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Selecting Your Vehicle Storage Facility

Shipping a vehicle can sometimes result in a long, detailed and even exhausting process, especially if it’s a long distance journey or a luxury vehicle. There are multiple transport options for a vehicle shipment; most of them depend on the car shipping company, but tend to be typically the same. 

Storage facilities are a great option for car movers that need to store their vehicles during certain times or days prior or after shipment, and are preferred by thousands of car movers that need a place to keep their vehicle safe during the process. 

Common reasons why storage facilities are needed

Requesting an auto transport service most of the time depends on the dates available for shipping your car. However, there are multiple coordination systems that go behind the scenes to make the whole shipping procedure happen, ensuring that you receive a successful and great experience with your car from the moment it gets picked up and delivered to your destination. 

Different situations can affect a shipping process, and, although this is not very common to happen in most professional auto transport companies, the risk is always there. Some of these issues can include breakdowns, traffic, unexpected weather and road conditions that can result in delays. As such, in case you requested a door to door transport for your vehicle pick up or delivery, it can end up being modified in terms of location, commonly being at a nearby outdoor parking lot. 

However, certain customers won’t be able to make it to the area, that’s why storage facilities are available to keep the vehicles safe while the owners can pick them up. They are especially designed for these types of situations, and are secure and safe for car movers. You’re also allowed to select the one you prefer, from an extensive list of storage facilities near your area. 

How to choose the right storage facility for your car

Consider the light: It’s important that the space that will surround your vehicle is well illuminated during day and night, in order to drive it safely, perform the proper inspections prior to picking it up, and prevent it from any unexpected accident with another car around the facility. 

Security: Always check if the facility offers night guards, has safe storage operations, fire prevention measures, cameras, insurance, fence and gates. If the area doesn't have any of those, try looking for another one nearby. 

Cleanliness: It’s crucial that the facility is very well maintained and cleaned throughout the area. A facility that is not well cared for, is dusty and cluttered, is probably not a safe place and you should definitely avoid it. 

Accessibility: Most facilities have 24-hour access so that you can enter or exit at the time you’re available. However, some of them are only accessible during the day, that’s why it’s important to check their schedules prior to selecting it. 

How much does it cost to leave my car at a facility? 

Prices depend on the type of facility you choose, as well as the type of vehicle you have. There are facilities that provide boat storage, RV storage, business storage, car storage, as well as long term storages depending on unit sizes for each element. However, most of them can range between $100-$450 dollars a month if it's an indoor facility, or $45 to $125 a month if it's an outdoor facility. We recommend you to check several facilities and select the price that better suits you. 

A few recommendations before shipping your vehicle with a car transport company

  • Request your shipping quote form before scheduling your service (should be a free quote).
  • Read a few customer reviews and make sure they are up to date and positive.
  • Select the most adequate transport method for your vehicle.
  • Choose a reliable shipping company.
  • Prepare your car with adequate maintenance before shipping and ensure everything is in good condition.
  • Don’t leave belongings inside the vehicle during transit.
  • Take pictures in the inside and outside of your car prior to loading.
  • Read the company policies before signing to ensure your total cost to ship your vehicle without any hidden fees.
  • Always get insurance verification for your car during the journey.
  • Don’t leave personal items inside your vehicle during shipment or at the facility.

Ship With AmeriFreight

Whether you’re shipping your car to or from any place across the country, here at AmeriFreight we have an excellent team of agents and drivers to make your experience the best it can be. We will also provide you with the best information so that you can opt for the best vehicle storage and facility near you. 

We offer:

  • Competitive and affordable shipping costs
  • Personalized customer service
  • Top rated agents and drivers
  • Amazing customer reviews
  • Happy and returning customers
  • Discounts for our clients 

And much more…Ship today with AmeriFreight! Request your quote, schedule your shipment, and get your car delivered at your desired destination in a matter of days!

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