Military Auto Transport

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Received your military PCS orders for a Permanent Change of Station? Instead of driving, why not flying? Sometimes it could be stressful and exhausting to drive your car long distances or taking your vehicle to a new city or state. If you´re a member of the military, shipping your vehicle can be a valuable service for you due to the benefits (and we offer a discount). Just by showing your military email address, you´re able to transport your car across the country with us.

Moving out: Part of military life 

Military families are used to moving out every two or three years to new cities or states, due to military conditions, arrangements or tasks. It might be a process that generates instability in certain aspects, but also great for making new friendships, learning new things, meeting cultures, among others. In case you are moving out, there is no need to worry; the military provides different types of support and benefits for making your move comfortable and fast. Preparing for this brings together many things, especially when it comes to organizing your belongings and other elements for shipping to the new destination. The dining room, beds, and living room might be the most essential parts to consider for this. However, another main element is missing: your vehicle. 

Now you might be wondering: How can I transport my vehicle and belongings in a quick and easy way? Well, here we will show you how to do it and how the military and AmeriFreight will help you throughout the procedure. Let's begin with your home elements and how to ship them. Keep reading and check out two main ways to do it!

First option: Request a service from a military-approved moving company

Throughout this option, you can request help from a professional company to pack and carry out your things. This can be done through the official website of the military. After that, packagers will arrive at your home and adjust everything you have to take. This can last about a day or two. The process is simple in terms of time, effort and management. Generally it is not easy to pack your own house and take it to a new place, so this option is recommended for those who need this type of help and want a quick move out process.

Second option: Personally Procured Move (PPM)

This option allows you to be in charge of the entire process from the moment you pack your things, put them in the truck, unload them and accommodate them again in your new home. It may sound a bit tedious and difficult, however, the military will reimburse you and you will receive the same amount of money that you may have paid to a moving service company. This option is preferred by many military families, because you can have personalized and exact control of your own things, while earning money for it. Currently this reimbursement went up to 100% of the total payment, so you will get the full sum for doing this work.

Now let's talk about the transport of your vehicle

We know that leaving your car is not an option. That's why we will tell you how most military families transport their vehicles whenever it comes to moving out. Well, it's quite simple. There is a wide variety of auto-transport companies that ship your vehicle from one place to another in a quick and easy way. However, we recommend you research each company very well so that you get the service you want, pay the right amount of price, and guarantee the safety of your car. 

The first thing you should do is a google search of auto-shipping companies in the country. There are many, so choose the ones that catch your attention. After that, call or get a quote through each website so you can compare different amounts and different types of services. Right after you do this, select your preferred company and you will be all set to request the service. Obviously we believe AmeriFreight is the best company to use, but do your own research. We think we stand out from the rest.

What is Open or Enclosed Auto-Transport?

Well, now that you know how to order the shipping service of your car, we will talk about the two most common shipping methods when transporting your vehicle. Open auto transport consists of taking your vehicle in open haulers. Your car will share transport with other vehicles, and will arrive quickly at your destination. It is a method a little more accessible in terms of costs. 

On the other hand, enclosed auto transport consists of transporting your vehicle in closed trailers preventing it from any contact with the environment. This is an effective method for luxury, new, or vintage cars, and tends to be a more expensive than open auto transport.

Next Step: Car Loading

After choosing your shipping method, it's time to check the conditions of your vehicle and load it to the hauler. In this step, the driver will determine if your vehicle is in good condition for transport, check that there are no previous scratches or dents (and if there are note them on the BOL), and right after that your car loading will begin. This happens regardless of whether the transport is direct from your home, port or station. Finally, your car will be on its way to its new destination, allowing you to track the shipment until it arrives. Upon arrival, you must wait for your car to be unloaded, sign the documents and you will be ready to receive it.

How much does it cost?

No matter if you´re an active or retired service member, AmeriFreight provides you a great discount, ranging from $35 off your total cost. Besides that, we assure you´ll have an amazing shipping experience with us, from the moment you request your quote until the moment you receive your car.

What kind of vehicles can you ship?

Any vehicle included on this list, is able to be transported with us. Whether you have a car, minivan, truck, 4x4, motorcycle, jet ski, or related, we can ship it for you! 

How does shipping work?

Request a quote:

The first and best thing to do, is to request a quote from a car mover. In our case, we provide you a quick quote requesting mode just by entering our website and typing your general shipping information with no cost. This method allows you to get a closer look at how much it can cost you to ship your vehicle to your desired destination.

Pickup of your vehicle: 

A professional driver will arrive at the pickup spot, and inspect your vehicle with you in case there is any existing damage. After that, the car will be loaded up for transportation. In case you want to track it, you can call the driver and he will be happy to assist you.

Receiving your car:

After your car arrives at your desired destination, you can receive it. Right before you take possession, you and the driver will do a final walkthrough of your car in case there are any new scratches or dents. If everything is ok, you can sign the bill of lading and be done! From that moment you can officially go drive your car at the new destination.

Some final tips to follow when moving with the military

Track your packages

Organize each package that you are going to send in some type of list so you don’t forget what you are carrying and avoid losses during the move. Also write down the condition of your elements in case they suffer from any damage along the way. It is not usual, but it is better to prevent it. 

Full unpack included

Did you know that you can request a full unpack service? That's right. This is included in the military's moving contract. Try requesting it ahead of time, so that you can count on external help for this process. 

Order your moving essentials

Select a container or box to store tools that can serve you during the moving process. Screws, nails, among others, are useful when moving out, so it's important to have them in an organized and practical way. 

Label everything

Marking your packages will allow you to know easily what each of them carries inside when unpacking. In case you request a packaging service, we recommend you to label and write important messages for packagers on things you consider require special service. Also, you will know more easily what you will be carrying and where to put it when it comes to unpacking. 

Bring your personal items with you 

We recommend that you pack and take your toiletries, baby items, clothes, cleaning supplies, school supplies, medications, jewelry, among others, on your own. It is better to have them nearby in case you need them or for keeping them safe. 

Use Private Insurance 

Try to protect all your personal items and cover any loss or damage during the packing, shipping or unpacking process. Vulnerable objects such as dining tables, beds, TVs, among others, are heavy and require gentle treatment, and are prone to suffer scratches or damages during the journey. This is not as common as you might think, however, it’s better to be aware of it.

All your car shipping needs under control with AmeriFreight

Driving long distances could be sometimes complicated, boring or hard for you if you aren't used to it. Instead, taking a plane, arriving quicker to your destination and picking up your own vehicle in that place is much more comfortable and relaxing. 

Besides being able to get different discounts for being part of the military, shipping your vehicle is going to be a less stressful process than driving it. You don't have to worry about your car's safety, because our talented and professional truck drivers, along with our expertized team, will guarantee everything arrives perfectly and the way you imagined it to be.

Considering AmeriFreight for your next auto transport service is the best decision you could make, not only because we have a great pricing for you, but because we have years of experience making our military customers happy and satisfied. 

If you are interested, give us a call or enter our website and we will help you out with everything you need. No matter distance or vehicle type, AmeriFreight is here to help you!