Top 7 Sites to Buy and Sell Cars

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In this article, we'll go over the top seven websites for buying and selling used automobiles, and then we'll speak about how sellers and buyers who are thousands of miles apart may come together to accomplish these deals.

You may have come across this post because you have a car to sell and are unsure of where to take it to sell it in. Because there are so many websites where you may post a car for sale these days, determining which is the best used car website can be a difficult task. This list includes some of our top used car websites for sellers.

Auto Tempest

AutoTempest is popular with buyers since it aggregates listings from several websites, such as CarSoup, eBay Motors, and CarsDirect, giving them a large selection of vehicles to pick from when purchasing. The option to sell your car will be visible when you are on AutoTempest, but when you click on it, you will be redirected to their partner site,, which is not affiliated with them. While this may appear strange, rest assured that it is not the case. Creating a listing for your vehicle on or one of the other websites listed on the AutoTempest homepage results in your vehicle being offered for sale on AutoTempest as well.


Buyers who want to be able to view listings from all over the United States but do not want to deal with the hassle of setting up car transport might consider Carvana, which provides delivery. Buyers have the option of picking up their automobiles from one of the company's car vending machines, which is a fantastic feature. Carvana, which, like many of the sites listed above, buys automobiles and trucks, is also popular among sellers. If you sell your vehicle to Carvana, the process is quick and simple, and they'll even come to your location with a truck to hand over the check and haul your vehicle away.


CarMax is another another website that will make you a genuine, written offer for your vehicle when you list it on their website. In order to actually complete a transaction with CarMax, you will need to visit one of their locations for an in-person appraisal of your vehicle. As is the case with practically all car-buying websites, you will almost certainly receive less money for your vehicle than you would if you sold it to an individual. You will, however, walk away from CarMax with a check in hand, and they will handle all of the appropriate paperwork on your behalf.

eBay Motors

In the past, the thought of purchasing a car on eBay might have seemed a little out of the ordinary, but nowadays it happens all the time. Using eBay Motors to sell your car could be a wonderful alternative for you if you're already familiar with the way eBay operates and/or if you want to sell your car locally (which some people prefer to do so that they don't have to help a faraway buyer plan automobile transportation).

The process of creating listings is straightforward. In addition, local ads are completely free, whereas nationwide listings cost only $60-$125. According to eBay, the vast majority of automobiles and trucks sell quite rapidly. Are there any disadvantages to selling on eBay? The most significant disadvantage is that bids are non-binding, which means that a buyer can withdraw their bid at any moment throughout the bidding process for any reason.


The advanced search features on AutoTrader appeal to buyers since they make it simple to locate very specific models and options packages. It is a plus for sellers as certain packages include a money-back guarantee (if there is no sale, there is no fee) and that listings are published on Kelley Blue Book. Selling to a dealership for a faster sale is also a possibility, as is receiving an instant cash offer through the website. For those who value expediency over top dollar, AutoTrader is one of the websites that make it simple to sell a car quickly and for a reasonable price.

Facebook Marketplace

In order to sell locally, Facebook Marketplace is a fantastic place to start because, let's face it, everyone is on Facebook and a large number of people look at the Marketplace posts posted there. Having a Facebook account is the only need for generating a vehicle listing, so if you already have one, you're already half way to getting your vehicle listed. The most significant advantages of using Facebook Marketplace to sell a car are that the listings are free, and you can check out potential purchasers' Facebook accounts to see whether they're legitimate before selling to them.

Because they distribute their listings so widely, and because they have such a large inventory, this site is still the gold standard for automobile sales. When you sell a car on, regardless of whether you choose the free listing option or one of the paid alternatives, your listing may be syndicated on their other properties (,, and, as well as on the websites of affiliates, if applicable. They also provide sellers with the option of making quick sales to dealers, which is beneficial if you need to sell your vehicle quickly.

Why do some people want to sell their cars to dealers sooner rather than later, even though doing so usually means selling for less money? While the site's large inventory is a clear advantage for buyers, it can be a disadvantage for sellers due to the site's large number of listings. If you don't have outstanding images of your vehicle or if you're selling a model that is in high demand, it may be difficult to distinguish your ad from the competition.

Auto Shipping After an Online Sale

While long-distance car purchases are more popular than ever, many people choose to sell their used cars locally to avoid the inconvenience of finalizing a sale with an out-of-town buyer and then scheduling car transport. However, the reality is that transporting your old car to its new home is quite simple. Additionally, AmeriFreight can assist. We have over 15 years of expertise in the auto shipping industry and understand how to transport your old car safely and efficiently to its new home.

If you're unsure whether to advertise your used car listing to private buyers outside your state, keep in mind that the vast majority of deals will include automobile shipping. You must be present when the vehicle is inspected and picked up, but that is the extent of your liability.

For sellers, it's much easier to sell to a dealer, as you can see from our list of the best used vehicle websites. Your car will be picked up by one of their own carriers or one of the companies they've contracted with, and you won't have to do anything other than hand over the keys.

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