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Ship Your Vehicle with AmeriFreight!

The shipping of vehicles is widely practiced by the American public, yet there are still many misconceptions about this industry. However, there are many “good-to-knows” that can make your experience a far more pleasant one.

“It is all about one of your most expensive and prized possessions. YOUR CAR. We make it our business to care about you and your vehicle.”

When shipping your vehicle, it is important for you to know that you have several choices

A.) You can go directly to shipping companies for your vehicle transport, and hope that in your research you have found the best company and that you have sufficient information on shipping your vehicle to ensure a safe, happy and easy experience, or B.) You could approach someone with far more experience in shipping vehicles, whose knowledge is based on many years of cross country vehicle transport, and let them guide you through the process, freeing up your time for other immediate concerns.

What I am referring to is the use of Brokers. Immediately a concern arises. Will I not pay more for the use of a Broker as they will want their commission? No, not necessarily. Brokers are widely used in order to negotiate the cheapest available rate for you that the Shipping companies will accept in order to provide their service. That being said, the initial figure you are given by a broker is rarely the exact amount you will pay. It is more of a “ball-park” figure to assist you in budgeting. Brokers do not provide the actual transporting service but they do negotiate very strongly on your behalf. Shipping companies need business from Brokers to keep themselves financially alive and since Brokers bring them the majority of their business, they try very hard to “win” the business from said Brokers, creating healthy competition. When you go directly to shipping companies, they quote you a price and you either take it or leave it. You do not provide sufficient business for them to consider giving you favorable rates.

The perks of using a Broker.

Since Brokers have on ongoing updated list of preferred shipping agencies who have provided them with pleasant service for their customers in the past, you are far more likely to receive a top rated carrier, versus searching for one on your own. Brokers also have the power to ship various vehicles (from their many clients) on the same carrier thus making the trip more cost effective for the Auto Shipping Agency and are able to shift the saving on to you. Obviously, there are the occasional incidences that occur due to natural risks of using a third party to transport your vehicle from one place to another. If you happen to be one of the rare few unlucky ones, your Broker will step in once again to assist you is resolving whatever situation could possibly arise. You will be given wise advice on what to do and what not to do and they will ultimately fight for you on your behalf. After all, you are their client. Their reputation is very important to their business and you, their client hold that power in your hands. You will be asked to leave a review of their service provided to you in order to assist other individuals who require the same service at a later date.

To find the best broker in the industry may seem like a daunting task. However, there are many websites that provide review services and other resources for you, for example:, and along with many others. These website often provide you with additional tools to assist you, from answering frequently asked shipping questions, providing customer reviews, and free quote calculators. provides you with these services along with many other such as BBB ratings.

If you are ready to ship your vehicle, the best company, by far, can be found at Their skilled customer service agents are ready and waiting to help make your shipping experience as quick and inexpensive as possible. Visit AmeriFreight’s website today to receive a free quote.