Shipping a car from Seattle to Hawaii and back

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Home of the tech industry, with Microsoft and Amazon around its metropolitan area, Seattle is Washington State's largest city. Located in the Pacific Northwest, this incredible city is surrounded by mountains, evergreen forests, parklands and water. Is a must when visiting the state of Washington, as well as the futuristic Space Needle, its most iconic city landmark.

Hawaii, on the other hand, is a state of the United States in the Pacific Ocean, almost 2,000 miles away from the country´s mainland. Known as the only state outside of North America, the Island of Hawaii is famous for its nature, beaches, volcanoes and multiple adventures that are perfect for spending vacations or even relocating.

Taking a flight from Seattle to Honolulu, Hawaii's state capital, takes approximately 6 hours. The island is located around 2677 miles away from the city, crossing the pacific ocean from each of both locations. 

Driving in Hawaii is very simple due to the good condition of the highways, which means traveling across the island by car is accessible as well. Sounds great, doesn´t it? Even greater if you have the possibility to drive your own car across both amazing states.

Shipping your car

There are few alternatives to take your car with you. You're probably trying to decide between buying a new car at your new destination (and selling your own before you travel), or transporting it with an auto transport company. Both of them are good options, but in terms of quickness, price and time, shipping your car might be the best choice. 

Now, let's see how the shipping process works

Well, the shipping process is pretty easy. There are only 2 tasks you have to get ready in order to make your experience successful.

  • Choose a trusted and professional auto-transport company.
    • Look for quotes, customer reviews and experience of different car shipping companies processes, and select the one you consider suitable for your needs.
  • Get your car ready.
    • Removing personal items, washing it inside and outside, checking for any possible leaks and scratches, are things you must do before shipment. 

Let's get to know a more detailed guide of the process

Quote request: 

The procedure for moving your automobile from Seattle to Hawaii or vice versa, begins by selecting an auto-transport company and getting an approximate price of what the shipping would cost. Try looking for different experienced companies throughout the internet, and after that, proceed to request the service. AmeriFreight offers you a great service and a qualified team for your shipping. Through our website or via phone call, you may receive an approximate pricing quotation and book your service afterwards. 

Get your car ready:

You'll need to prepare your car for shipping. As we mentioned above, that means a good working order, no cracks on windows or scratches, no personal items, clean car inside and out, and the gas tank filled up to ¼.  

Car's pick up 

Delivering your car to the port is the next step. After that, your car will be quickly inspected and loaded on the carriage. Here begins the journey, which is totally in the hands of the auto-transport company while you can relax and fly to your destination.


You will be alerted when your car reaches its ultimate location and will be available for pick up. Before signing the bill of lading, be sure there are no fresh scratches on your automobile. After that, you're all set to drive Hawaiian or Washington roads!

Open or enclosed auto-transport 

There are two types of transport available for you when shipping your vehicle from Seattle to Hawaii and back. 

  1. Open auto-transport: Which is the most common option, and consists of moving your car in open carriers to the port. Tends to be priced lower and faster as well, but not always.
  2. Enclosed auto-transport: For more delicate vehicles, extra protection is available with enclosed carriers that cover the car completely from pickup to delivery. 

Port to Port

For shipping from Seattle to Hawaii or vice versa, the Port of Tacoma is going to be the pick up or arrival location in Seattle. The approximate time travel from Seattle's center to the port of Tacoma is 40 minutes, although some companies, like AmeriFreight, can pick up your vehicle and take it straight to the port.

Delivery dates

The delivery date from Seattle to Hawaii and Hawaii to Seattle depends on many factors, such as weather conditions, transit time, and barge/container ship availability. As soon as your vehicle is dispatched, you will receive an estimated arrival date.

Fly from Seattle 

Seattle is around 2,665 miles from the island of Hawaii. The closest Hawaiian island to Seattle, is Kauai, which is around 2,700 miles away. Flying from Seattle to Hawaii is a full over-water journey, a main reason why traveling to Hawaii cannot be done through terrestrial transport. 

All shipping, auto transport services, and anything that requires to travel from Seattle to Hawaii and back, has to be done by plane or ship.

There are multiple ways of flying from Seattle to Hawaii and back. Great airlines and service are available for travelers 24/7 to make your Hawaii experience real and successful. Flights from Seattle to Hawaii are treated like any other domestic flight. Time change from Seattle to Hawaii is 3 hours ahead, and there’s no need for a passport if you’re a U.S resident or citizen. 

Several airlines will fly you from Seattle to Hawaii’s major cities. Here are two of the most popular and favorite by island travelers that fly nonstop:

Alaska Airlines

A major American airline headquartered in the Seattle Metropolitan Area, known as the sixth largest airline in North America. Alaska Airlines will take you to Hawaii in five and a half hours nonstop. The airline operates in the Hawaiian cities of Honolulu, Kahului, Kauai, Kauai-Kona.

American Airlines

American Airlines is another favorite airline by U.S residents and visitors. The Airline, headquartered in Texas, is the world’s largest airline. American Airlines flies from Seattle to Hawaii’s major cities fully nonstop as well.

AmeriFreight transports thousands of automobiles each year, and we understand how essential your vehicle is to you. As a result, our shipping professionals make sure that it gets all of the extra care it needs in order to arrive at its designated area. We've stood at automobile owners' sides for years, making sure their transportation requirements are met.

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