5 Reasons To Have Your Car Shipped

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  1. Less mileage on your vehicle – Driving your vehicle cross country will put a lot of unwanted miles and extra strain on your vehicle. Long drives can lead to low resale value and will wear down your tires & mechanical parts. When shipping with AmerFreight, we will find a carrier to pick up and deliver your vehicle. Most of the time they will come straight to your door. The only driving your car will require is when going on and off of the truck.
  2. Safety concerns – Driving around your hometown can sometimes be dangerous enough, especially dealing with other drivers on the road. Long-distance driving can be even more dangerous if you are not used to driving long distances for extended periods of time. Leave it up to a professional who is well equipped and can deal with the strain of long drives. Your vehicle will be in experienced hands, taking added stress off of your plate. We even offer enclosed auto transport in the event road debris is of concern.
  3. Time/Money Saver – We all love to save money and time. Driving your own vehicle across the country may take days or even over a week of your time from you. It could also end up costing you more than expected due to accidents, car damage, and hotel stays for rest. Let an experienced carrier do their jobs while you make the most of your time. Save that extra cash for more important things. There are even some carriers who specialize in faster than normal transport times by having team drivers.
  4. Moving multiple cars at once – If your family is relocating, then it is highly likely that you have multiple vehicles. If this is the case then shipping your vehicles together may be the best option. This option will save you time and money and ensure that your family has forms of transportation when arriving in a new city. AmeriFreight also offers a discount for customers shipping more than one vehicle.
  5. Ease and convenience – The ease and convenience that comes with having your car shipped have been highlighted throughout this list already. Most carriers are willing to pick up and drop off your vehicles at any location you request. All you need to do is be present or have someone (18+) be present when the carrier arrives. AmeriFreight will take care of finding the perfect carrier for you and making sure everything goes smoothly. We handle all of the stressful parts so that you can sit back, relax, and wait for your car to arrive.

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