Discounted Auto Shipping


For most people, trying to find the best, most dependable shipping company at the best rate, can quickly become a massive task of sifting through millions of quotes with no way of determining which company offers the best customer service.

Often, choosing the cheapest quote becomes more expensive in the long-run, while going with the highest quote will lead to you throwing money away.

It quickly becomes apparent that finding a company online that offers numerous quotes from one application is not all that it is cracked up to be, and will not save you time online in your research. As soon as you enter your quote request, you become caught in the middle of a sea of brokers all fighting for your business.

It is far better to do some homework yourself by reading reviews of three or four selected brokers or shipping companies. Then you can check on each company’s credentials at the Better Business Bureau.

There are many review sites online, and a simple google search will quickly throw out results which you can follow up on. It is recommended that you use at least one of the top review companies like Transport Reviews and Consumer Affairs.

Once you have read a few reviews, you will quickly find out which companies provide the most dependable service, whether it be a carrier or shipping broker. With this information, you will be on your way to selecting the best company to work with who will be sure to meet your expectations, whether your priority is speed, customer service or safety.

Once you have chosen your top company, you will need the make, year and model of your vehicle, as well as the odometer reading. You can request a quote over the phone or you can make use of free shipping calculators offered by various auto shipping company websites.

AmeriFreight offers generous discounts to the military, first responders, students, senior citizens, and healthcare workers. Their well trained agents pride themselves in customer care and quality service. If this is your first time shipping a vehicle, AmeriFreight’s helpful agents will walk you through the process, step by step. Contact an agent today at AmeriFreight to receive an instant quote and answers to all of your transport questions.

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