Transporting Luxury and Exotic Vehicles

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A luxury vehicle takes time and money to keep it shiny and pristine. Owning one means putting in thousands of dollars for buying and maintenance. Whether it's a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Jaguar or any other luxury brand, these types of vehicles usually need constant care. Luxury car owners love to drive their vehicles on high-speed roads, showing them off at events or contests, or just having fun on a vacation road-trip. No matter the reason, luxury vehicles are part of a passionate car-loving world, and driving them to your favorite place is the best part of it all. 

However, sometimes it may be difficult for you to take your luxury vehicle to your next destination. Maybe it is not comfortable on long trips, or you just want to avoid any wear-and-tear from a prolonged drive. If you must take a plane for a long-distance trip, you may be unsure of how to properly ship the prized vehicle with a company as a ‘specialty vehicle’. No matter the reason, we have for you the best way to take your vehicle wherever you want without having to drive it by yourself. Lets select a reliable and experienced auto transport company that will ship your vehicle to your location while keeping it safe. 

Enclosed Luxury Vehicle Shipping

The best car shipping companies throughout the market, allow you to choose the option of enclosed auto transport. But, what does “enclosed transport” actually mean? As you may probably know, car shipping services frequently move vehicles in open carriers. These are trucks in which up to ten vehicles are loaded into a hauler, which is completely exposed to the environment. It’s a quick way of transporting a vehicle in terms of availability, but it's not recommended for vintage, luxury or exotic vehicles. 

Shipping a car via open transport, might cause small scratches, dents, dirt, or any other type of damage due to weather and climate conditions. Therefore, transporting a vehicle that has hundreds of dollars invested in its maintenance, needs a much more delicate shipping method in order to deliver it safely to the destination. Transporting it via enclosed carriers will protect it from any external factor, may not share space with any other vehicle, and will ensure you of a successful delivery. 

Is Open Transport Expensive?

Each auto transport company has different shipping costs depending on the method of delivery. When it comes to open transport, pricing may vary but are easily considered affordable for most car movers. That’s why it is the most popular transportation method. However, enclosed transport, although is a bit more expensive than open transport, is also very popular for luxury car owners that need to ship their vehicle to a new place. Costs tend to vary depending on the time of the year, vehicle conditions, and driver availability. They are also pretty affordable depending on the customer’s financial plan, but despite this, it is a way of ensuring safety and excellent delivery conditions for you and your vehicle. 

Tips To Select Your Luxury Car Shipping Company 

In order to choose the right shipping company for your luxury vehicle, you must take several factors into account to make your auto transport experience amazing.

  1. Check customer reviews: This will help you define if customers have received their vehicles in good conditions during past services. 
  2. Professionalism: Check the company’s years of experience in the industry, what makes them the best choice for you, and the types of services they offer for your shipping (including enclosed auto transport).
  3. Insurance: It’s important that the company has cargo insurance for damage, so you are able to repair any possible injury during the transport process.
  4. Competitive prices: Request different quotes on different auto transport companies, and compare enclosed transport prices. This will help you establish a good price for your shipment, without paying too much or too less for the service.

These 4 aspects will allow you to define what are the chances of getting an excellent shipping service for your vehicle. If the company meets the four of them, then that’s probably a great choice for your luxury vehicle.

Important Steps to do Before Shipment 

  • Take pictures and videos of your vehicle: This will work as support in case of any possible damage. Remember to shoot photos from inside and outside of the vehicle, using different angles and high resolution. 
  • Fuel: Fill up your gas tank up to ¼. That’s the perfect fuel amount for loading and unloading the vehicle. 
  • Remove things inside the vehicle: Weight is another important factor that directly affects your total shipping cost. If you have belongings inside your car, costs will go higher and you’ll have to pay more. If you’re not planning to ship things inside the vehicle, then remove everything and keep it with you.
  • Record the truck: A video of the truck your vehicle is being loaded onto will help you record it in case of any unexpected event.

Car Delivery

Receiving your vehicle is also an important step during the shipping process. We know how exciting it could be for you to get your vehicle at the destination and drive it across town, but there are some things you have to keep in mind so everything goes smoothly. Read your checklist again and go over every point. During unloading, photograph everything and check the internal and external parts of the vehicle as soon as you are able to do it. Also, check the tires, odometer, car interior, and trunk, in case there are any missing parts or damage. Right after everything’s okay, sign the receiving documents. In case of any concerns regarding damage, fill a reimbursement claim with the cargo. 

Ship Your Luxury Vehicle With AmerFreight 

With AmeriFreight, your luxury vehicle will be transported safely and successfully to your final destination. We have years of experience in the exotic vehicle auto transport industry, as well as thousands of happy customers that deliver their luxury cars with us whenever they need it to. Our prices are competitive, our team is full of experts, and our customer service is personalized to make your experience even better. 

Request a quote today on our website or call us! We will solve any questions you may have, and transport your luxury car to your desired destination!

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