Getting Instant Car Shipping Quotes

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Besides getting your vehicle moved for you, the best part of shipping a car is being able to know the estimated price before hiring the service. Requesting free quotes is very helpful for car movers like you, since they can easily calculate the shipping cost and plan their shipment in a much easier way. 

Getting A Car Shipping Quote 

Shipping a vehicle with AmeriFreight is much more than just requesting a professional freight service. Having the chance to obtain an estimated quote in a matter of minutes, learning about the process, plus getting competitive prices are some of the reasons why car movers prefer us. 

With absolutely no obligation to book a freight shipping service with us, you have the option to plan, organize, compare and schedule your next auto transport movement. We ship vehicles across the country, at any distance, time, or type of car. You can ship a car to any place you want. Whether it's from Miami to Los Angeles, or from Chicago to New York, we are here to ensure you a safe and quick delivery. 

How to Request a Auto Freight Quote 

Having to ship a vehicle can be somewhat stressful, exhausting or even a bit expensive. Whether you are planning to relocate from one state to another, purchase a new vehicle, or even sell your old car, requesting a free quote with us will absolutely help you organize your finances and shipment. 

In order to get the most exact shipping quote, you should provide the following details to us:

  1. Car pickup and delivery locations (Zip code, city, state)
  2. Carrier type (open or enclosed)
  3. Vehicle make, model and year
  4. Vehicle type and running condition
  5. Your personal details (Name, e-mail, phone number, and vehicle’s available date)

Factors Used to Determine Shipping Cost

Certain features of your vehicle, locations and transport method are considered as the main factors that increase or decrease your shipping cost.

  • Distance - Longer distances can lead to a higher shipping cost, however this is only determined by calculating the rest of the variables. 
  • Size of the Vehicle - The bigger the vehicle, the higher the price, since more weight and space is needed to move it. Some examples: SUV, Large SUV, Full-Size Truck, Dually Truck.
  • Vehicle Conditions - We also ship non-running vehicles. That will increase the final cost depending on the equipment required:
    • Steers, rolls, and brakes.
    • Forklift or winch.
  • Transport Method - Depending on your needs or type of vehicle, our freight services also include different transport methods such as: Open auto transport, enclosed auto transport, expedited shipping, door to door shipping.
  • Time of the Year - Season, weather and road conditions are factors that will eventually affect the shipping cost. Summer increases more auto shipping rates due to carrier demand, while spring and fall are the most affordable seasons to request a freight shipping service.
  • Insurance - Getting your vehicle’s insurance is a key step in the process, since it will protect you  from any unexpected damage. Remember to get full coverage to avoid having to pay extra fees.

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