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The state of Louisiana is well known for its mixed culture, delicious food, authentic music like jazz, carnivals and the extraordinary city of New Orleans. People from all over the world travel to Louisiana to enjoy the numerous activities that the state has to offer, while others plan to relocate and begin a new life in this wonderful state. 

The Mardi Gras Festival, which takes place in the landmark city of New Orleans, is one of the most popular celebrations in the nation. Creole food, delicious BBQ, scenic views, and pure authentic jazz, are all found across the Louisiana area. And, if you believe in surrealistic episodes, you can get to know the world of Voodoo, and learn why the city is so enriched with the theme in its boutiques and streets. 

Taking a trip to Louisiana will turn out as one of the most cultural and remarkable experiences you will ever enjoy. Each city among the state has something unique to find, discover and try. From cruising across the Mississippi river on a wonderfully entertaining boat, to trying real beignets with some chocolate and caramel sauce, getting to visit Louisiana is the best idea for traveling and road tripping with family or friends. 

Shipping your car in Louisiana

Louisiana’s magic and culture makes numerous people visit the state each year. People moving also see The Pelican State, as one of the best places to live in due to its happy but relaxing vibe, great weather, and location. 

As such, shipping a car in Louisiana is highly demanded among the state and the country. Main cities like New Orleans, Lake Charles or Baton Rouge, tend to be the most popular for auto transport service requests from different Louisiana car shipping companies. 

There are several car shipping companies that ship vehicles across the state of New Orleans or the country. Top rated American auto transport companies like AmeriFreght, have years of experience in the auto shipping industry in Louisiana, offering cross country auto transport services from anywhere in Louisiana to the rest of the country. 

We have different services and options for our car movers, whether they are relocating to or from Louisiana, or simply planning a long-time stay in the Pelican State. Our successful and professional car shipping services make thousands of customers happy each year, allowing them to take their vehicle wherever they want. 

When planning a car transport service in Louisiana, most car movers frequently ask questions that will solve several main doubts in the process, especially for first-time car movers. Keep reading and discover some of them and the best ways to make your Louisiana auto shipping service and experience as successful as you want it to be. 

How does Louisiana Car Transport Work?

The process is pretty simple with most car shipping companies in Louisiana. At AmeriFreight, requesting your car shipping service works this way:

Request your free car shipping instant quote online

Get a better estimate of your shipping costs by providing some information about your vehicle’s features, pickup and delivery locations on our online free quote calculator. 

Schedule your shipment with our expert team

By the phone or online, you can request your auto transport service with one of our customer service agents. They will guide you through the whole auto shipping process with personalized customer service. 

We will pick up your car and get ready to begin the journey

Your car will be picked up at your desired destination in Louisiana or anywhere else across the country. You can choose among different vehicle shipping methods and options, including:
  • Door to door pickup and delivery.
  • Enclosed auto transport
  • Open auto transport
Prepare your vehicle and in the blink of an eye it will be loaded into a hauler and transported.

We will deliver your vehicle at your desired destination

Your car will be unloaded, checked in the inner and outside parts of it, and you will be asked to sign some documents. Right after that, your car will be ready for driving on new roads!

What are the most common routes for car transport in Louisiana?

There are numerous routes for car shipping in Louisiana, whether it's among the entire state or across the country. However, here are some of the most requested routes for car shipping in the state of Louisiana:

State/Surrounding Areas Routes:
  • New Orleans - Baton Rouge
  • New Orleans - Shreveport
  • New Orleans - Metairie 
  • New Orleans - Lafayette

Cross Country Routes:
  • Louisiana - Minnesota
  • Louisiana - Oregon
  • Louisiana - Massachusetts
  • Louisiana - Arizona
  • Washington - Louisiana
  • Oregon - Louisiana
  • Minnesota - Louisiana

What types of Transport Methods are Available for Louisiana Car Shipping?

AmeriFreight provides you with a variety of auto transport methods depending on your vehicle’s features. 

Door-to-Door transport: This method is the most popular one. Door to door transport consists of picking up and delivering your car straight to your door. You’ll just have to type or give your details to your shipping company and they will ensure you a successful vehicle delivery at your home or final destination. Most auto transport companies offer the service, and it's a great way to save time while being present at the pickup and delivery point.

Open auto transport: The standard auto shipping method and the most common among car movers. Your car is loaded into an open carrier, which is shared with around 8 more vehicles exposed to the outdoors. Therefore, prices are more affordable since you’ll be sharing space with other cars. 

Enclosed auto transport: Consists in carrying your vehicle in a completely enclosed and private hauler, protecting your car from natural elements. The cost to ship with enclosed shipping tends to be a bit more expensive compared to open transport, but it's the best alternative for vintage, new, or exotic vehicles since cars are not exposed to the outdoors. 

Where will my vehicle be picked up and delivered?

If you decide for door to door auto transport, you will be opting to receive your vehicle at your door. That is definitely the purpose of door to door shipping. However, some cities may have restrictions that prohibit large trucks from entering residential zones. 

That will deny the access of some car carriers at the customer’s desired location due to several reasons such as low trees, narrow stress, tight turns, among others. In that case, you’ll have to communicate with your driver so you can both meet at a nearby location where the loading or unloading process can be done successfully. 

What type of car carrier/truck will transport my car?

There are different types of trucks that deliver different types of vehicles as well. The size of the truck or carrier depends basically on the size of your car. It also is determined by the shipping method you choose for transporting your car from your location to your desired destination. 

The majority of the time, the truck is large enough to fit a vehicle. Whether your car shipping service is through open or enclosed auto transport, the car carrier will have the reasonable amount to fit any kind of vehicle you want to ship in surrounding areas or across the United States.

Who can ship with us in the state of Louisiana?

Anyone can ship with us as long as they are car owners, 18 years or older, and have a reliable pickup and delivery location for auto transport. These are some of our most popular AmeriFreight customers:

Are there any available discounts for car transport in Louisiana?

With AmeriFreight, we have several discounts for different types of groups and criteria. Discounts for car shipping to or from Louisiana vary among students, first time shippers, seniors, personnel from the military, or returning customers.

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