Shipping Your Vehicle to College

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Getting ready for college can be quite exhausting but at the same time, very exciting. It’s a new era and episode of life where challenges, people, and many adventures will occur in the most exciting way. However, it’s important to have a clear checklist of the things you’ll be taking to school, considering the fact that you’ll have to take a large part of your belongings with you, and additional elements such as your vehicle are also key when moving to another place. 

Why is a car necessary in college?

Saves you money 

As you probably know, taking a bus is more expensive than driving. In the long run you'll save money if you decide to send your automobile to school rather than paying for numerous taxis, bus tickets, or any other kind of public transportation. 


Being the one in charge of making your own travel decisions without depending on someone else is the best feeling for most car drivers. The fact that you can roll down the windows and sing along to your music is priceless! 


With the freedom that comes with owning a vehicle at college, you may also get to know your new town and the region around school by exploring it, going on road trips to popular destinations, or visiting family and friends who live close by.

How do you take your vehicle to college?

Although driving must be the first thing that comes to your mind, shipping your car to school with a professional auto transport company is the best way to do it, and the most preferred by car movers. Vehicle shipping ends up being very safe and affordable for the majority of car owners, keeping in mind that the auto transport company has to be reliable and experienced in the industry.

As such, hiring an auto transportation service is a great option to get your car to college. The steps for hiring a car transport service with AmeriFreight are as follows:

  • Enter our company's website and request a free shipping quote. 

  • Contact one of our customer service agents for more information about the shipping service via phone call or website chat. 

  • Request the college car shipping service, schedule the dates, hours, cost of shipping, and select transport methods (like door to door shipping, enclosed auto transport, and open auto transport).

  • Prepare your vehicle for shipment, and wait for pickup at your requested location.

  • Sign requested documents before loading and wait for delivery of your car on campus, residence, or home.

  • Check your vehicle’s conditions after unloading, sign the rest of the documents and officially receive your car at your desired destination.

Why is car shipping more convenient than driving your car to college?


Being a student means also getting additional discounts on the total price of your vehicle shipments. Amazing right? Well, we understand the amount of money you have to put on essential materials for your college move, such as textbooks, tuition, housing and living expenses, among others. Therefore, auto transport companies like AmeriFreight, provide you affordable costs to make your auto transport process possible. 

Flexible Delivery Options

There are many delivery options and methods that allow your shipment to be just the way you want it. From delivering your vehicle straight to your door to shipping it enclosed, transporting your car with specialized companies such as AmeriFreight, makes this possible. 

Vehicle Variety

Whether you’re transporting a completely new car, your dad’s old vehicle or even your motorcycle, most auto transport companies allow you to ship almost any kind of vehicle you want with fair prices and adequate shipping methods for each kind. 

Finally, check some tips for your first day of school

  • Arrive early to class

  • Review your class schedule beforehand

  • Familiarize yourself with campus locations

  • Take notes during lessons

  • Anticipate making new connections and friends