Things you should know when shipping a car to Hawaii

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What To Know When Shipping a Car to Hawaii

Hawaii is an amazing destination for both tourists and residents. The fact that the wonderful nature, volcanoes, beaches and amazing adventures are all available across the islands, make Hawaii a unique and attractive destination for thousands of people. 

Since it's a U.S state, traveling to Hawaii is not much different from taking a plane to any other city in the nation for U.S citizens and residents. Also, relocating there is exactly the same as moving to another state, yet, a large distance between the island and mainland is the only thing that differentiates it.

Hawaii is located almost 2,000 miles away from the nation’s mainland, crossing the Pacific Ocean. That said, the only way of traveling to Hawaii is by plane or by ship, since there are no highways or terrestrial routes available to get to the island. 

As such, everything that is shipped to Hawaii, is transported by air or water transport systems. And, since Hawaii is so incredibly surrounded by spectacular landscapes, oceans, mini islands, cities, outdoor adventures, and more, driving a car to get to each key spot is highly recommended in case you’re planning to relocate or stay for a long period of time on the island. 

Hawaii Car Shipping 

Hawaii car transport is pretty simple, yet, it requires some main things to keep in mind before requesting a service with an auto shipping company. The fact that distances are pretty large among the country’s mainland and Hawaii, hiring a professional auto transport company is crucial. 

Trusting a professional Hawaii car transport company will ensure your vehicle’s safety along the entire journey. Let’s take a look at some tips to make your Hawaiian car transport an amazing experience. 

Selecting Your Hawaii Auto Transport Service 

The first step for shipping your car to Hawaii is selecting a reliable car shipping company that will ensure you a successful transport of your vehicle from city to city. You should verify the following aspects for each auto transport company:

  • Read customer reviews on the company’s website or reliable customer review website for numerous car shipping companies.

  • Check that the company is verified by the FMCSA. That should be shown at the bottom or information section of the company.

  • The company allows you to request your free quote before hiring the shipping service.

  • Customer service responds quickly, is nice to its customers and has different channels such as phone calls or chat through the website.

At AmeriFreight, we ship thousands of vehicles successfully to or from Hawaii yearly. Our customers choose us for our reliable services, excellent vehicle conditions upon delivery, amazing customer service, free quote calculator, and competitive prices. 

What is the cost to ship a car to Hawaii?

Transportation costs can be either high or low depending on several variables. Distance is the main factor that determines costs to ship, since it's the base of the entire transportation process. If the distance is longer, costs go higher, and vice versa.

However, other factors are also key when it comes to calculating your total car shipping rates, like shipping methods and type of vehicle. If the car has standard features, you can opt for standard carriers and haulers. Otherwise, you’ll be assigned to a specific type of truck depending on the kind and size of the vehicle. 

Should I schedule my auto shipping to Hawaii in advance?

Scheduling in advance is highly recommended when it comes to Hawaiian car transport, since distances are vast and shipping has to be done over the ocean. You can also opt for air services, however, shipping your vehicle in an airplane is definitely more expensive. 

Try to schedule your shipment to Hawaii 3 or more weeks in advance so your car transport to Hawaii ends successfully.

You’re not allowed to keep personal items in your car while shipping it to Hawaii

Why is that? Well, your car transport company responds to any damage generated to your vehicle during the journey. However, that only occurs if you buy full insurance cover for your vehicle during transportation. The thing is that your personal items inside your car won’t be protected, and although the risk of getting them damaged are not high, that is a possibility for all car movers.

What is the closest place to transport my car to Hawaii?

California is the nearest state to Hawaii. San Francisco is known as the nearest spot to Hawaii for traveling or for shipping to Hawaii from the mainland area of the country. However, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and the west coast of the state, are also great nearby areas for Hawaiian car transport. 

Is returning to the mainland the same way as shipping my car to Hawaii?

The process is somewhat the same, however, you must consider getting some documents and material ready in order to ship your car back to the country’s mainland. 

Remember to bring:

  • A government-issued picture ID 

  • A copy of your car’s title and current registration 

  • Your AmeriFreight order confirmation and booking number 

  • A letter on official letterhead from any title or holder authorizing the shipment 

  • Notarized proof of power of attorney from any second owner listed on the title 

With that all set, it is time to ship your vehicle to Hawaii!

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