Transporting an RV or Travel Trailer

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Tips for Transporting an RV

RVs or recreational vehicles are one of the best inventions for road trip lovers. Since they allow you to bring all the comforts of your home in one single moving accommodation, hitting the roads is a very exciting thing to do. Crossing the country while being “at home” in your RV, is not only a way of getting to visit new places, but also, a way of taking new paths, experiences and creating remarkable memories with family or friends. 

Moving your travel trailer from one place to another is key when it comes to certain situations. Whether you’re buying an RV in another state, shipping yours to your summer home, or simply needing a cross country transport without having to drive, hiring an auto transport company is the best choice you can make.

How are RVs or Travel Trailers Transported?

There are different ways of moving your RV or travel trailer, since their size characteristics differ from the standard ones on normal cars. You can decide for one of the three main methods of transportation depending on the type of  RV:

Drive-Away RV Transport: A specialized driver is hired for driving your RV to its destination. Rates can be cheap, but your mileage will eventually increase. 

Tow-Away RV Services: This involves your RV getting towed behind another car, depending on its type.

Flatbed RV Service: Your RV will go on a flatbed truck to its destination, along with other vehicles. It’s a very safe option for large vehicle shipping. 

Costs to Transport Your RV

Different factors affect the rates of RV transport services. Besides distance, the vehicle’s dimensions and transportation methods will determine your final shipping cost. 

  1. RV size: The size of your trailer affects shipping rates since it determines the type of transport that is required for it. Bigger RVs require more space, a larger truck, and therefore higher costs.

  1. Distance: On average, a standard RV will cost $3.32 per mile for a journey of less than 100 miles. For a journey less than 1,000 miles, the cost could be $1.05 per mile. That keeps varying depending on the number of miles driven, but, as you see, more miles mean less cost.

  1. Transport Method: Usually drive-away services tend to be less expensive than flatbed or tow-away services. When you hire someone to drive your RV, usually costs depend on hours driven. However, flatbed services are the safest ones followed by towing.

  1. Pickup and Delivery locations: Requesting pickup in urban zones and in a remote area makes a huge difference when it comes to pricing. Remote area costs usually tend to be higher since the driver has to drive more miles or treacherous roads for arriving. 

  1. Season: The time of the year is also a cost factor, since weather conditions tend to increase prices due to road conditions and similar situations. Ice, snow, or wind, can affect the vehicle’s security or delay delivery times, affecting your total shipping cost. 

Preparing for RV Shipping

For ensuring yourself a successful RV shipping and delivery experience, there are some important steps you need to follow in order to make this happen. Remember that damage risks do exist during transit, therefore, avoiding them with these tips will prevent you from spending a lot of money on damage repair and a stressful and frustrating situation. 

Tip #1: Remove personal belongings from the inside. This includes hanging stuff on the walls, pillows, or any other accessories or decorations.

Tip #2: Disconnect all electronic devices. This will ensure a secure transport away from any connective or electrical issue. 

Tip #3: Check your RV’s tires, hitch, and tow bar, and repair them if necessary. They should be in perfect working condition before shipment to avoid any inconveniences.

Tip #4: Lock all doors, cabinets, and windows to prevent them from opening during transit. 

Tip #5: Make sure all signal lights work properly and fluid levels are okay without any possible leaks. 

Tip #6: Give your carrier a set of keys and special details about your RV functions that you consider important. 

What if My Travel Trailer or RV Gets Damaged During Auto Transport?

This is for sure one of the most common doubts on customers when shipping their RV or travel trailers. Following preventive tips like the ones mentioned above, getting a full insurance coverage, hiring a reliable and responsible auto shipping company, as well as reviewing the company insurance policy, are key steps before requesting the service. Cheap prices sometimes can result in vehicle damage and bad experiences, so take into account all these key aspects for your auto transport service. 

Remember to take pictures of your vehicle before transport in case you see any type of damage or scratches after delivery. Pictures will work as your support for insurance coverage.

Also, inspect the RV thoroughly on the inside and outside before signing any delivery document. Check your pictures and compare if you notice something is wrong. 

Reliable RV transportation companies always provide you with good insurance services as well as safe transport. However, the risk of getting your RV damaged is always there. Try to speak to your company agent about the issue, get good support of your vehicle conditions, and always opt for a full coverage insurance.

Hiring the Right Auto Transport Company 

Researching for a good auto transport company can take some time. However, there are a few key aspects that will help you make everything much easier and make the right decision. 

  • Request different quotes on several auto transport companies and compare rates.

  • Look for good customer reviews on each auto transport company. 

  • Ask about the company’s years of experience in the industry and team professionalism. 

  • Make sure the company has good customer service, which will ensure your transportation experience throughout the journey. 

  • As soon as you have your favorites, select the one that has better rates but also matches all the details mentioned above.

Transport Your RV with AmeriFreight 

With AmeriFreight, RV and travel trailer shipping is common. We have a lot of returning customers that rely on our excellent service, our drivers and agents professionalism, RV specialized equipment, as well as competitive rates. We have years of experience in the industry ensuring our clients a safe short-distance or long-distance journey from the moment they request a free quote, until their RV gets delivered.

Simply call us or enter our website for a free quote, one of our agents will be assisting you with your entire RV or travel trailer shipping!