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In car shipping, prices fluctuate on a daily basis so they can change quickly. Some brokers sell you a set price that is not even possible. Carriers can ask for their own prices so be aware of brokers who claim that prices are guaranteed up front. Prices are not fully set until they get an offer from a carrier.

At AmeriFreight we believe in being honest and transparent from the beginning. We let you know that prices can fluctuate and are likely to go up. We will present your price options to you as soon as new offers become available.


It is very important to examine the carriers that work with brokers. AmeriFreight only works with carriers who have the highest ratings and reviews. This information is relayed to our customers before shipment. There are brokers who do not investigate the carriers that they use and this may lead to unprofessional and undependable carriers shipping your car.

When things go wrong with your shipment and your vehicle is damaged or lost, many carriers may leave you on your own. Once the car is with the carrier and the broker has the money, they are no longer worried. AmeriFreight will check to see if carriers have valid insurance so your car is protected in case of accidents. We also remain in contact with you until the vehicle reaches its final destination. If any hiccups happen, we will be there to assist you until the end.


AmeriFreight will never take your payment up front. Until we have found a legitimate carrier with a high rating, your money stays with you! Other brokers may ask for payment up front, before any carriers have been found or contracts signed. This is not a legitimate business practice.

When you work with AmeriFreight we promise to be honest with you every step of the way. We will be transparent with all information about the car shipping process. This is why AmeriFreight is the most honest name in car shipping!

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