Benefits of using a broker for motorcycle shipment

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A professional motorcycle shipping company is essential if you need to ship your bike. Providing trustworthy nationwide motorcycle shipping services, AmeriFreight has evolved into one of the country's leading motorcycle shippers.

3 reasons why AmeriFreight is the ideal choice for motorbike shipping:

  • Fully Enclosed Vehicle for Transportation. It can be transported in a container that is totally enclosed to ensure the best possible protection for your motorcycle during the journey.
  • Highly Recommended Motorcycle Shipping Company. Consumers who were pleased with their AmeriFreight shipping experience have left thousands of five-star reviews on our website.
  • Availability of Carrier on a Regular Basis. We are able to give the most convenient pickup and delivery options available on the market, thanks to our huge team of licensed nationwide carriers. 

AmeriFreight also provides a number of advantages:

  • Door-to-Door Assistance Across the United States. Any residential or commercial location in the United States can be serviced directly by us, and vice versa.
  • Total vehicle coverage. We provide the most extensive insurance alternatives to complete satisfaction.
  • There is no requirement to pay anything in advance. You will not be charged until you choose your carrier and pickup date.
  • Extended Hours. We're available beyond normal business hours to be there for you.

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