What is the Fastest Way to Ship My Car?

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The Fastest Way To Ship Your Vehicle

When shipping a vehicle, there is a wide range of options for you to choose from. You can either look for high budget alternatives, or cost-effective ones. Car auto transport is generally a fast process, however, there are quicker methods than others in terms of speed and delivery. If we consider all the options we have for transporting our vehicle to another destination, a cargo plane is undoubtedly the best one. Delivery dates take less time compared to other shipping methods, but in terms of costs, is it actually affordable? Well, let’s be honest, prices of car shipping by plane are extremely expensive! That’s why it isn’t an option for most people when they are trying to find the fastest way to ship a car. 

Since transport by plane is not considered for most car movers, open auto transport by truck is the best and fastest way to ship your vehicle. Thanks to great interstate highways across the country, trucks can carry up to ten vehicles in a carrier and transport them from state to state in a matter of days. There are many other reasons why open-auto transport is the fastest shipping method. Take a look at the main ones and keep this transport option at the top of your list when preparing your next vehicle shipment.

Reasons Why Open Auto Transport is the Fastest Option

As we’ve mentioned above, shipping your vehicle across the country via open carriers is the best vehicle transport method in terms of speed. Whether you’re moving out from a completely opposite location, or between bordering states, shipping your car with an auto transport company will fulfill your expectations. Why is it? Well, check out some of the amazing benefits of open auto transport. 


Compared to other shipping methods, costs of auto transport shipment are quite affordable in relation to delivery time or service. Most auto transport companies allow you to request a quote for free via phone call or website, so you can compare different prices and select the most affordable for you. That’s something most people prefer, because prices change constantly dependending on availability, vehicle’s features, distance, among others, and allow you to have a wide range of price options at the moment of choosing your auto transport company. 


A great advantage about shipping with open carriers is the high availability of trucks across the nation. Because the majority of vehicle shipment trucks are open, there are more chances that you will get to ship your vehicle from anywhere you want to your final destination, matching your desired delivery dates and time. This will allow you to have a better control of your vehicle’s pickup and arrival times.

Easy Pickup and Delivery

Did you know that with open auto transport you can request the option of door-to-door pickup? Yes! A lot of car movers prefer this option because they can experience the whole loading and unloading process while being home. You don’t have to worry about taking your car to a terminal or port, because with door-to-door pickup you’ll get the entire process done right at your doorstep. That’s also a very good option for those who want to ship their non-running vehicle, vintage or luxury one at a great price with successful service. 

The Actual Meaning of ‘Fast Shipping’

When talking about the fastest way to transport a vehicle, we talk about delivery dates and processes and how quickly they can be done. However, there are several factors that affect the speed of these processes, and consequently, your car’s arrival time. Since truck drivers can only travel 350 miles per day at highway designated speeds, there is no way the transporter can go at high speeds or travel more distance than allowed. Therefore, your vehicle’s delivery date is primarily affected by this. On the other hand, sometimes, the more you offer, the quicker you get a transport service. As you may know, shipping costs also vary depending on distance, current fuel costs, and driver availability. A driver will accept your offer quicker if you accept a higher amount. Therefore, if you want a faster transport service booking, then paying a bit more can help you out with it. 

Expedited Transport 

Another great option for a fast transport of your vehicle is requesting expedited transport. Some auto transport companies include this service on their list, and allows you to pick up your car within one or two days. Expedited shipping picks up your car quicker than standard transport, and takes around 24-48 hours to complete the service, while standard shipments take around 3-5 days. Delivering your car with expedited transport will cost more than standard prices, but will assure you to deliver your car faster. With expedited auto transport you will get:

  1. A close-to guaranteed pickup date and thus a…
  2. Faster delivery date at your destination

Ship Faster With AmeriFreight

If you’re looking for a fast shipping auto transport company that will ensure your vehicle’s safety along the journey, don’t think twice- AmeriFreight is the best option for you. With a team of qualified and experienced leaders, drivers and service agents, your car will remain in perfect condition from the moment you leave it for pickup until it arrives. Our prices are competitive throughout the market, and you can easily request a quote for free on our website or by calling us. You’ll get personalized service attendance as well as a successful delivery experience. Call us today! 

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