Finding Your Next Car with AutoTempest

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Buying a Car With AutoTempest: Your Perfect Choice

Finding your next car may be a long, tedious process if you don’t know how or where to start from. There are tons of ways of finding a new vehicle, from going straight to a dealership to using online shopping as the only means. 

Primarily looking for a new vehicle through online channels has become the easiest for most people, rather than browsing in person. Since technology is growing and developing quickly with time, the internet has turned into the best ally for buying several items, such as cars. 

More than 90 percent of vehicle buyers today rely on digital channels to select their new vehicle, learn about the industry, and buy their next car. The fast, friendly and changing world of online car buying has transformed millions of people’s traditional ways to sell their old car, or buy a new one. 

Several channels like AutoTempest, have turned into an amazing alternative for finding your next car. The platform is top rated for car buying and selling among thousands of other car listings. eBay motors, Craigslist, AutoTrader, are some examples of famous listings, however, AutoTempest is an awesome solution for car enthusiasts. 


The platform started back in 2007, as a way of providing specialized vehicle experience for all used car shoppers. It began as a third-party search engine for However, the listing became so well known, that the official AutoTempest was born. 

Featured among a list of well known sites, AutoTempest expanded its search engine including used cars from various other websites. As such, the site became famous among the industry and the online car shopping world. Let’s get a deeper knowledge of how the platform works.

The Site’s Unique Factor

“What car should I buy?” It's the typical question car purchasers have when looking for the best vehicle alternative and doing a car buying checklist.  Therefore, AutoTempest has made it easier for them, allowing searchers to have multiple benefits such as: 

  • Seeing numerous lists of used car inventories from eight different websites by just clicking on vehicle search. 

  • Finding the lowest prices possible thanks to a wide range of search areas.

  • Allows you to ask for a transportation service to ship your car home.

How do I make my car search with AutoTempest?

As we’ve mentioned before, doing your search in AutoTempest is pretty easy. You’ll just have to define the features you want on your new vehicle, and the platform will do the rest of the work for you. 

Follow the next simple but critical steps, and buy your next car with 4 simple key points. Keep in mind you should have some of the following features defined on your car buying checklist so that when it comes to research, you’ll have them all set:

  1. Defining features 

  • Color

  • Model 

  • Transmission

  • Mileage

  • Dealer owned

  • Private party owned

  • Price range 

  • Among others

With these aspects in mind, you’ll be able to research and find your next car much easier. 

  1. Find your vehicle

Then, simply click on the vehicle you want, get a clearer vision of the features, and ask questions to the dealer in case you have any. 

  1. Define costs

Calculate trade and final costs of your vehicle, test it, or get it shipped to your home with an auto transport service. 

Remember you are also able to negotiate a car purchase with your dealership to get a good car loan. 

  1. Your car is yours 

If everything ends up well, your car is now officially yours. Remember you can pick it up at the dealership’s destination, or ship it right away to your current location or home.

Things to remember when negotiating and researching for you new car

AutoTempest is a completely reliable source for car buying and selling, and thanks to this, thousands of users have found their next car with the platform.

Since it requires certain steps to find and buy your next vehicle, there are some aspects you should consider and keep in mind to make your whole buying process and experience completely successful. 

Therefore, here are some tips so that your next car ends up in your hands in a truly, reliable and quick way with AutoTempest:

  • Take your time to search and scroll through the huge listings of vehicles and options for you.

  • Get to know the actual shipping costs of each car, since they tend to change frequently. A great way is having the KBB (Kelley Blue Book) at hand so that you can look for the right price and deal on a used car or new vehicle. 

Also, this will help you find any dealership financing mistakes to avoid while looking for your next car.

  • Do the AutoTempTest: Check the vehicle’s features well so you avoid buying a lemon car. This is the current mistake buyers tend to make, since buying through digital channels can sometimes be tricky. Therefore, ask all the questions you have in mind, talk to your dealership, and learn the basics of the vehicle buying industry to avoid getting a totally damaged vehicle or lemon car. 

Shipping Your Car After Buying at AutoTempest

Since there’s a big list of vehicles for sale in the AutoTempest platform, finding one at your location or nearby can reduce the chances of finding your right car. Therefore, buyers will rather hire auto shipping services in order to transport their vehicle wherever they want. 

At AmeriFreight, we ship thousands of vehicles sold through AutoTempest listings. We offer great cross country services with affordable prices, free shipping quotes, a team of professional agents and drivers, and your car’s safety as our main pillar. 

Simply request a free quote today and call us! We are more than happy to ship your vehicle to your desired location with AutoTempest.

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