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Delivering your car from a dealership is totally possible, and way more common and convenient than you can imagine. Buying a new vehicle takes time, money, and effort before, during and after the process of purchasing it. That’s why selecting a reliable dealership or seller in the United States is crucial when opting for a new car, since the buying experience, car buying options and price, are key elements that will give you peace of mind when getting your car. 

However, there are numerous customers that would like to transport their new vehicle from the dealership to another location across the country. Driving it is not much of an option, since it will take a lot of time, money, and will add wear and tear to your car before arriving at its new home location. 

As such, car transport has turned into the best delivery option and ally when planning to buy a vehicle from a dealership, since it's a quick, affordable, and friendly process between the car owner and the auto transport company. 

Is the delivery option included at dealerships?

Most dealerships offer this as an additional service for purchased vehicles, which facilitates buyers interested in the process. Usually, costs for car transport are small when the service is offered by the dealership as well, and even sometimes the dealership might offer you a free home delivery service of your vehicle. 

How does car delivery from a dealership work?

Car delivery from a dealership is pretty simple. Take into account that your dealership should be reliable and officially accredited and within state laws in order to schedule this procedure and get a successful car buying experience and home delivery service. 

  1. The salesperson and vehicle assistant will arrive and bring some documents for signing, while driving your new vehicle. 
  2. As soon as the salesperson arrives to you, you should verify the following information:
    1. Car make
    2. Car model
    3. Car year
    4. Agree-upon equipment
    5. Should be in new condition
    6. Less than 100 miles on the odometer
  3. When your checklist is completed and successful, test drive your car first before signing the final official documents for delivery. Your car should be running in perfect condition and free of any unexpected defects along the road.
  4. That said, you'll be ready to sign the final documentation and receive your vehicle officially. 

How long will my vehicle take to be home delivered?

Delivery timing typically depends on many aspects. Most drivers and car transport companies will take between two days and a week to deliver your vehicle home. Main factors such as distance from point of origin to destination, routes, season, weather and road conditions will determine the time that the company will take to get your car delivered. 

Vehicle shipping is an excellent alternative for vehicle buyers in car dealerships, since it will guarantee you a successful delivery experience, considerable delivery timing, and the safety of your vehicle. However, this will only be ensured by a professional, experienced and top rated auto transport company. 

How do I request a service from an auto transport company?

The process is pretty easy for most car shipping companies. At AmeriFreight, we have years of experience shipping vehicles from dealerships through an easy, friendly process that works this way:

Step 1 - Schedule a car shipping service. 

At AmeriFreight, we provide you the free quote before hiring a service, allowing you to know the estimated delivery fee for the shipping. Right after that, one of our agents will help walk you through all to expect, and assist in finding a car transporter or carrier, scheduling it, and preparing the following steps of the process. 

Step 2 - Wait for your vehicle to be picked up. 

Either by open, enclosed, or door-to-door, you will be notified to prepare your vehicle for transport. The truck driver will arrive at your location, and will load your vehicle into a hauler. You’ll be required to sign some documentation, and your vehicle will be all set to begin its journey. 

Step 3 - Receive your vehicle at your specified location. 

Your car will be unloaded from the carrier and inspected fully. You will be required to sign the final documents and that’s it. Now you’re ready to drive your vehicle on scenic roads.

Why is home delivery the best option for car purchase?

Home delivery, often called door to door transport by most auto transport companies like AmeriFrieght, is a great alternative to ship your vehicle straight to your door due to many reasons. Having the chance to receive your new vehicle at home is priceless, since you’ll be skipping a tedious terminal pickup process that typically takes a lot of time. Also, you’ll be able to see the entire unloading process and vehicle check prior to signing the final documents. 

Besides that, your vehicle won’t be getting any additional mileage, since the entire shipping process prevents it from getting extra miles from the dealership to your home. 

And last but not least, unloading your vehicle at home tends to be easier than doing it at a terminal. That will prevent your car from getting any possible scratch or dent that will eventually add you maintenance fees. 

Car delivery from a car dealership with AmeriFreight

Please contact one of our agents by phone or through our online chat on our website. We will give all the information you need in order to make your buying experience from your car dealership successful!

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