Shipping a Vehicle To or From North Carolina

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North Carolina is a southeastern state of the United States, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the state of Virginia, with the Appalachian Mountains at the center. Beaches, hills, and a variety of landscapes surround this wonderful state where fun and historic adventures await numerous tourists every year. 

Charlotte, its largest city, is known for its huge business centers and industries like technology, energy, and auto transport. Also, Greensboro and Raleigh benefit the state in both economical centers and attractive views; having surprisingly affordable costs of living for new residents. North Carolina is considered as one of the best states to relocate, with thousands of movers each year due to the huge amount of benefits the city has to offer. 

That said, relocating to a new state is not only about renting or buying a new home, or packing all of your things into a truck. Movers should also consider how to take their vehicle with them. 

Since we know a lot of movers won’t drive to their new destination, shipping a car is definitely the best option when it comes to handling the logistics. Here, we will give you certain tips for shipping your vehicle to North Carolina, and the benefits it has rather than driving it yourself. 

How do I ship my car to North Carolina?

There are certain steps to follow when shipping your vehicle to or from North Carolina. These will not only guarantee you a successful auto transport experience, but will also work as a way of learning how to manage the whole process. 

Step 1 - Schedule a car shipping service. You can either do this by an auto transport company website or reach out with their listed phone number. 

At AmeriFreight, we provide you the free quote before hiring a service, allowing you to know the estimated amount of money you’ll have to pay for the shipping. Right after that, one of our agents will help walk you through all to expect, and assist in finding a car transporter or carrier, scheduling it, and preparing the following steps of the process. 

Step 2 - Wait for your vehicle to be picked up. Either by open, enclosed, or door-to-door, you will be notified to prepare your vehicle for transport. The truck driver will arrive at your location, and will load your vehicle into a hauler. You’ll be required to sign some documentation, and your vehicle will be all set to begin its journey. 

Step 3 - Receive your vehicle at your specified location in North Carolina. Your car will be unloaded from the carrier and inspected fully. You will be required to sign the final documents and that’s it. Now you’re ready to drive your vehicle on North Carolina's scenic roads. 

How much does it cost to ship a car to North Carolina?

The total price of your shipment to North Carolina varies depending on certain features and conditions. By requesting a free quote, you will have an estimate of what the shipment will cost. However, this price changes depending on the following factors:

Vehicle’s condition: The type, running condition, modifications, make, model, and year of the vehicle are details that will determine the cost of your shipment. There are different types of trucks with specialized functions depending on the vehicle.

Carrier type: Most car shipping companies allow you to choose between open or enclosed auto transport. Open auto transport is the most popular type of shipping method by car movers. Your vehicle will be loaded into shared haulers with 8 other vehicles. Prices are affordable and availability is high most of the time. 

On the other hand, enclosed auto transport is mostly used by car movers who want to ship their vintage, new, or luxury vehicle. Haulers are completely private, and are fully covered so the vehicle won’t get any kind of contact with the outdoors. Prices tend to be a bit higher, and availability is not as plentiful as for the open auto transport, although it is the safest way to ship a car. 

Pickup and delivery locations: As you probably may know, as distance increases, rates increase as well when calculating total shipping costs. For example, probably your shipment from Miami to New York, can become more expensive than shipping from Los Angeles to San Francisco. However, that depends on the other factors mentioned above as well, since the final price doesn’t only depend on your vehicle's pickup and delivery locations. You’ll be asked to provide your zip code, city, and state for requesting a free quote in AmeriFreight. 

Personal Information: Although your personal details don’t necessarily affect your cost, they are crucial for vehicle transportation. 

How do I Prepare My Vehicle for Auto Transport?

Vehicle maintenance is key when planning your North Carolina car shipping. Therefore, you should follow some easy but relevant steps so that your vehicle transport doesn’t surprise you along the way. 

Check your vehicle’s conditions: It's important to inform your carrier of anything abnormal with the running condition of your vehicle. All the car’s parts should be okay in terms of functionality. However, if you have a non-running vehicle, you can also ship it, but you should tell your agent or carrier before the pickup date. That is because special equipment is required for the shipment. 

Fill the gas tank up to ¼: This will allow the truck driver to use the necessary amount of gas to load and unload the vehicle. No more or less is needed, since it can result in added weight or not enough for the process. 

Check for any scratches, dents, or similar features: Providing this information to your carrier or customer service agent will avoid you from having misudesratings or confusions during your car’s delivery inspection. 

We also recommend taking pictures of the inside and outside parts of the vehicle, before and after the shipment. They will work as a support in case you find any new damages on the surface of your vehicle after transportation. Although getting these types of damages is not very common during auto transport, we require car movers to consider this a key step during vehicle preparation. 

How Far in Advance Should I Ship My Car?

From 3 days to 2 weeks in advance is the recommended time for a shipping service to or from North Carolina. That is because finding a carrier can sometimes take more time, depending on your date or locations desired for shipment. 

Therefore, the more time you take in advance to hire the car shipping service, the easier it will be for you and for your North Carolina auto transport company to ship it on the scheduled dates. 

Is Vehicle Insurance Available for My Car During Transport?

Of course it is. Most auto transport services and companies, like AmeriFreight, verify the hauler’s vehicle insurance for the transport. All shipments included the basic coverage for insurance, but you can opt for full coverage by contacting an external company as well. 

Having both insurances (shipping company plus external insurance company) will guarantee a safe shipment for your vehicle, without having to pay extra fees in case of any possible damage. There are also different levels of coverage, but the full coverage is the most utilized for car movers. 

How do I Register If I’m a New Resident in North Carolina?

In case you are relocating to North Carolina, you should apply for a driver license, vehicle registration, and titling as well. After applying for your driver’s license, you should submit the following paperwork for your car’s registration: 

  • Auto insurance policy. 
  • Vehicle’s title certificate. 
  • Fully completed application for titling. 
  • Payment for the plate fee and other state taxes. 

Ship With AmeriFreight

Our company is top rated among auto transport companies across the nation, with years of experience in the auto shipping industry, and thousands of happy and returning customers that have transported their vehicle to or from North Carolina. 

We offer:

  • Competitive prices
  • A trusted team of professional drivers and agents
  • Amazing customer service and reviews
  • Your car’s safety: our main pillar. 

Request a quote today! Call us or visit our website, we are more than happy to ship your vehicle to North Carolina.

Get ready for your next auto transport journey across The Old North State, discover its major cities, top rated places to visit, while driving your car on new amazing roads. 

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