A Guide to Seasonal Auto Relocation

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Seasonal residences are more common than ever. Each year, more and more people move to states where season changes are not as extreme as in their hometown. They typically plan a long stay at home during warmer months, and move out during colder months. That’s a life hack, honestly, because escaping from cold winters or very hot summers during certain seasons of the year has turned very convenient for locals. 

Moving to a new home during the seasons takes more than just packing the luggage and scheduling dates. Since seasonal relocation is commonly a long period stay, moving your car with you is something you should consider. Most families that relocate during the seasons, prefer to ship their own vehicles, since driving them can take days, and renting a car will be expensive. Plus, a large group of seniors prefer to transport their vehicles with an auto shipping company and fly to their homes.

Snowbird Transport Season

Snowbirds are typically known as people who constantly travel south during the winter months. However, there are two distinct periods of time throughout the year that snowbirds tend to transport the most. 

The first season starts around Thanksgiving, a date in which people like to be with family or friends and spend the days with them during the national holidays. Also, it's the perfect time of the year to migrate to warmer climates before people start moving for Christmas festivities, new year celebrations, or returning students from colder regions.

The second wave of seasonal moving occurs at the end of the snowbird season, which is typically around March, April and May. Snowbirds return to their homes during these seasons, therefore there’s high demand for transportation services back north. 

Why Is Seasonal Auto Relocation the best option?

Imagine you live in Seattle and you're planning to relocate to Florida during the winter with your family or friends. The idea of driving from place to place is probably not on your mind, since distances are drastically far apart. As such, you decide for vehicle shipping instead of doing it yourself. 

This is a typical situation for many car movers that want to relocate. No matter how far or close the distance between points, shipping a car is always the best option. No driving risks, no prior full vehicle preparation for long journeys, no stops during the road, no days spent driving; your auto transport company has it all set. Just buy your plane ticket, sit back and relax. Your car will be right at your doorstep. You’ll avoid worrying about vehicle preparations, driving, and time spent. There are a lot of shipping companies out there with great transport options, systems, professional drivers and friendly customer service. 

How Much Is Car Shipping?

Well, that mainly depends on the company you choose. Prices are generally competitive, however you must consider a good and professional auto transport company to ship your car to ensure this. Specialized companies will offer you exceptional services, a wide range of transport methods to choose from, personalized customer service, great customer reviews and even discounts for different groups. 

Luckily, most professional auto transport companies allow you to request a quote for free on their websites as well, so you can compare rates and pinpoint the one that best suits you. Keep in mind that cheap doesn't mean better, since professionalism and experience in the industry are important factors as well. 

AmeriFreight has it all set for your seasonal car shipping, and will ensure your vehicle’s safety, a successful experience, and obviously great prices to have a car shipped. You can request a free quote on our website and check for different prices of shipping a car. We will provide you accurate and instant shipping quotes with no additional fees.

What Seasonal Transport Options Are Available?

There are different kinds of shipping methods available, which mainly depend on your needs, vehicle’s features and location. 

Choose between Expedited or Standard transport: If you’re in a hurry and need your vehicle to be delivered as soon as possible, then expedited shipping is the perfect option for you. With expedited shipping you’ll get your car picked up in a few days (mostly between 1-3), while with standard transport, your car will be shipped during standard times which are around a week or less. Expedited transport is generally more expensive than standard, but is totally worth it.

Choose between Open or Enclosed auto transportOpen transport is the most popular option for most seasonal car movers, because it's affordable and safe. Your vehicle will be shipped in open haulers, while sharing space with 8 more vehicles. This has generally more carrier availability, since there are more trucks with open haulers out there. Enclosed transport will ship your vehicle in fully covered haulers, protecting it from outdoor elements. It's a bit more expensive than open transport, but it's a safer way of shipping your car.


At AmeriFreight, we provide different types of discounts for all of our seasonal movers. We have military, first responders, medical personnel, students, senior discounts, and returning customers discounts. If you belong to any of these groups, you have the chance of shipping your car while paying less for an excellent service. Discounts will range from $25 to $50. 

We love our senior customers and we know how much they like to relocate during the seasons. That’s why we give a $25 discount to senior citizens who provide us a copy of their license. Also, we have a $50 discount for returning customers, so there’s no chance you won’t consider shipping your vehicle with us during relocation! Simply call us or request a quote on our website, one of our agents will be happy to assist you along the entire process. 

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