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AmeriFreight Enterprise Logistics

Any business or organization who may have customers or members that need to ship their vehicles can partner with us to outsource all their customers' shipping needs. Contact us to get more information on how to become a Enterprise customer. 

Examples of some of our Enterprise Customers include: Partner Brokers, Lead providers, Car Dealers - new and used, Auctioneers, Home Movers, Car-Rental companies, Car and Auto Clubs and Forums and Web Services.

By harnessing AmeriFreight's exceptional reputation and core set of service guarantees, our Enterprise customers can do what they do best in their fields of expertise while leaving the transportation of their customers' vehicles to the professionals. Our goal is to serve our business partners' customers better than they can do themselves in every way.

If you are interested in
becoming a Enterprise
Customer with AmeriFreight

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Our Price Guarantee

You will never pay a penny more for your shipment than the rate we quoted you. If we underquoted you we will pay the difference from our account

Our Protection Guarantee

Should you notice damage to your vehicle within 48 hours after delivery you will be compensated up to $600 for your repairs if a carrier refuses to compensate.

Our Service Guarantee

AmeriFreight is one of the most trusted and reliable vehicle shipping companies in the industry. If we have failed to deliver as promised, we will refund you our full service fee.    ***