Door to Door Auto Transport

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Door to door shipping is a common method preferred by many customers that request auto-shipping services. Why is it? Well, this method is popular because it allows carriers and customers more control over their vehicle, as well as a quicker process. Simply by selecting a specific pick up location and drop off for your car, you´ll be able to transport and receive your vehicle wherever you want.

Take a look at the reasons why door-to-door auto transport is perfect for you:

Easy to request

Door-to-door auto transport allows you to request a quote, contact our agents and get your car from your current location to your final destination without making any other kind of move. Your car will be delivered at your door and the only thing you have to worry about is being home while it arrives.

Saves you time

Door-to-door auto transport is an amazing way of handling your own stuff while AmeriFreight delivers your vehicle to your desired destination. Whether you´re flying to the location, working, or doing related activities, you can choose our service to deliver your car in a quick way right where you are.

Truck ready to depart immediately

With door-to-door service, your car will get moving as soon as it is loaded on the truck. You won't have to wait for the truck to get fully loaded and wait several days, as occurs with terminal-to-terminal shipping. Instead, you´ll receive it faster and straight up at your door.

Relax and wait 

Sit back, chill and wait for your vehicle to be delivered at your door. AmeriFreight´s agents are professionally trained to assist you throughout the shipping process.

Not every location is a candidate for door to door

There are some locations that large carrier vehicles cannot reach. For example:

  • Gated apartments
  • Neighbourhoods with very tight streets
  • Roads with low, overhanging branches
  • Streets with extremely tight turning radiuses

In the event a carrier cannot get to your exact pickup or delivery location, they will meet you at a nearby location (such as a parking lot of a Home Depot or Walmart). They will often look on Google Street View to see how the area looks.

How to prepare your vehicle for door-to-door transport?

Take into consideration the following steps before shipping your car.

  • Check your battery, fluid levels and pressure. Any issues should be communicated to our agents before shipping.
  • Fill your gas tank up to ¼ of it. 
  • Remove any personal items inside your vehicle before the shipment. 
  • Fold in mirrors or any other accessories that might interfere with the loading process.
  • Disable the alarm or inform the company on how to turn it off.
  • Photograph your vehicle in case of any existing damage before transportation. 
  • If your car is convertible, don't forget to put the top up or request enclosed transportation if that isn't an option. 
  • Remove any toll devices before shipping. Otherwise you´ll be charged for a service you won't be actually using. 

Professional service with no worries

You can relax knowing that when you choose AmeriFreight, our specialists will manage every step of the auto shipping procedure in a professional and polite way. Without any trouble or worry from your part, our hassle-free auto transport service will bring your automobile directly to your home. Our commitment to professionalism isn't just a meaningless phrase. Here at AmeriFreight, it's the way we do things.

Best door-to-door transport service in town 

AmeriFreight is a major provider of door-to-door automobile transportation services across the country. You don't need to make any changes to your schedule. Our crew of experienced car carriers will come to your location and pick up and deliver your vehicle on time.

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