How will rising fuel costs impact my car shipment?

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Fuel Costs: A True Impact On Car Shipment

Gas prices have increased tremendously in the United States within recent years! This directly affects several industries, such as the auto transport industry. Therefore, the upward trend has changed certain things we might probably never notice, but have been reflected in economical scenarios. When it comes to driving, fueling up your own or someone else's car has turned more expensive than before. As a result, road traveling has become more complicated in terms of costs and key elements needed. 

Fuel Costs Rising: Why Is This Happening?

Well, as you may know, raw materials are the main factors that directly affect the rising of prices. As petroleum and oil rises, fuel costs rise as well, and this is due to several reasons. Primarily, The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and other oil-producing countries, have not quickly increased their output to full capacity after temporarily cutting it during the 2020 pandemic. Therefore, these countries are taking slow procedures on production and manufacturing of these materials, in case any other unexpected situation such as the pandemic happens again. 

Supply chain disruptions are another cause of rising fuel costs. Situations such as extreme weather conditions in states such as Texas, overcrowded ports, or even reduced trucking has led to more expensive prices in the fuel industry. 

On the other hand, the U.S hasn’t opened its own reserve of crude oil set for emergencies; which means there are lower chances of receiving extra oil directly from the country. Besides this, as refining costs rise, producers in the country have been decreasing their investment in fossil fuels and are aware of increasing production to reduce reliance on external producers. 

How Will This Impact My Car Shipment?

As you know, if you hire a land car shipping service, it means your vehicle will be transported in a truck to your destination. That may sound obvious, but we just want you to know clearly that truckers drive long distances and multiple destinations across the country to move your car to your desired location. Therefore, a high amount of fuel among other internal logistics elements will be needed, leading to increasing expenses and higher customer total prices. Anything that has to be shipped, no matter its function or characteristics, needs to include gas and oil expenses in the final price. 

As such, the cost of diesel for each trucker will be higher or lower depending on general fuel costs in the country, which will eventually be reflected in the amount you have to pay for your car shipping service. Also, considering the fact that you can drive your car, you’ll have to pay for a higher amount of fuel and other expenses on your own. 

But How Is Car Shipping An Alternative For Reducing Transport Costs?

As we’ve mentioned before, driving your own vehicle across town or states has several advantages and disadvantages. Sure, it’s amazing to drive in your own car, on your own seat, surrounded by your belongings, which makes everything much more comfortable. The thing is, you have to spend time, energy, and definitely money to make the move on your own…isn't it just better to hire someone to do it for you and make things simpler?

Requesting an auto transport service may be an excellent option if you relate to these conditions. Keep in mind that the company has to be professional and experienced in the industry so your car arrives safe and within the assigned dates and fees they can negotiate for you. But that’s just another story, let’s head to the reasons why shipping your car during rising fuel costs is the best idea.

Fuel costs reduced: It takes diesel to run the trucks, and that’s obvious, but did you know that if you choose open transport your car will be sharing space with other cars as well? The advantage of open transport is that haulers can hold up to 9 vehicles, and as cars share space, final costs are shared as well. As a result, you’ll be paying for a shared amount with other car owners, and probably saving hundreds of dollars compared to driving by yourself.

Real Final Cost:  A great thing about shipping with an auto transport company during rising fuel costs, is the fact that the amount they ask you to pay is the actual price you’ll be paying for the entire shipping service. This means that you can have better control of your finances during the process, and you can calculate exactly how much you’ll be spending for moving your car. If you transport your vehicle by yourself, you’ll be paying for different services and materials along the road that won’t let you have an exact control of your expenses and a chance of paying more than needed.

Convenience: Last but not least, having someone to do the work for you is the best part of it all. You don’t have to worry about time, stressful situations, risks along the way, or any other factor that might affect your journey. Simply by requesting the service, professional truck drivers and agents (depending on the company chosen) will be by your side during the entire shipping process.

How have small businesses sought to combat rising costs?

Carriers and small trucking companies have been strategically calculating fuel efficiency since 2018, which has worked perfectly for reducing the rising of fuel and oil costs. Technology has turned into the best ally when it comes to this, working with real-time software that streams trucks routes, movements and other situations that can be tracked with it. This is also a great way for reducing unexpected or inadequate behaviors, improving transparency and effectiveness for the company’s employees. 

"You have to route accurately so good planning is vital," said John Puya, Fleet/Safety Director at DiPinto Brothers. "It's all about taking the most direct route so you don't waste driver time or fuel."

Shipping With The Right Auto Transport Company: AmeriFreight

Did you know that there are hundreds of auto transport companies across the country? However, many of them aren’t reliable or experienced in the industry, leading to bad customer experiences. Therefore, if you choose the right shipping company for your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Consider the company’s professionalism, years of experience, and customer reviews in order to select and hire your service. AmeriFreight is best known for including and providing all of this, becoming one of the country’s leading companies in car moving services.

Simply request a quote on our website or call us today! One of our agents will take care of you and assist you in everything you need.

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