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Going to college is one of the most exciting future goals for some senior high school students and their families. College is a completely new experience and a period of life where friends, knowledge, and opportunities will form many young adults’ ‘next chapter’. But getting ready for it is a process that requires time, patience, and a list of extensive details related to the moving process. Dormitory stuff is the primary thing, but what about transportation? Well, if you’re not considering public transport, biking or walking from place to place, then a car is obviously the best option. 

However, buying a new car in your college’s town might not be the best idea in terms of costs and time. Therefore, taking your own vehicle and transporting it to your university makes a lot more sense and is way easier to do. Wanna know how? Keep reading for the best college car shipping tips!

Why Is Car Transport A Preferred Option By College Students?

  1. Safety - Delivering your vehicle with a trustworthy auto transport company definitely ensures safety to your vehicle from the moment it is loaded until you receive it at your pickup spot. 
  2. Discounts - Being a student means also getting additional discounts on the total price of your vehicle shipments. Amazing right? Well, we understand the amount of money you have to put on essential materials for your college move, such as textbooks, tuition, housing and living expenses, among others. Therefore, most auto transport companies like AmeriFreight, provide you affordable costs to make your auto transport process possible. 
  3. Flexible Delivery Options - There are many delivery options and methods that allow your shipment to be just the way you want it. From delivering your vehicle straight to your door to shipping it enclosed, transporting your car with specialized companies such as AmeriFreight, makes this possible. 
  4. Vehicle Variety - Whether you’re transporting a completely new car, your dad’s old vehicle or even your motorcycle, most auto transport companies allow you to ship almost any kind of vehicle you want with fair prices and adequate shipping methods for each kind. 
  5. Convenience - Driving your car from home to college takes time, gas and toll expenses, but most of all, risk exposures on highways. Around 100,000 car crashes occur every year because of quick and irresponsible driving, which means taking your car on your own might result in dangerous situations. 

How Do Most Students Choose The Right Shipping Company?

College students have in mind several things related to studies and moving out, especially those in their first year. However, technology and online sales have made each of these processes simpler, and for millennials and gen-z, it is their preferred information source. That’s great, because requesting an auto transport service online is just as easy as buying a pair of shoes at Nike’s online shop for young adults. Here’s a short list of what college students who deliver their cars via auto transport companies do whenever they need service:

They begin researching and requesting different quotes from different auto transport companies.

Right after that, they choose the ones with the best service, experience, professionalism, great customer reviews, prices and shipping methods. 

Comparing and selecting is the next step, where they choose the company that better suits their needs in order to transfer their car. 

How Is The Auto Transport Process for College Students?

Right after the car shipping company is selected, there are several steps that must be completed in order to get the vehicle to college. They are easy and quick, especially if the auto transport company, such as AmeriFreight, has years of experience and is specialized in vehicle shipping for college students. 

Service Requesting: By phone call or online chatting, students hire their shipping service (depending on the company’s customer service alternatives). With AmeriFreight, you just simply have to chat with one of our agents or call us in order to get your car shipped. A personalized agent is always following your shipment status and needs.

Vehicle Pickup: Consequently, the car will be transported depending on the shipping method chosen by the student. Whether it is residence-to-residence or residence-to-campus, open or enclosed auto transport, the vehicle will be loaded and ready to ship. 

Car Delivery: Finally, the vehicle will arrive at the desired destination, and just in a matter of minutes the car will be unloaded and delivered. Signing some documents and checking car conditions are some of the steps that have to be followed right after unloading before taking possession again.

Why Is Car Shipping a Helpful and Smart Option for College?

There are several reasons why your vehicle is a helpful option when moving to college. And by that, we don’t mean that you can’t take it home again whenever you need it to. We know how stressing academic life could be, besides missing home and family. The good thing is that car shipping is so easy to request and do, that you can take your vehicle home for vacation or a simple visit. 

Furthermore, taking your vehicle to college also allows you to travel to different places in a matter of minutes. You can either plan a visit to a nearby town, or a road-trip with your friends to the beach. With a car, you can do multiple things in a day and the best part of it is that you don’t have to be constantly paying for a service to take you to places. With your own car, you’re free to travel wherever and whenever you want to!

Things To Keep In Mind When Shipping Your Vehicle To or From College

There are certain terms and topics you should know before choosing the right shipping service for your vehicle. Basically, those depend on your vehicle’s conditions and your delivery needs. Check them out below:

Open or Enclosed Auto Transport: Keep in mind that open transport means taking your vehicle in open haulers with around 8 more other vehicles. This is the most affordable and popular way to ship your car, and the most available one. Meanwhile, enclosed auto transport consists of taking your car in closed haulers which avoid outdoor contact. This works for extremely delicate vehicles such as luxury ones, vintage or classic ones. 

Personal Belongings In Your Car: This is a frequently asked question when it comes to vehicle shipping. Yes, you can ship personal items in your car during transit, however, your car should be transported only by land, items can weigh up to 100 lb, and we recommend putting them in the car’s trunk to avoid any object or vehicle damage.

College Students Choose AmeriFreight

AmeriFreight is a professional auto transport company that ensures safe vehicle shipment with affordable prices, excellent and personalized customer service, experienced agents, drivers and operators, and thousands of happy customers. Quote requesting is totally free and provides you an estimated price of what your shipment could cost. Students get great prices for shipping their vehicles with us, and we guarantee that their transport experience ends up being extraordinary. 

Call us or chat with us today! For AmeriFreight, transporting your vehicle safely to your desired destination is our main pillar. 

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