Open Auto Transport: The most common way to ship

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When it comes to car shipment, open auto transport is a fully-insured mode of transportation (in accordance with the legislation enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) that is quite inexpensive and gives good protection against any accidents that may occur to your vehicle during the transfer.

Why is it great to use?

It's fast
It's inexpensive
Awesome customer service (assuming you choose a good company)

How do I know which service is right for me?

Open, enclosed, and flatbed auto transporters are the three most common types of vehicle transporters on the road. For most vehicle shippers, open auto shipping options are the most prevalent, economical, and easiest to discover. They are ideal for persons shipping automobiles that will be driven often.

While there are other options for people who need them, open car transport is the typical technique of moving a vehicle, and it is the approach we consider traditional.

What is the Process of Open Auto Transport?

The following phases are involved in open auto shipment, which is arguably the most cost-effective method of shipping your vehicle:

  1. Your vehicle is picked up by a car-hauling trailer.  
  2. Your vehicle is loaded into the carrier trailer.
    • Chains tied around the wheelbase or strong leather straps are used to secure your automobile to the trailer's frame so that it remains stable and does not bounce about if the road becomes rough along the chosen route.
  3. We will supply you with the driver's contact information so that you may communicate with them directly. 
    • The customer service agent assigned to your order will be your primary point of contact in the event of an emergency. You may rest confident that they will offer your problems and/or inquiries their undivided attention.
  4. Your car is delivered to the designated place and you can pick it up.
    • If everything seems good, you sign the Bill of Lading. If your vehicle sustains damage during shipment, you can photograph and record it, then submit a claim against the auto hauler's insurance coverage to be reimbursed.

What are some of the factors relating to costs?

The rates for open car transport vary and are heavily influenced by a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • The total distance between the origin and the destination
  • Diesel fuel prices on a countrywide basis
  • The vehicle's specifications (size, make, weight, etc.)
  • The state of your vehicle
  • Changes in the route
  • The transport date
  • Optional features (i.e., top-load service, etc.)

Drawbacks of Open Auto Shipping

Due to the fact that it is an open car shipping option, your vehicle will be exposed to the weather. Furthermore, any road debris makes its way onto your vehicle, which means you can have a dirty automobile when it arrives. Requesting a top load will reduce the chance of flying road debris injuring your vehicle. You'll be able to load your automobile on the upper deck, which will shield it from other vehicle leaks.

What about enclosed carriers?

You ship your car in an enclosed trailer with enclosed auto transport. This means it is sheltered from flying road debris and the weather. Furthermore, when it comes to the maintenance of high-end automobiles, covered auto transport drivers are typically more experienced than open auto transport drivers. If you pick the so-called white glove transport option, you can expect the driver to focus solely on your vehicle and provide you with the greatest customer service possible throughout the journey, including frequent contact and single-car trailers.

Enclosed carriers are far more expensive than open carriers since they can't transport as many automobiles at once. Aside from that, the driver is far less likely to do vehicle checks while on the road. When it comes to enclosed trailers, you have fewer alternatives than with an open carrier. You may pick between one-car trailers, two-car trailers, or multi-car trailers (up to seven cars). You can, however, select the sort of trailer with which your vehicle will be carried (a hard-sided or soft-sided trailer).

Shipping time

An alternative transportation carrier's travel time is determined by a number of variables. The speed of transportation is also affected by the weather conditions. Open vehicle carriers, on the other hand, typically go 500 miles every day. This implies it will take them four days to carry your vehicle and complete a 2000-mile journey.

It is preferable to book your car shipping ahead of time (at least a week) rather than waiting until the end to save time on shipping. This provides you and the vehicle shipping provider time to plan everything so that delivery is quick and on schedule.

AmeriFreight is here to help you if you require our services. Just call our customer service team and we will be happy to assist you!

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