Transporting a Pickup Truck

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On a door-to-door route, an open vehicle carrier is typically the best method for transporting an automobile. However, when hauling a pickup truck, there are a number of variables one must take into consideration that may not be relevant when moving a sedan or coupe.

If your pickup is oversized, lifted, or otherwise modified, you may need to find another way to get the vehicle to your destination. We suggest consulting with one of our customer service agents about any modifications to your pick-up truck, as each one is unique.

Transporting a Pickup Truck - What's the Best Way to Go?

The best method of transporting a pickup truck will depend on a variety of factors, including how old it is, its size, etc. 

While mainly farmers and other agricultural workers used pickup trucks in the past, in today's world, they can be seen everywhere and driven by a wide range of people, including those who simply enjoy their look. 

As a result of their high versatility, pickup trucks are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate a wide range of cargo, which can make the process of transporting a pickup truck a bit more complicated than shipping a standard car.

We can still help you move it, though. You can rely on AmeriFreight for all of your vehicle shipping needs. It is important to understand the process your pickup truck will go through from start to finish, so read on to find out everything you need to know.

The ideal method of shipping a pickup truck is strongly influenced by its size.

When it comes to the size of a car, it doesn't matter whether it's a small or full sized sedan. Regardless of the size of a vehicle, we know it will not exceed the dimension and weight limits. A pickup truck has all of these dimensions to consider. In addition, the cost of transporting a large truck is typically higher.

The right approach to shipping a pickup truck is highly dependent on the contents of the shipment. A typical auto carrier can easily accommodate some small pickup trucks. Having the make and model, as well as the year of your vehicle should suffice for you to know its dimensions. 

What should I do If my pickup truck is too large to fit on a traditional car carrier? 

You may have to transport an extremely large vehicle by flatbed truck if it doesn't fit onto a standard car carrier. Rare and difficult to come by, these trucks command a higher asking price. Flatbed haulers are typically required for custom-built work trucks, such as pickups that have been specifically designed for a specific purpose. More often than not, the trucks you can buy from a dealership will fit on a traditional car carrier. 

It's for this reason that dimensions are crucial. Carriers are capable of transporting a wide range of pickup trucks. Extra large pickup truck transports  are possible, but often require the use of flatbeds. If your truck isn't standard, please let us know so we can provide you with the most competitive auto transport rates.

If you're looking for a flatbed trailer for your pick-up truck, you're unlikely to find one that won't fit your vehicle. Contact us, so we can provide you with a quote today. 

Transport your pickup truck with AmeriFreight

Talking with one of our customer service representatives is the perfect way to get the shipping process of your pick up truck started. Remember, you will need to provide the dimensions of your truck  no matter how big or small it is, because you never know when you'll need to give it to your shipper, and having too much information on hand is preferable to not having any information to give at all!

More information regarding your pickup truck will help your customer service representative provide an accurate quote for your shipment and find the best auto hauler for your specific requirements. Fill out our rate calculator to get a free quote to ship a pickup truck right now. Our customer service agents are ready to speak to you about transporting your pickup truck at (770) 486-1010. 

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