Shipping a Car from California to Hawaii (and the other way)

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Everything you should know about shipping a car from California to Hawaii 

Shipping a car to Hawaii is easier than most people think. Likewise, auto transporting vehicles from Hawaii to the mainland operates in a similar manner. AmeriFreight will guide you through the process of shipping your vehicle both to and from Hawaii’s Big Island.

A closer look to Hawaii

Located more than 2,400 miles away and almost 4,000 kilometers away from the nearest mainland, which you would recognize as the vast and powerful state of California, the Hawaiian Islands are one of the world's most physically isolated areas.

Hawaii is the only U.S. state that is not physically connected to North America, as it is located on the Pacific Plate, and  occupies the archipelago almost completely (including the mostly uninhabited Northwestern Hawaiian Islands).

Probably now you're wondering if you should buy a new vehicle or ship yours. This depends on the following factors:

  1. Your stay will be for a certain amount of time: If you're only going to Hawaii for a few months, renting or leasing a car can be a good choice to consider. If you want to stay in Hawaii for a longer period of time (maybe a couple of years), moving your present automobile may be a viable option, depending on your response to the following question.
  2. Your present vehicle's condition: If you've given your automobile a lot of love and attention, you're likely to have a vehicle in good working order. In the long term, this equals cheaper maintenance costs. However, if not, the necessary repairs will most likely be rather pricey.
  3. Your willingness to put money into your vehicle: Relocating your vehicle to Hawaii is not a terrible idea. But, in terms of care, you might also give your vehicle a thorough cleaning and apply a thick layer of wax. This will help keep it from corrosion caused by salt particles in the island air. You will also extend the life of your vehicle in this manner.

Let's see how shipping a car from California to Hawaii and vice versa actually works:

  • 1. Request a quotation and make a reservation.
    • Getting a price and placing your order are the initial steps in moving an automobile from California to Hawaii. Through our website or phone, you may receive a quick pricing quotation and book your purchase. We assist in the over-the-road transport across the US to a port in California (Long Beach, San Diego, etc.) The over-the-water portion is handled by a separate shipping company, but we have a list of suggested companies for you!

    • 2. Get the car ready
      • After that, you'll need to get your car ready for delivery to the port. Check if the following things are right:
        • No personal items.
        • The vehicle must be in good working order (inside and out, no dirt if possible).
        • A functional emergency brake is required on the vehicle.
        • There are no cracks or chips in the windows or on the windshield.
        • The car's fuel tank must be less than 14 gallons
    • 3. Pick up
      • We will help arrange to have your car picked up. At this time, a quick inspection is done to verify there are no scratches or dents. 

      • 4. Arrival
        • After your vehicle arrives at the final destination, you will be notified and able to pick it up. Remember that checking there are no new scratches on your car is an important step before signing the bill of lading. After that, feel free to drive!

      Why is AmeriFreight the best option for you?

      Thousands of autos are sent each year by AmeriFreight, and we clearly know how important your car is to you.  As a result, our shipping experts ensure that it receives all of the extra attention it needs in order to arrive at its intended destination. For years, we've been at car owners' sides, ensuring that their transportation needs are met.

      4 reasons why we are the right ones for you:

      Competitive costs - We have a dedicated staff of shipping professionals to guarantee you the best service.

      Global carriers — To guarantee that your vehicle is treated and transported with proper respect. 

      Damage Protection - We take all required steps and procedures to ensure that your car is delivered in the same way in which it was picked up.

      Personalized service - From the moment we provide you with a pricing offer until the port delivery, you can expect personal contact from our team with you, informing you all the details of your shipment.

      If you want to export your automobile from California to Hawaii, just give us a call. AmeriFreight is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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