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Interstate Car Shipping: Take Your Car To Your Next Destination

There are different methods of shipping your vehicle across the country. However, most of them differ in some factors such as speed, cost and transport safety. If we take a step closer to road transportation shipment, the country has so much to offer due to its excellent roadway conditions. The Interstate Highway System serves as a network of controlled-access highways across the United States, and is considered as the primary option for transportation throughout the country. It’s the fastest and usually the only option to ship from locations that are further apart from each other. 

When it comes to shipping a vehicle long-distance, there are many auto-transport companies available to choose from that use the Interstate Highways as their main route. Since it’s the best option for shipping safely and quickly, specialized car transport companies offer great interstate shipping services. However, there are certain details and transport methods you should consider in order to transport your vehicle across the country. Let’s check them out…

Interstate Vehicle Shipping Methods

There are many ways of shipping your vehicle across the country. All of them have different procedures and functions, but follow the same purpose.

  • Auto-Transport by Truck
    • As mentioned before, shipping your vehicle on a truck is the most common method of auto-transport, and probably the easiest one. 
  • Auto-Transport by Rail 
    • This is another option, although considerably less common and slower than truck transportation. It is only offered in select regions of the country. Vehicles are loaded on the freight and shipped as cargo from your point of departure to your point of destination. You must be able to take your car to the station for the loading process, which is actually pretty straightforward. 
  • Shipping Via Air
    • Shipping a vehicle by plane is by far the quickest way of auto-transport, and a great option for affluent clients who wish to ship exotic or vintage cars. However, it is definitely the most expensive car shipping method. In some cases, shipping via air can cost even more than the actual cost of a new car. 

Although these are all significant ways of vehicle shipping, overland options are the most common and preferred by the majority of potential car shippers. Truck transportation is the best choice if you’re looking for good quality transport, great prices, personalized customer service and proven safe-shipping. Keep reading to see all of the advantages that this overland auto-transport service offers to your vehicle. 

Why Is Truck Transportation The Best Overland Car Shipping Method?

Well, first we will consider the most important factors that are taken in mind when it comes to choosing an interstate vehicle transportation method. Therefore, the following points will define why shipping your vehicle interstate via truck is the right option for you. Let’s go through them:

  1. Safety: When transporting your vehicle with an auto-transport company, your vehicle will be loaded in a hauler by specialized truck drivers that will ensure your car is safe and ready to go. U.S interstates are well maintained and the conditions for driving are perfect; your auto-transport company will make sure drivers are experienced enough to transport your vehicle safely, quickly and the way you just want it to be. 
  2. Affordability: Don’t be surprised if you find out that hiring car moving services are cheaper than transporting your vehicle on your own. Auto-transport companies usually have great shipping prices, which makes the vehicle shipping system available for most car movers. 
  3. Comfort: Driving a car halfway across the country or paying unreasonable amounts of money for shipping is not the most exciting thing to do. Meanwhile, having the chance of transporting your car with professional assistance is an amazing option; not only for a great customer service experience provided by your company, but also for being able to receive your vehicle exactly where you want it to and in the same condition you loaded it in. 
  4. Variety Of Service Options: Most Auto-Transport Companies provide multiple service options so that your vehicle is delivered safely. Generally, you’ll get the chance to choose between open or enclosed auto-transport, terminal-to-terminal, or door-to-door transport, which are slightly different from each other and provide you the best experience. Alternatively, you can choose between the following options as well:
    1. Motorcycle shipping
    2. Heavy equipment transport
    3. Classic car shipping
    4. Non-running vehicles
    5. Electric vehicles
    6. Military car shipping
    7. Luxury and exotic transport 

Things You Must Check Before Shipping Your Car Interstate

Hiring an auto-transport service can sometimes be much more demanding than what you imagined it to be in terms of company selection. The process may take some time while you research, compare, request quotes and hire a service. Therefore, we provide you with the following tips, so that your shipping experience is just as successful as you imagined it.

  • Select the right shipping company: After researching and requesting different free quotes, you must consider the shipping company that better suits your needs, is professional, and reliable. We recommend looking for customer reviews, years of experience and website reliability in order to make this decision. At AmeriFreight we have years of experience in the auto-transport industry, making customers happy and building an immense community of car shippers across the country. 
  • Choose the best transport service: Consider the best transport service based on your vehicle’s needs. For example, if you’re shipping an old vintage or luxury vehicle, the enclosed auto-transport is perfect for you. Otherwise, consider open auto-transport as your primary option when transporting your vehicle interstate on a budget. 
  • Empty your vehicle: Most car transportation companies only allow a certain weight of items inside the vehicle and usually require extra costs for doing it. Apart from that, your objects could end up damaged at the end of the journey or even damage some of your vehicle’s fragile parts. That’s why we recommend you to keep all the items and take them with you until your car arrives. Otherwise, you can ask the company about their personal items’ shipping policy and notify them you’re interested in transporting some stuff inside your vehicle. 
  • Insurance coverage: Because your car will be traveling long distances, road risks are higher and need sufficient insurance to make your vehicle transport safer and free of any additional costs. 

Is Car Transportation Between States Common?

Shipping your car from state to state happens more frequently than you imagine. Thanks to the benefits it offers for car movers, vehicle interstate shipping has become the greatest way of moving your car throughout the country. There are multiple auto-transport companies from which you can choose and ship your vehicle successfully and safely. 

With AmeriFreight, you just have to request your quote via website or phone call, and you’ll get immediate personalized service to ship your vehicle to your desired destination. We are pioneers in the auto-transport industry, and we are completely sure you’ll be glad to hire our services. Contact us today!

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