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Choose The Best Car Transport Company in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts, officially named as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is the most populous state in the New England region of the United States. Massachusetts is bordered by 3 well known states: Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York. 

Although the state is pretty small, its largest city, Boston, attracts numerous visitors each year. The city offers amazing opportunities for relocators, tourists and students, which makes it so fascinating and important. Many U.S. residents have moved to Massachusetts to begin a new life or grow a new home. 

That being said, Massachusetts is also one of the most in-demand states for auto shipping. People from all over the country request auto transport services to or from the state, depending on numerous reasons. As such, there are multiple car shipping companies in Boston and surrounding areas, offering different types of services for each auto shipping need. 

Frequent Reasons for Auto Shipping in Massachusetts

Requesting an auto transport service to or from The Bay State is the best alternative when it comes to moving your car. Whether you’re simply planning a long stay in Massachusetts or relocating to the state, shipping your vehicle with an auto carrier is the best alternative.

There are different reasons why car movers prefer hiring a car shipping service rather than driving their own vehicle to or from Massachusetts. Here’s a few of them:

Job changes: Massachusetts offers a wide range of job opportunities in the city of Boston. People who look for new job alternatives will put Boston at the top of their bucket list. 

Students: Many students prefer to ship their vehicle while they move to their new college dorm or home in Boston. Prestigious universities like Harvard University or MIT, both situated in Boston, are considered as some of the most top ranked universities in the world. 

Therefore, hundreds of students move to the state each year and a large part of them opt for Massachusetts auto transport services. 

Military Relocation: Members of the military have to frequently move from city to city. As such, hiring a car shipping company is the best way of taking it to Massachustes in a matter of days. 

Car Shows: Massachusetts is also home to different automotive events. Therefore, participants will prefer to move their vehicles by hiring transport services rather than driving due to safety and usage reasons.

Reliable Car Transport Services Near Me

If you’re considering shipping your vehicle in Massachusetts, there are certain things you need to know before requesting the service. 

Looking for professional and reliable auto transport companies in Massachusetts is the first step of the process, and the most important one. Choosing a car shipping company will eventually define the success of your service. 

There are hundreds of car transport companies that will offer you services to transport your car to or from Massachusetts. At AmeriFreight, we have hundreds of happy customers in Massachusetts that constantly ship their vehicles with us. Besides our excellent and reliable customer service, we ensure your car’s safety during the entire journey. We are a verified company with years of experience in the industry of auto transport and Massachusetts car shipping. 

How do I request a vehicle shipping service?

Most reliable auto transport companies will provide you with an easy process for requesting your auto transport service. At AmeriFreight, our personalized customer service and easy-navigation website will ask you to follow the next steps.

Schedule Your AmeriFreight Auto Transport Service This Way:

  1. Enter our company's website and request a free quote. 

  2. Contact one of our customer service agents for more information about the shipping service via phone call or website chat. 

  3. Request the service, schedule the dates, hours, cost of shipping, and select transport methods (door to door shipping, terminal to terminal shipping, enclosed auto transport, open auto transport).

  4. Prepare your vehicle for shipment, and wait for pickup at your requested location.

  5. Sign requested documents before loading and wait for delivery.

  6. Check your vehicle’s conditions after unloading, sign the rest of the documents and receive your car at your desired destination.

Why are shipping quotes important?

Car shipping quotes are a way of providing car movers an estimate of what their total cost to ship their vehicle will be. Most car transport companies in Massachusetts provide this service for free. They will help you schedule your shipment better, organize your finances and verify if the company is trustworthy and offers competitive rates.

At AmeriFreight, requesting the free car shipping quote is pretty simple and can be done this way:

  1. Go to AmeriFreight’s main website.

  2. Click on the “Get an Instant Quote” section and provide the details you’re being asked. (Origin State and Destination State). 

  3. Then, you’ll be asked to add other details about you, your vehicle, and locations in each city. 

  4. Right after that, you’ll get an estimate of the cost to ship your car to or from Massachusetts.

  5. You can also take a look at the table below in the site, which gives approximate costs of shipping between different cities.

Where are vehicles picked up and delivered by car transport companies?

If you decide for door to door auto transport, you will be opting to receive your vehicle at your door. That is definitely the purpose of door to door shipping. However, some cities may have restrictions that prohibit large trucks from entering residential zones. 

That will deny the access of some auto carriers at the customer’s desired location due to several reasons (low trees, narrow stress, tight turns, among others). In that case, you’ll have to contact your driver so you can both meet at a nearby location.

What transport methods are offered by car shipping companies?

There are several shipping options when it comes to transporting your car in Massachusetts. Take a look at the most popular ones among car movers in the United States:

Open Auto Transport: Your car will be loaded and transported in open carriers. Costs tend to be affordable with high carrier availability. Is the most popular option to transport your car between both locations. 

Enclosed Auto Transport: Your vehicle will be loaded and carried in enclosed haulers. This is mostly requested by car owners that need to ship their luxury vehicle, vintage car, collection automobile, or brand new vehicle. Costs tend to be higher compared to open transport, but it's the safest option to ship a car. 

Door to Door transport: Most car movers prefer this option, because the vehicle will be picked up right at your door and delivered there as well. You don’t even have to move your car to a specific location, since your carrier will load the vehicle directly at your home or parking spot.

Ship With AmeriFreight

We are considered as one of the top auto shipping companies in the United States, where thousands of happy and returning customers have transported their vehicle in Massachusetts. 

Request a quote today! Call us or visit our website, we are more than happy to ship your vehicle in Boston and surrounding areas.

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