The Best Websites to Sell Your Car

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Trying to sell your car online? Well, there are thousands of websites out there that provide this service, but not all of them are popular in the market, trusted or easy to use. Fortunately, we give you a list of the best websites to sell your car easily and quickly. Check them out! Quick offers

The site works mainly with people who want to sell their cars, but also is perfect for dealers. This online platform allows connection between sellers and buyers. For example, if you want to sell your car but don't want to be too much involved in the process because of time or any other reason, you can sell it to a dealer with the Quick Offer feature. This will work for selling your vehicle quickly, and you'll get up to four offers online. After that, just select the one you're interested in and you’ll get a ticket to take your car to the dealer. 

However, one disadvantage is that the large inventory on the website means there is more competition, making it more difficult to make your car stand out. Unless you're selling a popular model, you might find it hard to receive some recognition. 

Craigslist: Like a classifieds online platform

This site is perfect for local selling, and works like a newspaper's classifieds. It's also a safety platform that considers and warns you of any potential scams, and encourages you to meet your potential buyers, ask for companions, and notify friends or family about the project. 

Facebook Marketplace: Newest places to sell your car

As long as you have a Facebook account, you are ready to sell your car for free. That is also one of Facebook Marketplace’s biggest advantages. You have the chance to vet someone even before they check your car, and you are able to check your buyer's profile and chat with them by messenger, turning it into a great and close way of making a deal.

CarGurus: Seller tools as its main feature

This online platform has more than five million listings. The entire shopping process is supported completely by the site, helping to walk through transactions, receive payments and create the bill of sale. 

Every transaction process in CarGurus is completely secured and protected over frauds up to $75,000. But, in case you want cash straight from the buyer, check or other payment method, you can do it as well. For listing a car, you only need to pay a fee of $4.95 for 1 month and extend it for free in case your car doesn't sell during that time. 

True Car: Want to see what other people have paid?

True Car is awesome in case you are very interested in knowing retail prices and what other buyers have been paying. You are able to see the most recent transactions of your car’s model, so you get more familiar with the cost you are going to be offering and potentially sell your car faster. 

Bring-A-Trailer: Perfect for classic cars 

This platform allows you to sell your rare or classic car for high prices because people actually use the site for this singular objective. You have to pay a starting fee of $99 if you sell your car, and it’s auction based. 

eBay Motors: Multiple selling

Have you heard about eBay? The global online marketplace? Well, eBay Motors is part of it, meaning it's totally trusted and includes not only new and used vehicles but also motorcycles, boats and recreational vehicles. 

You can sell in two different ways: Auction or fixed-price listing. Auction is kind of a free way of pricing and even getting more than expected, while with fixed-price listing, allows you to set the price. 

A survey of car buyers, found that people using eBay Motors, have a higher intent of purchase compared to other car selling sites.

Carvana: Trading expert

As an online used-car platform, Carvana provides offers and trade-ins so you can sell your car quickly. A simple documentation verification is needed and your car is offered for sale in a few minutes. 

Carvana has different vending machines so you can drop-off your car or even have it picked up at your desired location in case you are buying. It's a quick way to sell your car in case you need to. 

Vroom: Car delivering to all states

Vroom is also an easy sell or trade platform. Here, you can sell any car, no matter if it fits the resale online standard, and is perfect for your vintage car, high mileage or one not in very good condition. You only have to submit information about your car and you'll get a quote in 30 minutes or less. If you accept their offer, they'll come to your house to pick up your car and transfer the money directly into your bank account.

Ready to sell?

As long as you have chosen the adequate website for your needs, you are ready to list and sell your car. However, you should get everything ready so that nothing surprises you during or after the selling process. But, what does that actually mean? Well, check the following tips to get everything ready before posting and selling your car.

  1. Car info ready - Collect all the important information of your vehicle, like model, year, mileage, and VIN.
  2. Get your paperwork - All kinds of records of your vehicle such as registration, title and maintenance are crucial when selling. Keep them ready.
  3. Car conditions - By this, we mean to clean your car and keep it in a good state before you take any photos for uploading and posting for sale. If there is any kind of dirt or any other visible imperfection related to cleanliness, the vehicle's value will probably get lower. 
  4. Price it correctly - Try to price your car a little above what you really want to get for it in case you are willing to negotiate. Ask for a reasonable amount and compare with other similar vehicles and their selling prices. 
  5. Catchy description - The way you write your vehicle’s description might define how quick you want to sell it. Be creative, give detailed information about your vehicle, share some personal experiences with it, describe your favorite moments when driving, traveling, room capacity, or any other detail you think will stand out among the competition.
  6. Have a test drive in a public place - Try to meet your buyer in a public place for a test drive, knowing each other and finalizing a deal. Most cities have designated areas with CCTVs for this purpose, like your local police station, ask around!
  7. Take great photos - Take photos from different angles, showing interior and exterior parts. Be honest and try to take between 6-10 photos, ideally with a good resolution. 

What happens after selling a vehicle?

Right after finalizing a deal, you have multiple ways of delivering the vehicle to your buyer. However, usually the purchaser lives miles away from your location. For an easy transportation process, try shipping your car to the destination required. How? Research for a professional auto-transport company, request your quote, ask for a service and voila! Your car is shipped. For more information about car transportation throughout the country, check AmeriFreight's website, one of the US’s top sites for vehicle shipping.

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