How Do Car Vending Machines Work?

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Car Vending Machines: A Unique Buying Revolution 

Vending machines: one of the best inventions in the world, and one of the greatest quick-buying options for users. Vending machines have been spread around the world since its invention, due to its amazing purchasing mechanism which gets you a product within seconds and with no human support. Although vending machines have been mostly used for small objects, large objects have also been introduced into the system. And, believe it or not, vehicles are one of them!

Buying a Car With Carvana

What are Carvana car vending machines?

There are hundreds of car dealers around the country. Some of them differ in their buying and selling methods, but all of them work for one main objective: selling cars. 

Carvana is an online used car dealer network that has transformed the way online car dealerships work. When you purchase a vehicle on their platform, you’ll get it delivered to you or you can head on over to their huge vending machine tower. The system works exactly as a vending machine does: you insert a token into the vending machine, and you’ll get your car in seconds. 

Back in 2016, when Carvana vending machines were first introduced into the market, most people wondered how a car would work without even having to visit a dealership or doing a test drive. Therefore, this made customers concerned about the reliability and function of car vending machines. As such, the method didn't turn out very popular until the year 2020 arrived.

During the COVIDI-19 pandemic, Carvana’s contactless car buying method made hundreds of customers willing to try and begin their car dealership processes with them. Nowadays, there are around 24 car vending machines by Carvana throughout the nation spread around multiple states.

How does the system work?

Buying on a Carvana car vending machine is pretty easy. The main goal of it is to facilitate the customer’s buying and pick-up experience. Today, there are hundreds of car buyers that prefer to buy their vehicles on car vending machines rather than visiting a dealership. The process is pretty simple and works this way:

  1. Visit Carvana’s website

You’ll find a variety of cars from all over the country, and you’ll be able to purchase, finance, trade or sell your own car. 

  1. Buy your vehicle

As soon as you buy your car, you’ll have the option of choosing your delivery method. You can either ship them to your home, or pick them up at the car vending machine.

  1. Choosing the vending machine option

After purchasing your car, if you decide on the vending machine option instead of shipping, you’ll enjoy the real car vending machine experience.

You’ll be asked to provide all your details, information, and financial terms to secure and make your car officially yours. 

Right after that, you can arrive at the vending machine where your car is located. There, a coin will be given to you. You’ll just have to insert it in the vending machine and wait. 

Once you’ve done that, your car will be given to you in a matter of minutes! With seven days to test-drive, you’ll be ready to take and drive away in your car on new amazing roads. 

Tips for Your Carvana Car Buying Experience

Before purchasing your new vehicle on a revolutionary car vending machine, follow these easy tips to make your experience the best of bests.

  • While choosing your car on the website, give a thorough look to the pictures first so you can make sure that’s the vehicle you’re looking for.

  • After purchase, ask for a mechanic to inspect your car during the seven days of trial in case there’s any possible issue with your vehicle you haven’t noticed yet.

  • If there are any additional issues, use Carvana’s return policy and avoid larger car troubles in the future. 

Join the new alternative to buy the vehicle of your dreams with the revolutionary car vending machine system!

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