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Comparing Vehicle Transport Quotes

Getting an auto transport quote for all your vehicle transporting needs is a fairly simple process. However, you will find that many car transport companies give false promises and inaccurate estimates. . This is our challenge. To get a better estimate, contact more companies. Get quotes from them. Compare our and their estimates, compare reviews on satisfaction, quality, options, insurance, and more. Call each car shipping company, talk to them. After you have done all of that, and only then should you choose which is the best transporter for you.

As your broker, AmeriFreight will help you find the right vehicle transport carrier for you. We don’t just consider the lower price points when looking for a carrier, but also look at their experience, expertise, reviews, and ratings on many platforms, including the BBB, their regard for your satisfaction, insurance options, and more to make sure you get the best quote and experience.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

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The cost to ship a vehicle can be anywhere from $450 to $2500 in the United States excluding Hawaii and Alaska. For those two states, one can easily add another $1000 to the shipping cost. International shipping rates can be anywhere up to $5000 for a regular sedan.

Below you will find some of the factors that affect your auto transport instant quote rate:
1. Distance:

The cost per mile gets cheaper the longer the distance. Anything from $3.00 per mile for instate deliveries to 50¢ per mile from coast to coast.

2. Size of Vehicle:

The larger the vehicle, the higher the rate. Some vehicles may occupy close to twice the area that a small car would. For that reason, you may have to pay close to twice the rate of a smaller vehicle.

3. Vehicle Weight:

Even though a vehicle may be of average size, the weight may increase the cost. Carriers are allowed a maximum weight on their trailers. The heavier the vehicle, the more a carrier has to compensate for or adjust the cost.

4. Condition of Vehicle:

An inoperable vehicle will generally cost a little more as a carrier will need either a winch or forklift depending on its condition.

5. Type of Vehicle:

Trucks are big and heavy. Convertibles are light and small, but often require top-loading due to possible leak damage if loaded on the lower level. All these factors are considered depending on the vehicle type.

6. Urgency:

If you have a flexible time frame, we can schedule your shipment around a carrier’s time table. The rate will likely be lower in these cases. Should you have an urgent shipment need, we will offer a much higher rate to carriers so that they will schedule their shipments around your delivery needs. It is simple supply and demand, not unlike normal package shipping.

7. Open or Enclosed Carrier:

For the best protection, one can ship in an enclosed truck. The rate will be approximately 80% higher than a normal economy rate on an open carrier.

8. Personal Items:

A carrier is by law not allowed to carry personal items in vehicles. Some will be comfortable with up to 100 lbs of personal items in the trunk. If more personal items are placed in a vehicle without consent by the carrier, a hefty penalty may be charged for it.

9. Additional Gap Protection:

Carriers will cover all damage to a vehicle caused by driver error. However, once a car is delivered and you have accepted the vehicle and indicated that it was delivered damage-free, should you discover damage soon afterward, you will have no recourse but to pay for the repairs out of pocket. This is the major reason for all complaints against car shipping companies. Gap protection will cover a vehicle for damage compensation up to 48 hours after a vehicle is delivered. Very few companies offer this option.

10. Seasons and Weather:

Typically, shipping rates are lower in the wintertime than in summer. Some exceptions to this include area where the weather is notoriously bad such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or snow. Expect to pay more for the high seasons and exceptions.

11. Gas Prices:

Due to the cost of gas being a major factor in determining rates for transportation, one can expect daily fluctuation in transport rates depending on the volatility of gas prices.

AmeriFreight & Car Shipping Quotes

AmeriFreight is always on the lookout to help you find the best quote for transporting your car, all while maintaining the outstanding quality of service we are known for. Our auto transport instant quote calculator automatically finds the best quote and sends it your way via email to make the process fast and easy. AmeriFreight has partnered with over 10 000 car shipping carriers. That means we are not just able to give you a good quote to ship your car, but we are also able to find a transporter who will be able to meet your schedule and specific requirements. From our many years of experience in shipping anything on wheels, we are confident that we can help you find an auto transporter ideally suited for your auto transport needs!

When you use our car shipping calculator, the algorithm automatically uses a number of considerations that need to be taken into account, such as, the route to and from your destination, size of the vehicle, required to pick up and delivery dates, vehicle condition, and many more to give you as accurate of a quote as possible.

Our determination to giving you the best car shipping quotes means that the quote you get from us will be fair and reasonable. Although you will receive your quote in the form of an email, you won’t have to worry about getting any unsolicited emails from us. We will gladly discuss all options with you in order to arrange a transporter that fits your needs just right.

It is important to understand that the quote to ship your car is only an estimate based on our many years of experience in shipping cars. We use a base rate at which we have already shipped vehicles for the quoted route and apply it to your quote. Due to the volatility of the market the rates may fluctuate. Our goal is to always negotiate with our carrier for the quoted rate or the lowest rate we can possibly obtain for your car shipment. All in all, we will work hard to get the best rate providing you the best service with the most complete coverage and protection the auto transport industry has to offer.

Alternatives to Using an Auto Transporter

As we mentioned above, you should always look at more than one option before choosing the best auto transport company in the US for your vehicle. If you are exploring auto transport options, we have compiled a list of four alternatives to move your vehicle:

Driving It Yourself

This is perhaps the most cost-effective solution and where you have the most control over your car’s move, this is one of the most time-consuming options too since you won’t be as familiar with the road as a truck driver. Furthermore, driving long routes has a lot of issues involved; one of the prime ones being that should there be any issues with your car and it breaks down in the middle of nowhere, your move will become a lot more difficult than it needs to be. The cost savings may also be canceled including gas, food along the way, and accommodation.

Hiring a Professional Driver

There are people out there who are willing to drive your car from point A to point B. These are professional moving drivers who will drive your vehicle to the destination point. This is one of the priciest options out there, and again, your car being driven so much, there is bound to be some sort of extra cost that you’d have to incur during the move, including adding miles on your vehicle and wear and tear.

Apart from paying the driver, you will also have to pay for their food, fuel, car’s maintenance during the drive and after it, and should anything go wrong, you will be left handling the insurance claims on your own. After all, driving someone else’s car is just that; driving someone else’s car. Moving companies are much more thorough and careful because the liability is their responsibility if they damage your car, plus, the car is treated like an asset, not a car to be driven around.

Hiring a Non-Professional Driver

You can find a friend or a family member who is about to go or just wants to drive the distance (yes, there are people who actually enjoy such drives, you should know). Just make sure they are trustworthy.

The problems using this option speak for themselves.

  1. It may take much longer
  2. There is no guarantee that your car will reach the destination as is
  3. There will be more wear and tear since the driver isn’t professional
  4. Insurance claims might be more difficult to claim since you won’t be the one driving

Why You Should Use AmeriFreight For Auto Transport Quotes & Services

Trucks are one of the best ways to move your vehicles– that much is certain. But in the vast ocean of transport companies, why AmeriFreight? Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we make sure that every auto transport company that works with us is licensed, insured, and prepared for any and all challenges your car shipment may present. To learn more about why we’re a good fit for you, you can visit our Auto Shipping Guide Page. Get your auto transport instant quote at the top of the page today!