arrival time, you will receive a lower shipping rate. Expedited cars require an additional fee.
Image shows the statue of liberty in the background and the word New York written in the middle.

Preparing to ship your vehicle from New York to Virginia or Virginia to New York

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Important gap coverage information

AmeriFreight's car shipment carriers always offer basic insurance coverage. This will cover loss or damage to your vehicle, so you can rest assured you won't be responsible for related payments. Please note that this basic insurance does not cover damage that happens while a car is parked or in storage, or during the loading and unloading processes. Your car insurance provider will work with you for these instances.

We also have a signature AFta gap coverage plan for additional security while shipping your car. If you opt for this gap coverage plan, we'll cover your personal vehicle insurance deductible up to $2,000.

Preparing to ship a car

When shipping a car from New York to Virginia or Virginia to New York, you'll want to prepare ahead to make sure the process is smooth and efficient. Please consider taking the following steps before we pick up your vehicle:

  • Leave your gas tank around ¼ full.
  • Wash your vehicle and clean out the inside.
  • Have a professional check your car's fluids.
  • Let us know about any fluid leaks.
  • Make sure the tires and battery are topped up and ready to go.
  • Take photos of your car before pick up and after delivery.
  • Remove spoilers, roof racks, antennas, and other ornaments.
  • Remove toll tags, passes, and other items from your windshield.
  • Remove all personal items from the vehicle.
  • Leave your spare tire and jack in the car.

Our advantage.

At AmeriFreight, you and your vehicle are our top priorities. We're here to help you get the best auto transport service for the best prices possible. Our team is committed to sharing our expertise and providing excellent customer service for you and your family. Please explore a few of the benefits of choosing AmeriFreight.

Convenient car shipping

Our door-to-door auto transport service picks up and delivers from the most convenient location, whether you're located at a residential or commercial property. You meet us for convenient collection and delivery, and we handle everything in-between.

AFta gap coverage

We offer an AFta gap coverage plan that gets top ratings from our customers. This plan will cover up to $2,000 of your car insurance deductible, so you can relax knowing your car is taken care of.

We are one of the only vehicle shipping companies that offer gap coverage on damages found up to 48 hours after car delivery. We inspect the vehicle both before and after the journey, but you know your car best. Let us know if you've found damage within two days, and your gap coverage will cover it.

Reliable and transparent

Our auto transport company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with excellent performance and customer service ratings. We only work with expert carriers you can trust, so you know your car is in great hands as it travels from New York to Virginia or Virginia to New York.

Enterprise and transporter customers

Most of our customers shipping a car between New York and Virginia are private car owners. However, we partner with transporters and enterprise customers as well. No matter your needs, our car shipping experts ensure you get the best service every time.

Enterprise logistics customers

Our enterprise customers include dealerships, auto clubs, auctions, and more. If you're looking for help with enterprise logistics between New York and Virginia, we'll assign an expert agent to take care of your account. We offer customized solutions depending on your requirements, so you're sure to have the most efficient experience shipping your vehicles.

Transporter logistics customers

Auto transport companies functioning as owner-operators can outsource complete or partial load fulfillment to us. We offer excellent rates, administrative service, truck dispatch, and financial management services. Our experts are here to maximize your operations and make sure each route runs as efficiently as possible.