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Chicago Auto Transport: A Favorite Shipping Location

Chicago, The Windy City, as it is commonly called, is the third largest city in the nation, with a population of 3 million people. Located in the midwest, Chicago is traversed by rivers, holds outstanding restaurants, music, shopping, and bistros, as well as beautiful parks, art galleries, and history museums. If you’re considering it for your next trip or relocating there, don’t think twice and visit Chicago, you’ll be astonished by all the things it has to offer you. 

What are The Benefits of Chicago Car Shipping?

Shipping a car to or from Chicago has multiple benefits when it comes to safety, comfort, money and time. There are different reasons for this:

  • Saving money: Driving a vehicle cross-country is much more expensive than what most people imagine when they plan to do it. Vehicle maintenance before the journey, tolls, gas, hotels, food, among other things, are things that will eventually occur and that result in total costs at the end of the day. As such, shipping a vehicle becomes much more affordable than having to drive it, especially when it comes to long-distance transport. 
  • Save more time: Driving your own car can take more time than having it shipped, mainly due to stops along the way or unexpected delays. A vehicle that’s being shipped straight to or from Chicago, can take around a week or less depending on the shipping method and program. If you are shipping locally, probably driving it can take you less time during the journey, but will definitely make you spend more time for the rest of your preparations. 
  • Avoid risks or dangers: We all know that there are possible dangers or risks along the way when driving to or from Chicago. Crossing multiple states, fast-speed highways and high traffic areas may result in danger when it comes to controlling the vehicle’s speed, following the route, and any other unexpected delay or situation. You can save yourself from this by shipping your car with a professional auto transport company and have a stress-free journey and vehicle delivery. 
  • Keep your car safe: Shipping your car guarantees safety for your car, especially if you go for enclosed auto transport and door-to-door shipping. Your car will be protected without any kind of wear and tear or added mileage along the way in completely secure haulers and carriers.

What types of Transport Methods are Available for Chicago Car Shipping?

Most professional and experienced auto transport companies, such as AmeriFreight, provide you with a variety of auto transport methods depending on your vehicle’s features. 

Open and Enclosed Auto Transport

There are two types of carriers for vehicle transportation. Open auto transport is the standard auto shipping method and the most common among car movers. Your car is loaded into an open carrier, which is shared with around 8 more vehicles exposed to the outdoors. Therefore, prices are more affordable since you’ll be sharing space with other cars. 

Enclosed auto transport consists in carrying your vehicle in a completely enclosed and private hauler, protecting your car from natural elements. Enclosed shipping tends to be a bit more expensive compared to open, but it's a safer way of shipping your car. Most vintage, new, or exotic car owners prefer enclosed transport due to the safety it provides. 

Door-to-Door transport 

Door-to-door transport provides one of car mover’s favorite services: picking up and delivering your car straight to your door. You’ll just have to type or give your details to your shipping company and they will ensure you a successful vehicle delivery at your home or final destination. Most auto transport companies offer the service, and it's a great way to save time while being present at the pickup and delivery point. 

How to Know if My Shipping Company Ships to Chicago?

Most reliable and professional auto transport companies across the nation provide cross country shipping services that cover almost every region. 

In case you’re wondering if a company provides shipping to and from Chicago, simply call them or text them and they will solve the inquiry for you. Most reliable and experienced auto transport companies have efficient customer service agents.

AmeriFreight provides Chicago shipping with multiple transport methods so your vehicle transport is as effortless as you want it to be. We have thousands of happy Chicago customers that ship their vehicles across the nation whenever they need it.

Are Chicago Transport Costs High?

Transportation costs can be either high or low depending on several variables. Distance is the main factor that determines car shipping costs, since it's the base of the entire transportation process. If the distance is longer, costs go higher, and vice versa.

However, other factors are also key when it comes to calculating your total Chicago shipping cost, like shipping methods and type of vehicle. If the car has standard features, you can opt for standard carriers and haulers. Otherwise, you’ll be assigned to a specific type of truck depending on the kind and size of the vehicle. 

These are the main aspects and features that determine the final cost for your shipping. Remember they also vary depending on carrier availability, season, time, and weather conditions.

How Can I Ask For My Cost Before Hiring the Transport Service?

You can request a quote from your auto shipping company and get an estimated cost of what your shipping could be. They are mostly requested via phone call or through an online calculator on their website, depending on the channel they provide to you. 

AmeriFreight provides you a free quote on our website, with results depending on your vehicle’s and distance features. Simply provide your origin and destination state, and get a quick quote for your Chicago transport.

A Few Recommendations Before Shipping

  1. Request your quote.
  2. Read a few customer reviews and make sure they are up to date and positive.
  3. Select the most adequate transport method for your vehicle.
  4. Choose a reliable shipping company.
  5. Prepare your car with adequate maintenance before shipping and ensure everything is in good condition.
  6. Don’t leave belongings inside the vehicle during transit. 
  7. Take pictures in the inside and outside of your car prior to loading. 
  8. Read the company policies before signing. 
  9. Always get insurance verification for your car during the journey.

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