Auto Transport for your Hybrid Vehicle

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The electric car industry is growing rapidly, thanks to the number of benefits that these types of vehicles have to offer to the world. According to an analysis from consultant EY Global, electric vehicle sales in the U.S, China, and Europe, will outpace engine sales by the year 2033, and by 2036, electric car sales will even outpace powertrain sales. Amazing right? But, why are electric cars so desirable nowadays?

Electric cars and hybrid cars offer a number of advantages that any other traditional vehicle cannot provide. Starting with the considerable amount of fuel efficiency the vehicle saves, plus the low costs of savings, less harmful emissions, and great performance that they commonly offer, both hybrid and electric vehicles are a great option for drivers across the country and the world. 

What is the Difference Between a Hybrid or Electric Car from a Regular Car?

Let’s see first the difference between hybrid and electric vehicles. Although they might seem to be the same, they are actually not. 

A fully electric vehicle only works and runs on electricity. An electric motor powered by specialized lithium-ion batteries is the system in charge of making the vehicle actually run. These cars do not have internal combustion engines or gas tanks to work, they need a full electrical system instead. 

A hybrid vehicle is a mix between a traditional system and an electrical system. These cars are powered by both electric motors and an internal combustion engine to make them run. People like this type of vehicle alternative a lot, since most hybrid vehicles can be powered in three different ways, by an electric motor, engine, or both. An example of a popular hybrid vehicle is the Toyota Prius.

Now, as you can see, traditional vehicles only work through an internal combustion system, while hybrids and electric, do it through electricity. Both the HEVs and EVs help reduce the fossil fuel emissions for around half of them and are also a very affordable way of transportation since gas is much more expensive.

Driving your Hybrid or Electric Car Long Distance

There are different theories about long-distance driving when it comes to hybrid or electric cars. Some people recommend it, others do not. But let’s see if it's actually better to drive these types of vehicles during a road trip rather than classic vehicles, or if it's just better to have them for city driving. 

Driving a hybrid or electric vehicle definitely is a “green” alternative. But, despite this, most hybrids work on a “regenerative braking” principle, which creates the energy of the car by slowing down to electrical energy and recharging the battery. This works perfectly for short distances, however, for long or cross-country trips, it will cause the gas engine to run almost like an all-gas car. This basically means that hybrid vehicles will not be environmentally friendly during long distances as most people might think, and also, will not be as fully efficient as they will be in a short distance area. 

Transporting your Hybrid Vehicle 

The best option for bringing your hybrid vehicle wherever you want across the country is by hiring an auto transport service with a professional shipping company, that will do the entire work for you in just a few days. 

No matter if you’re planning to relocate to a new state, planning a long stay in another city, or anything related, bringing your hybrid vehicle with you is always good to consider. Now, let’s see how shipping a hybrid vehicle actually works, and a few recommendations on how to do it. 

Hybrid Vehicle Auto Shipping Across the Country 

There are a number of auto transport companies across the country that provide excellent shipping services. However, you should always double-check the company you will select, since it's crucial to see if they are accredited by the FMCSA, reliable, offer competitive prices, good customer service, and have positive reviews by their customers. After that, you will be all set to request the service. 

The steps for shipping your hybrid vehicle are:

1. Request your free car shipping quote online

2. Get a better estimate of your shipping costs by providing information about your vehicle’s features and pickup and delivery locations on our online free quote form. 

3. Schedule your shipment with our expert team

4. By getting on the phone or online, you can request your auto transport service with one of our customer service agents. They will guide you through the whole auto shipping process with personalized customer service. 

5. We will pick up your car and get ready to begin the journey

6. Your car will be picked up at your desired destination anywhere across the country. 

7. We will deliver your vehicle to your desired destination

8. Your car will be unloaded and inspected for damage, and you will be asked to sign some documents. Right after that, your car will be ready for driving.

What is the Best Method to Ship an Electric or Hybrid Car?

Most auto transport companies offer different methods of transportation. The most common ones are open auto transport, enclosed auto transport, door-to-door transport, or terminal to terminal transport. Each of them has different prices and functions, but they are all safe and reliable for any kind of vehicle. 

For your hybrid vehicle, we suggest you request a traditional open auto transport method and a door to door shipping. Shipping rates are affordable, and loading and unloading your vehicle at home will make your experience much more successful and give you peace of mind. 

AmeriFreight: You hybrid car shipping peace of mind 

Our excellent team of agents and drivers will make your electric or hybrid auto shipping experience the best it can be. 

We offer:
  • Competitive and affordable car shipping costs 
  • Personalized customer service 
  • Top-rated agents and drivers 
  • Amazing customer reviews
  • Happy and returning customers
  • Discounts for our clients 

Request a quote today! We are more than happy to ship your electric or hybrid car across the nation.

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