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Los Angeles, a magnificent city located in the state of California. Typically known as “L.A”, the city is the largest in the state, and the second largest in the United States by population. Job opportunities, amazing shops, tourist attractions, beaches, restaurants, nightlife, and more are some of the reasons why numerous people visit the city every year and many choose to relocate there. 

As such, vehicle transportation in Los Angeles is extremely popular. The fact that there are amazing touristic spots, car festivals and cities nearby L.A. like San Diego, San Francisco or Santa Monica, vehicle transportation in Los Angeles turns out to be extremely important for car movers. 

Whether you are looking to relocate, staying for a long time, attending a classic car festival, among other reasons, shipping your car from Los Angeles to any other place across the country or vice versa is the best decision you can make. 

Auto Transport Services in Los Angeles

Transporting your vehicle to or from Los Angeles is pretty easy and quick. Most reliable and professional auto transport companies like AmeriFreight offer excellent services for shipping your vehicle to or from Los Angeles, California. 

How much does it cost to ship a car in Los Angeles?

Auto Transport Companies in Los Angeles will determine their final shipping costs depending on several variables. These factors will eventually cost more or less depending on differing factors. 

Auto transport companies like AmeriFreight, base their final rates on the following conditions:

  • Pickup and delivery location from Los Angeles to your destination (distance among them)

  • Type of vehicle and features (size, dimensions, weight, model)

  • Shipping method (door-to-door transport, enclosed auto transport, open air transport)

  • Time of the year (seasons, weather conditions, road conditions)

  • Route (High or low traffic routes)

  • You should consider that there is a direct relationship between factors and cost. As factors increase, such as distance, the cost to ship will increase as well.

What about cheap car shipping services in Los Angeles?

In case you see any cheap auto transport service in LA, there are certain things you should verify first prior to scheduling a service with them. There are a lot of auto transport companies in Los Angeles, and sadly, some of them act as scams. These companies will attract users with extremely low prices compared to standard ones at most shipping companies.

Verify the following information on your Los Angeles auto transport company before requesting your shipping service. They will eventually help you save money in case of any real auto shipping scam:

  • Company address: Is there any real address? Are you able to find it on the map?

  • Customer service system: Are there any real agents to solve your inquiries? Does the company have modern chat bots? Do chat bots respond quickly?

  • Customer service treatment: How do agents or bots speak to you? Do you notice any response protocol?

  • BBB & FMCSA: Does the company have the Better Business Bureau rating and FMCSA license? You can check that on the company’s website or both entities' sites.

  • Customer reviews: Are there any customer reviews on the company’s website? Are they updated regularly?

How does transport services in Los Angeles, CA work?

At AmeriFreight, our car transport requesting process is very simple and easy to do. Our professional customer service team, auto carriers and website system will make your whole shipping experience successful. 

  1. Request your free car shipping quote online

Get a better estimate of your shipping costs by providing information about your vehicle’s features, pickup and delivery locations on our online free quote form. 

  1. Schedule your shipment with our expert team

By getting on the phone or online, you can request your auto transport service with one of our customer service agents. They will guide you through the whole auto shipping process with personalized customer service. 

  1. We will pick up your car and get ready to begin the journey

Your car will be picked up at your desired destination in Los Angeles or anywhere else across the country. You can choose among different vehicle shipping methods and options.

  1. We will deliver your vehicle at your desired destination

Your car will be unloaded, checked in the inner and outside parts of it, and you will be asked to sign some documents. Right after that, your car will be ready for driving.

Am I able to request a free quote before hiring a car shipping service?

You are able to request a free quote with most auto transport companies in Los Angeles, CA. Car shipping experts like AmeriFreight, allow you to request a free quote and get best estimates of what your total cost of shipping will be. 

You have to provide the following information on our online calculator in order to get the best quote: 

  • Car pickup and delivery locations (Zip code, city, state)

  • Carrier type (open or enclosed)

  • Vehicle make, model and year

  • Vehicle type and running condition

  • Your personal details (Name, e-mail, phone number, and vehicle’s available date)

Is vehicle insurance available for my car during transport?

Sure. Most auto transport services and companies, like AmeriFreight, verify the hauler’s vehicle insurance for the transport. All shipments included the basic coverage for insurance, but you can opt for full coverage by contacting an external company as well. 

Having both insurances (shipping company plus external insurance company) will guarantee a safe shipment for your vehicle, without having to pay extra fees in case of any possible damage. There are also different levels of coverage, but the full coverage is the most utilized for car movers.

What are the different methods of car shipping services?

As mentioned above, you can opt for different car shipping services and methods depending on your vehicle’s conditions, destination or reason for shipment. Professional auto transport companies in Los Angeles, like AmeriFreight, provide the following shipping services and methods to make your vehicle shipping experience amazing:

Open and Enclosed Auto Transport

There are two types of carriers for vehicle transportation. Open auto transport is the standard auto shipping method and the most common among car movers. Your car is loaded into an open carrier, which is shared with around 8 more vehicles exposed to the outdoors. Therefore, prices are more affordable since you’ll be sharing space with other cars. 

Enclosed auto transport consists in carrying your vehicle in completely enclosed carriers, protecting your car from natural elements. Enclosed shipping tends to be a bit more expensive compared to open, but it's a safer way of shipping your car. Most vintage, new, or exotic car owners prefer enclosed transport due to the safety it provides. 

Door to Door Service 

Door to door service provides one of car mover’s favorite services: picking up and delivering your car straight to your door. You’ll just have to type or give your details to your auto transport company and they will ensure you a successful vehicle delivery at your home or final destination. 

Most auto transport companies offer the service, and it's a great way to save time while being present at the pickup and delivery point.

AmeriFreight Shipping Services in L.A.

We have a wide variety of services for Los Angeles auto transport. We ship any kind of vehicle you want, and we will accommodate our customer service team, carriers and equipment to your vehicle's necessities. These are some of the transport services we offer in Los Angeles:

  • Auto Transport to or from Los Angeles, CA.

  • Vintage and classic car transport.

  • Luxury car transport. 

  • Motorcycle shipping.

  • Shipping car from a dealership. 

  • College car shipping. 

Call Us Today and Request your Los Angeles Car Transport

At AmeriFreight, we have years of experience in car shipping services to or from Los Angeles, California. Whether you’re simply requesting a shipping from L.A. to Southern California or a cross country shipping in the United States, we will ship your vehicle for you in a matter of days.

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