Shipping a Car from Nashville to Los Angeles

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Nashville, the capital of the state of Tennessee, the birthplace of country music, and the home of remarkable music venue “Grand Ole Opry”. Thousands of people visit Nashville each year, while others plan long-distance trips from there to amazing cities like Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles is located 2005 miles away from Nashville. If we think about hours driven, it can probably take you around 30 hours and 40 minutes to get to each point. That’s why many travelers prefer to request vehicle shipping services.

Shipping a vehicle in Tennessee is more common than you can imagine. Besides being a very easy process, it is the perfect way of saving you time and money while traveling to new places such as the city of L.A. 

Each year, numerous people in Tennessee relocate to California or vice versa, looking for new opportunities, culture, and lifestyle. Therefore, most of them prefer hiring auto transport services to move their car from Nashville to Los Angeles. 

Auto transport companies like AmeriFreight provide excellent auto transport services from Nashville to Los Angeles. Keep reading and find out some frequently asked questions and main points you should know about car shipping between both cities. 

How Do I Ship My Car from Nashville to Los Angeles?

Shipping your vehicle from Nashville to Los Angeles has some simple but important steps to follow before and during the auto transport service. Reliable and experienced companies like AmeriFreight, allow you to request the service within minutes, and get constant tracking of your vehicle’s shipment. 

  1. Enter the auto transport company's website and request a free quote.
  2. Contact the company for more information about the shipping service via phone call or website chat. 
  3. Request the service, schedule the dates, hours, cost of shipping, and select transport methods.
  4. Prepare your vehicle for shipment, and wait for pickup at your requested location.
  5. Sign requested documents before loading and wait for delivery.
  6. Check your vehicle’s conditions after unloading, sign the rest of the documents and receive your car at your desired destination.

What Is The Cost of Shipping a Car from Nashville to Los Angeles?

Shipping service costs vary depending on several conditions. Your vehicle’s features, such as size and weight, as well as the distance from your pickup and delivery locations, transport methods, and time of the year, are the main factors by which your total cost of shipping will be calculated. 

More distance can result in more money, but also a larger vehicle, a much more expensive shipping method, and high demand seasons, can also increase the cost of shipping a car. 

How Do I Prepare My Vehicle For Shipment?

Clean your car inside and outside, check tires and vehicle functionality, fill it up with ¼ of gas, and keep your personal belongings with you. That way, your car will be in perfect condition for loading and unloading, as well as prepared for any unexpected situation along the road. Unless you asked for an allowance to bring things inside your car during auto transport, keeping them with you is required to avoid adding weight to the carrier. Also, a quarter tank of gas is needed for the loading and unloading process. 

Before shipment, be sure to tell the driver about any important aspects about your vehicle’s functionality. Check the inner and outside parts of it, take photos and read the company’s policies before signing the pickup documents. 

What Is The Best Transport Method to Ship My Car From Nashville to Los Angeles?

There are several shipping options when it comes to transporting your car to or from California to Tennessee. Take a look at the most popular ones among car movers in the United States:

  • Open Auto Transport: Your car will be loaded and transported in open carriers. Costs tend to be affordable with high carrier availability. Is the most popular option to transport your car between both locations. 
  • Enclosed Auto Transport: Your vehicle will be loaded and carried in enclosed haulers. This is mostly requested by car owners that need to ship their luxury vehicle, vintage car, collection automobile, or brand new vehicle. Costs tend to be higher compared to open transport, but it's the safest option to ship a car. 
  • Door to Door transport: Most car movers prefer this option, because the vehicle will be picked up right at your door and delivered there as well. You don’t even have to move your car to a specific location, since your carrier will load the vehicle directly at your home or parking spot. 

Is There Any Motorcycle Shipping Available from Nashville to Los Angeles?

You can ship any type of vehicle you want among both destinations. The advantage of hiring a car shipping service with AmeriFreight, is that you can get your SUV, motorcycle, truck, automobile, or any type of vehicle within days at your desired location. 

Your motorcycle will be shipped into a hauler as well, either open or enclosed. It's important to have it in working conditions, with ¾ of gas or less, accessories stored, and personal items removed. The cost will vary depending on the motorcycle features, and in case you want to ship it with a sidecar, you´ll be charged additional costs. 

A Few Recommendations About Car Transport from Nashville to Los Angeles

  • Remember to hire a shipping service with a reliable auto transport company like AmeriFreight. You can check that by reading customer reviews, checking that it's verified by the FMCSA, and talking to one of the agents. 
  • Request your free quote before hiring the shipping service since it will give you an estimate of the total cost of shipping your car, and will allow you to schedule and organize everything before shipment. 
  • Make sure the car shipping company tracks and gives you constant information about the shipment before, during and upon delivery.

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