The Ultimate List of Most Popular U.S Cities to Move to in 2022

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Each city in the country has its own special character. Whether it's all about its culture, food, scenery or architecture, there’s always something that catches your eye and makes you stay. When relocating is at the top of your list, you’ll probably consider those aspects as a fundamental part of your moving decision. However, job opportunities and costs are also a main factor when relocating to a new home, since those will be part of your new life as well.  

During the 2020 pandemic, major cities remained attractive places to live and work, although a lot of people moved to the suburbs. 2 years later, this situation has changed a bit, and large cities are still considered as the best places to live in 2022. 

A ranking from the survey company, concluded that America's top choices weren’t exactly the best-known cities, but represented what citizens' overall necessities and desires were today in relation to well-living. The ranking was based on affordable costs of living, public schools, low crime rates, and overall satisfaction of their residents. 

As such, we have gathered for you the list of the best cities to live in the U.S. in 2022, and we are sure you’ll consider more than one. 

How to Get Ready For My Move?

Moving to a new home is a complex process, since a lot of things have to be considered before starting a new life in a new place. As soon as you have a job ready and a new home, things will go a lot easier. 

Packing can take days, even weeks, since organizing all your belongings and putting them in a truck can take quite some time regardless of doing it on your own or hiring a company to do it for you. We recommend getting ready a month ahead, and organizing your stuff in different labeled boxes so that when it comes time to unpack, you’ll know exactly where everything is. Try to keep a list of the things you’re moving, and keep all your valuable belongings with you. 

But wait! That’s not all. What about your vehicle? Are you considering buying a new one?

Keep in mind that selling your own car and buying a new one will add a lot of time, money and effort to your moving process. Instead of that, try shipping your car with a professional auto transport company. 

There are a lot of companies out there in the country that provide excellent service, take good care of your vehicle, and offer good rates. You just need to request a quote, hire a service, and wait around a week or so to receive your car at your new home. Great, isn't it?

Most Popular Cities To Move To 

Now, let’s take a tour around the best cities to move to in 2022, based on Niche’s research and American’s opinions. 

Tampa, Florida

More than just being in the wonderful Sunshine State, Tampa is the perfect place for young job seekers. Besides the affordable cost of living that the city offers, there are nearly 80 colleges, universities and technical schools in the Tampa Bay area. Top companies such as Citigroup or USAA, are located there, turning the city into the ideal spot to relocate and look for job opportunities. More than 130 different cultural groups live around the area, so there’s plenty of cultures to experience and places to enjoy. 

Charleston, North Carolina

Charleston is charming and completely unique. The city is considered as the greatest remote work hotspot in the country, since the city’s calming and enchanting vibe inspires everyone’s mind. But in case you’re looking for on-site jobs, Charleston has great opportunities in the healthcare, manufacturing, and tourism industry. Charleston is also known for its incredible nightlife and tourism spots such as rooftop bars, decadent Lowcountry eateries, and even nearby white-sand beaches, and you cannot forget their historic downtown!

Providence, Rhode Island

If you are a walking-addict, then Providence is the perfect city for you. Forget about your keys and parking lots, since the city is known for having the highest walking score in the nation. Homes are also affordable, below an average of $345,000 in 2021 according to Redfin. The city keeps growing in popularity and unique architecture, since more and more people are moving there thanks to the great opportunities Providence offers to its residents.

Nashville, Tennessee

The capital of the music industry, Nashville, is coupled with job opportunities in education, insurance, and health care fields. It’s the ideal place to work and enjoy the state’s local food and its top export, the hot chicken. Consider the fact that there is a wide range of people and families that are relocating to Nashville. As such, according to real estate agents, around 82 people move to the epicenter of the music industry every day.

Atlanta, Georgia

One of the most desired places to call home of all time. Since the city has incredible employment opportunities, people from all around the country and even the world, seek to live there. Traditionally the home of The Coca-Cola Company, Home Depot, and Delta Airlines, Atlanta has also gained a reputation of being a top destination for emerging tech companies. Atlanta also has amazing architecture and massive urban development, several ways of getting around whether its public or private transport, and affordable housing across the city.

Seattle, Washington

Although Seattle is not as affordable as the rest of the cities mentioned above, the top well-paying companies are located there. If you have the chance of getting a job at any of those companies, then relocating there shouldn't be that much of a problem.

Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, among others, have their corporate headquarters in the city. Seattle’s outdoors are also as wonderful as the city itself. More than 480 parks surround the Emerald City, with amazing mountains for hiking, or wineries and breweries for relaxing. Getting around Seattle is also pretty easy, since buses, metro, taxi cabs, and bikes are available for everyone at any time.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The city is one of the top U.S. destinations for green space access, and ranks third on the Trust for Public Lands’s ParkScore list. Minneapolis is known for having a high employment rate, great public schools, and fun outdoor activities. It’s the perfect place for moving families with young children, but also for those who are looking for new job opportunities with calming, green surroundings.

Berkeley, California

The city is located in Northern California, and is a top spot for looking for great outdoor activities, good public schools, and being near a major city such as San Francisco. Students from all over the world attend the University of California, located there. Also, amazing nightlife, sport events, college bars and live music make the city even more entertaining and charming.

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