Tips to Find the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car

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We understand how vital it is for you to be able to transport your vehicle to new places, because driving with confidence and comfort in your own vehicle is priceless. Moving your car to a different destination is the main factor you should consider, in case you are not willing to drive long distances or you are too busy to move your car by yourself. Well, there is a wide variety of auto transport companies that are available for you if you want to ship your vehicle in an easy, quick fashion. But you also may consider the price you have to pay for the service, which might become high if you do the process the wrong way. Here are some main tips for moving your car wherever you want with a great auto transport company and service, such as AmeriFreight.

First: Request various quotes 

Finding multiple quotes from different companies is a key step during this process because it will help you compare prices and find the cheapest one. But wait: Cheap is not necessarily better. This means that prices shouldn't be the only factor affecting your decision. You have to consider how long the company has been working with auto transport processes, customer reviews, and reliability. After that, you can decide for an estimated quote and company. 

Second: Be flexible with time and locations during and at the destination

Most of the time, you’ll have to pay more if your locations for pickup and delivery are in outlying places difficult to access or away from main cities. If you want a cheaper rate, you must consider the possibility of requesting your services in areas where most of the carriers are located and route accesses are close to the interstate. 

Third: Use Open Auto Transport 

There are two main types of auto transport for your vehicle: Open or enclosed. For this case, if you really want a cheaper price on your vehicle shipping, you must consider open auto transport. This is because transport drivers can carry around 10 cars in one truck, and are able to move almost any kind of vehicle. Also, there is more frequent car-hauler availability compared to enclosed auto transport. However, prices can vary depending on the type of vehicle, size, or pickup and delivery locations. Consider enclosed auto transport for new cars, vintage cars or any other kind of rare or valuable vehicle. It tends to be a bit more expensive and less frequent than open transport carriers though.

Car Type vs. Cost

Now, let's see how prices relate to car type in shipping processes. Weight for example, is one factor that affects costs directly. Size is another factor as well, due to the amount of space the vehicle will take on the trailer, increasing the transport cost. Therefore, you can see how a small sedan will always cost less than a pickup truck.

Why Door to Door Transport?

The car is picked up at your address provided, and delivered wherever you want. Door to door transport and open auto transport provides you excellent costs, as well as great service and safety for your car. 

Benefits of Open Auto Transport 

There is a wide range of benefits for using open auto transport to ship your car across town or across the country:

Frequent availability - You can find open carriers everywhere. They are working 24/7, moving your vehicle from one place to another in a quick and safe way. There are nearly 18,000 open carriers around the nation, and because of this, there is no chance you won't find a carrier available for you from most major cities.

Competitive and cheap prices - As we said, the most common available shipping methods are open carriers, that is why prices tend to be lower than other types of carriers.  

Door to Door shipping - These types of carriers adapt easily to different types of highways or streets, a reason why they can park in different types of locations and secure a successful door to door shipping. You can even receive your vehicle at home, as long as the car shipping trailer can fit and unload on your street.

Final Recommendations

Guarantee that your car mover is a federally licensed car shipping company in the U.S. The US Department of Transportation requires a Federal license and that all auto transport companies show their Motor Carrier number on their website. This provides you security when selecting a vehicle shipping company. 

Make sure you're provided with damage-free guarantee. Damage during your vehicle's transportation is not that common, but can happen  sometimes. AmeriFreight provides you damage-coverage supplementary warranty in case of a sudden accident, at minimal cost. Check out the incidents we cover on our website!

Last but not least, verify that your shipping company offers special discounts. Some auto transport companies give special offers to their customers. AmeriFreight is one of the main leaders on this, giving out great prices for military, medical personnel, students, seniors, among many others. 

AmeriFreight offers your excellent service while giving you the best competitive prices out there. Don't hesitate to give us a call or request a quote on our website and we will be happy to help you. You will be glad to know that we are the leaders on auto transportation and thousands of customers' favorite. 

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