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Shipping your car is probably something you might consider as difficult, tedious or even uncomfortable. It sounds like it could take a lot of time, doesn´t it? Well, if you do good research and choose an auto transport company that aligns with your needs, you don't have anything to worry about. But first, you need to be aware of some tips for shipping your automobile. Whether it is a long-distance transport, an automobile with no wheels or you simply want to find the perfect company match, read this guide before shipping your car.

Auto-Transport Prices

First, let's discuss the factors that affect your final price when shipping your vehicle. Through them, you can easily calculate the quote of your transport and the reasons for each amount. 

Shipping Distance 

Your final price is mainly affected by how far you need to move your vehicle. For example, if you´re moving it from Florida to Georgia, that is obviously going to cost less than moving it from Florida to Washington. But that's not the only factor that affects your price. You have to consider as well that if you require a trustable shipping company, an expert driver will dedicate quite an amount of time to ship your vehicle and that service is also included in the final price.

Vehicle Size

The size of your vehicle is an important factor as well for defining the final price. The bigger the vehicle is, the higher the cost will be. This is mainly because the room of the car in the freight has to be proportional to its size. However, prices do not relate directly to the size. That means that if your car size doubles, your price won't double. 

Shipping: Open or Enclosed?

One of the most important decisions you'll have to make when transporting your car is whether you want to ship it open or enclosed.

The term "open shipping" simply indicates that the vehicle will be exposed while being transported from point A to point B.

Enclosed shipping, on the other hand, is the opposite. A sealed auto transporter is used to carry the car.

The most common option is open auto-transport, however, enclosed is used for expensive, vintage or completely new cars. 

Season Variations

Your car transportation price may also be affected by the time of year you want to ship it. If during the shipment, the climate conditions are rainy or snowy, you have to consider the driver may confront these conditions on his journey to your vehicle's final location.

These seasonal variations can affect the amount of time spent on the road, add danger, and so affect your ability to move your car affordably. Consider this situation before shipping your car and keep in mind that if you can modify your delivery date, you may be able to save money. To determine the best time to ship your vehicle, contact us and we will be glad to help you.

What you need to know before selecting your auto-transport service

A good research also means defining the type of service you want to get and how calm you want your auto-transport experience to be. By following these steps, you´ll definitely get the transport service you truly desire. 

Read reviews 

You should seek advice from friends, family, and local dealerships. You may also use vehicle discussion boards and review websites to be certain that you choose a vehicle shipping business that will provide you with excellent service. Transport Reviews and Google Reviews are two important websites for this.

Don´t pay ahead of time

Trustable automobile carriers usually do not require a deposit before the service, and instead, they request the payment when the car is booked with a carrier. This guarantees you receive the service you expect and offers you the option to cancel anytime prior to scheduling the final shipment details.

Cheap isn't necessarily safest 

In the vehicle shipping sector, the old adage "quality above quantity" probably applies, especially when considering the cost of moving a car across the nation. In terms of determining how much it costs to move an automobile through the nation, the cheapest option is not always the best or most safe. The cost of automobile shipping services is determined by the quality of the equipment, knowledge, and quality of service.

A careful examination of your vehicle is needed  

When the truck driver picks up your car, he or she should inspect it and observe any existing damage, scratches, or labels. Before signing, you or an agent should check your automobile after delivery and identify any damage that occured during vehicle shipment. You should notify the car shipping provider if any damage is discovered.

What if your vehicle has no wheels?

We know how stressful it could be to consider shipping a car with no wheels. Many companies don't provide transportation to these types of vehicles, due to the fact that a forklift is required to load your car, for both pickup and delivery. You just have to make sure the auto-transport company provides you this service (we help you with this), and after you have access to that, your vehicle is ready to travel!

And if you need long-distance transport?

Don´t worry. As long as you find a trustable company to ship your car, they will be in charge of transporting it no matter how many miles away the destination is. Remember to request a great quote based on good customer service, price, time and experience. 

We know there are a lot of car movers out there. AmeriFreight provides you an exceptional shipping experience, starting from an amazing and personalized customer service and great prices, to a safe and trustable car transportation system aware of any risks or damages. Our website provides you all the information you might need, and our agents are available for you in case of any doubt, question, or service you'd like to request.

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