Car Transport from Florida to Maryland

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Ship Your Vehicle from Florida to Maryland

Shipping a car from Florida to Maryland is very convenient for your new move, long-time stay, or trip. Since shipping a car with a reliable car shipping company guarantees you a successful service, you can opt for it while saving money, time, and a stressful situation. 

AmeriFreight ships any type of vehicle from Florida to Maryland, with top rated prices and excellent customer service. No matter the date, time, or time of the year, our professional drivers and team of agents will make your shipping  experience the best of bests. 

What Types of Vehicles Can I Ship With AmeriFreight? 

From the Sunshine State to Maryland, we will move your car in a matter of days. Here are some of the cars are that we ship frequently between both states:

  • SUVs
  • Classic Cars in Maryland
  • Oversized Cars or Trucks in Florida 
  • Motorcycles 
  • Electric Cars 
  • Brand New Vehicles 

What Are The Most Frequent Routes for Auto Transport?

We ship your vehicle from anywhere you want from Florida to Maryland or Maryland to Florida, but there are some frequent routes that most car movers use to request:

  • Baltimore, MD to Orlando, FL
  • Columbia, MD to Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Waldorf, MD to Tallahassee, FL
  • Silver Spring, MD to Jacksonville, FL
  • Germantown, MD to Tampa, FL

How Much Does It Cost To Ship a Car From Florida to Maryland?

Florida and Maryland car shipping rates vary depending on several factors. Distance, vehicle’s features, transportation method and time of the year, are some of the main elements that determine the total cost of shipping your vehicle from Florida to Maryland or vice versa. 

To get a better estimate of what your auto transport service can cost with AmeriFreight, we provide you a free quote calculator. You just need to enter our website, fill out some basic information about your vehicle and pickup and delivery locations, and you’ll get an estimated price of your Maryland or Florida auto transport. 

How Do I Ship My Car From Florida to Maryland?

Shipping with AmeriFreight is very easy, and convenient. Simply by calling us or chatting with one of our agents throughout the website, you’ll be able to hire your service in a matter of minutes. Always remember to request your free quote first, so you get a better idea of what your total price could be. 

After requesting your auto transport service, you’ll be notified with a carrier’s availability dates. Your vehicle will be picked up at your desired location, loaded into the hauler, and unloaded at the destination. Most car movers prefer door to door transport when shipping a car from Florida to Maryland or vice versa. 

Are There Any Available Discounts in Maryland and Florida Auto Transport?

We have excellent discounts for customers that belong to certain groups. Discounts vary depending on each group, but range between $25 and $50 off. 

  • Military
  • First Responders
  • Medical Personnel 
  • Students
  • Senior Citizens 
  • Early Bird
  • Returning Customer

What Are Some of The Methods of Auto Transport From Florida to Maryland?

We have different shipping methods depending on your needs and vehicle’s features. Our door-to-door transport services provide you pickup and delivery right at your door, but you may also elect to meet the transporter at a mall or other public place with plenty of room for them to maneuver around.

Also, we provide enclosed and open auto transport. Enclosed auto transport services provide you full protection for your vehicle in enclosed haulers during the entire transportation, while open auto transport consists of 8 vehicles located in open-air haulers during the journey. 

Open auto transport tends to be more common among car movers, since it's more affordable and the carriers are more plentiful. However, enclosed shipping is perfect for classic cars, luxury vehicles, or brand new vehicles.

Thousands of Happy Customer Ship their Vehicles with AmeriFreight

We are one of the leading transport companies in the nation, with years of experience and top rated customer service. We have auto transport service across the country, and we ship to any location you need. 

Our virtual services allow you to ship from anywhere in the world as well. Whether you're staying at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean or in West Virginia, we will move your car from Florida to Maryland in a matter of days. 

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